NWA Powerrr Results (10/22/19): The Twilight Of Tim Storm

NWA Powerrr Results 10/22/19
The GPB Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

My job as the voice of The National Wrestling Alliance is to ask the tough questions about what’s happening inside and outside the ring and of course I’m talking about Kamille. Well i’ve been told by our producers at NWA Power that my last two interviews with the champion and Kamille have been confrontational. I have been informed that Mr. Aldis would like me to no longer ask those questions about Kamille. so going forward on this episode I will have an interview with the champ, but we’ll be talking about his next challenger for Ten Pounds of Gold.

Eddie Kingston Promo 

I’m trying to show respect Jim, but what just happened the other week here with The Dawsons we didn’t come to the NWA for some guys to come in and interfere and then we gotta build something up for next week. That’s not our deal here. Right or wrong? This is wrestling. We’re talking about punching, we’re talking about kicking, we’re talking about gouging, we’re talking about the best championships in the world. The oldest championships in the world, so the NWA was smart enough to not take our title shots away, good for them. Congratulations, good job. Here’s the thing, with me and Homicide, that interfering shit doesn’t sit well with us.

We want those two freaks in the ring. Kingston talks about Homicide’s past with Jim Cornette. From where we come from, the NWA and everyone else is lucky we didn’t get them in the parking lot and fuck them up. That’s right I said it. Before we get that title shot. Before we get Tommy Boy and Roy, we’re gonna take out those two Dawsons. We’re gonna bust them wide open. I’ll do it right now. We can do it next week, next month, next year, in the parking lot, at Jim Cornette’s house, I don’t care. Listen to me, I have nothing to live for. All I have is pro wrestling. Homicide, all he has is pro wrestling, so guess what we’re going to do to you if we don’t care about ourselves.

First Match: Marti Belle vs. Crystal Rose 

Belle applies a waist lock. Rose decks Belle with a back elbow smash. Belle ducks a clothesline from Rose. Belle with an arm-drag takeover. Rose reverses out of the irish whip from Belle. Belle kicks Rose in the face. Belle with a Hurricanrana. Belle whips Rose back first into the turnbuckles. Belle with a running corner clothesline. Belle sweeps the legs of Rose. Rose side steps Belle into the turnbuckles. Rose with a forearm smash.

Rose repeatedly stomps on Belle’s chest. Rose with a Rebound Meteora. Rose puts her knee on the back of Belle’s neck. Belle fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Belle with two clotheslines. Belle drops Rose with The Rolling Elbow. Belle with a running forearm smash. Belle follows that with a running hip attack. Belle kicks Rose in the gut. Belle plants Rose with The Hells Bells to pickup the victory.

Winner: Marti Belle via Pinfall 

The Dawson’s Interview 

Everybody here really wants to know why the attack? Why the attack right? Well I mean you know just like we know things happen for a reason don’t they? It seems like we’ve been ruffling a little feathers around this place and we just got here. Y’all can shut up with that because there ain’t nothing else you’re gonna see, but us tearing this whole place apart. What my brother is trying to say is shut your mouth. Everybody else comes around here and wants to throw their weight around. It’s time for The Dawson’s to throw their weight around. We’re already getting challenged here. We’ll fight any single guy back there except for those two.

– NWA Into The Fire PPV will take place on December 14th.

– Thunder Rosa Vignette.

Aron Stevens Interview 

Aron Stevens will be interviewed by Joe Galli. Folks, Aron would like to remind you that the no eye contact rule is still in effect. I was supposed to talk to Tim Storm, but since you’re out here, I have to imagine you are answering the call and you will be teaming up with someone to face The Dawson’s, so who’s your tag team partner going to be? Tim Storm, The Dawson’s, a mystery tag team partner, you sir have me out here and you’re wanting to talk about other people right? Maybe you should read your job description. Did they printed that out for you? Silence! Now, you may be wondering why I am dressed like this.

We have an hour show and I will wait, thank you. I am not Captain Morgan. Stevens is getting flustered. I am here to promote my newest project, Tropical Pirates available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and in Romania exclusively VHS. Now, there’s been a lot of talk, people are questioning my acting credibility. I would like to go to a b-roll of my newest project Tropical Pirates. Please roll the footage. Thank you. I hate to use a wrestling reference, but we can all see when it comes to acting, I have more chops than Ric Flair, thank you.

Second Match: Caleb Konley vs. Dan Parker

Parker talks smack to Konley before the bell rings. Quick shoving contest. Konley ducks a clothesline from Parker. Konley applies a side headlock. Konley with a side headlock takeover. Konley grapples around Parker. Parker pulls Konley down to the mat. Konley pops back on his feet. Konley with an open palm strike. Konley unloads two knife edge chops. Parker reverses out of the irish whip from Konley. Konley with a forearm smash. Konley with a HeadScissors TakeOver. Konley blocks a boot from Parker. Konley with a leg sweep. Konley follows that with a Senton Splash for a one count.

Konley with a straight right hand. Konley whips Parker to the corner. Konley decks Parker with a back elbow smash. Parker pulls Konley off the top turnbuckle. Parker with Muay Thai Knee Strikes. Parker drops Konley with a Running Knee Lift for a two count. Parker applies The Abdominal Stretch. Parker uses the top rope for leverage. Konley with a Hip Toss. Parker eats another back elbow smash. Konley with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Konley nails Parker with a Spinning Back Fist. Konley with a Belly to Back Suplex. Konley lands The SpringBoard MoonSault to pickup the victory.

Winner: Caleb Konley via Pinfall 

Tim Storm Interview 

Tim thanks for taking a moment to talk about this incredible journey that you’ve had from the very very start with the ten pounds of gold, leading all the way to your recent loss against Nick Aldis. You can never challenge for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship ever again. How are you feeling? First of all, let me thank Nick Aldis. He didn’t have to make that offer. He’s a true champions champion. Let’s call it the way it is. He beat me period. If you go back and you look at the history the way I was perceived prior to the ten pounds of gold series was one way that changed the way the NWA was perceived. A lot of that had to do with Nick walking on to a show and challenging me. It changed my wrestling life. The truth is Mama Storm still loves me. Mama Storm chants. Thank you.

Here’s where I’m at, taking that match was a huge decision for me, I have no regrets, I did the right thing, I took my shot and it didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. No excuses. I’ve got other decisions to make. They’re hard decisions and I’ve got to make a decision about my future in wrestling. Eli Drake joins the conversation. Tim I’m out here listening to you somber. Your tone is down. Don’t worry dummy, we’re good. You sound like you’re ready to give up. It sounds like you want to quit and I don’t get it. I hear everybody giving love to Mama Storm. I just happen to remember that she was worried about you being hurt. You said she was worried about you being injured. She’s probably much more worried about her son giving up. So here’s what I’m gonna tell you.

You think one loss is enough to take away what you’ve done? You think that’s enough to take you off the list because you’ve got to think about it. Look down the line man. Your name is one the list man. You look at Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, Harley Race, Lou Thez. They’re all there and guess what, so are you. What i’m telling you is that the ride doesn’t have to be over. The ride ain’t over and I’m gonna tell you why because we got a new tag team here. We got Colt Cabana. We have Ken Anderson, they’re putting something together and you got to think to yourself now maybe the ten pounds of gold ain’t in your immediate future, but maybe there’s another little couple pieces of gold we could get together between Eli Drake and Tim Storm. So I’m gonna tell it like this, I’ve already got a set up. I’m not even giving you the chance to make the choice. Tonight, it’s me and you vs. The Dawson’s. What do you say Tim Storm? I’m gonna make Mama Storm proud. Here’s what I will do, I’ll think about it let and I’ll let you know.

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Nick Aldis Interview 

Welcome back to NWA Power, it’s my extreme honor and privilege to welcome here the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis and Kamille. Thank you for coming out, I appreciate it. Nick I understand that you want to have a discussion about the next challenger for the ten pounds of gold. Joe Galli, I just got one thing to ask you. Is the NWA cooking or what? The energy from every single person involved with this organization. The energy from these people, it’s bringing out the best in me, it’s bringing out the best in everybody in the back. It’s created an interesting situation because now with Tim Storm in the rear-view mirror, a situation has arose where there’s a bit of a horse race developing for the number one contender spot for this ten pounds of gold, the real world’s championship.

Now fortunately for me and my bank account, we’ve got a lot of names back there who qualify. Eli Drake, yes sir. James Storm, absolutely. Jocephus, we might have to talk about that one. Established names. New up and coming names like Ricky Starks, that’s my draft pick folks. What makes you pick Ricky Starks? I don’t know if he’s ready for the ten pounds of gold, but I’ll tell you this, I think he would be my number one draft pick right now in this entire business. I think that kids got something, but nobody yet has really stepped up and move to the front of the pack, so i’m gonna stand back and just let it play and hey you know what? If I can’t see someone clearly maybe I’ll just have to look somewhere else and see who else is there. Maybe some other promotion.

Who wants to step up and challenge for the real world’s championship? I don’t think i’m gonna have a hard time finding somebody. Well I think that’s absolutely true. I think there’s a long list of people that want to have this and they do need to reach that upper echelon to come and challenge you and I don’t mean any disrespect by this, but i’m gonna revisit an issue that I’ve tried repeatedly to talk to you about. I want to know why you won’t allow Kamille to speak for herself? Isn’t it funny how when people preface something with I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but the next thing that comes out of their mouths is always disrespectful?Joe Galli disagrees with that in this particular instance, I’ve you asked you this several times.

Joe, you and I know have known each other for quite some time. I respect you as a professional, but this is a non-issue. This is The National Wrestling Alliance. We handle business in a squared circle, we don’t deal in clickbait tabloid BS, okay? So hey, this is Kamille, she’s my insurance policy. She’s the best insurance policy money can buy and she can speak whenever she wants. You want proof? Go ahead. Alright then, Kamille thanks for taking a moment to speak with me. What is your motivation to continually be the insurance policy for The National Treasure, Nick Aldis. Kamille remains silent. She doesn’t speak because she doesn’t feel like speaking and when she feels like speaking, you’ll be the first to know.

Third Match: Eli Drake & Tim Storm vs. The Dawson’s 

Drake and Dave Dawson will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Dave wit a knee lift. Dave delivers a gut punch. Dave whips Drake across the ring. Drake with two running clotheslines. Drake drops Dave with a Jumping Clothesline. Dave reverses out of the irish whip from Drake. Drake with a Swinging NeckBreaker. Drake goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Dave blocks it. Dave tags in Zane. Zane kicks Drake in the gut. Zane goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Drake counters with a Hangman’s NeckBreaker. Drake with a running elbow drop for a two count. Drake tags in Storm. Storm punches Zane in the back. Storm with three shoulder blocks. Storm clotheslines Zane. Storm kicks Zane in the gut. Storm with a Running Boot. Storm drops Zane with a NeckBreaker for a two count. Storm tags in Drake.

Double Elbow Knockdown. Drake goes for the irish whip, but Zane holds onto the ropes. Drake kicks Zane in the jaw. Drake with a Flying Bulldog for a two count. Drake applies a front face lock. Storm tags himself in. Storm slaps Zane in the chest. Zane with heavy bodyshots. Storm answers with a forearm smash. Storm with a corner clothesline. Storm tags in Drake. Drake and Storm are double teaming Zane. Drake with a Seated Senton across the back of Zane. Storm hammers down on the back of Zane’s neck. Storm with a right hand. Storm kicks Zane in the gut. Zane avoids The Running Boot. Zane with a Desperation Bear Hug. Zane drives Storm back first into the turnbuckles. Zane tags in Dave. Dave is mauling Storm in the corner. Following a snap mare takeover, Dave hooks the leg for a two count. Dave applies a waist lock. Storm gets back to a vertical base. Storm with three sharp elbow strikes. Dave transitions into a Bear Hug. The Dawson’s are cutting the ring in half.

Storm decks Zane with a back elbow smash. Storm creates distance with Three Ear Claps. Storm tags in Drake. Drake clears the ring. Drake with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Zane reverses out of the irish whip from Drake. Drake knocks Dave off the ring apron. Zane goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Drake lands back on his feet. Drake pulls Zane down to the mat for a two count. Storm inadvertently sends Drake shoulder first into the steel ring post. Storm clotheslines Zane. Dave drives his knee into Storm’s back. Zane tags in Dave. The Dawson’s plants Storm with a Running Body Avalanche/PowerSlam Combination to pickup the victory. After the match, The Dawson’s continues to beat down Tim Storm. Eddie Kingston and Homicide storms into the ring. Nick Aldis and Eli Drake checks on Tim Storm as the show went off air.

Winner: The Dawson’s via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez