WWE SmackDown Live Results (7/23/19): Kofi Kingston Calls Out Randy Orton

WWE SmackDown Live
July 23, 2019
American Airlines Arena
Miami, Florida

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Shane McMahon & Kevin Owens In-Ring Segment

Greg Hamilton, a proper introduction please. Shane talks about how amazing Raw Reunion was. We paid homage to superstars of the past and the present. There was one face that he was happy not to see and that was Kevin Owens. Where was he? Hiding behind social media. Owens has challenged him to a match at SummerSlam. It’s the biggest party of the Summer and it wouldn’t be complete without The Best In The World competing in it. Shane accepts Owens challenge.

There was some things that Owens said. If he doesn’t win the match, Owens will quit. Owens has said those same words before. Actually it was a year ago from the same building where SummerSlam will happen. We see a clip of Owens quitting WWE after losing a match to Seth Rollins. Shane vows to beat Owens at SummerSlam. Kevin Owens joins the conversation. Shane McMahon proved that he’s a smart man. That video was the lowest point of his career. That was the version of Kevin Owens who was broken down and didn’t want to ruffle any feathers. 

That’s not the Kevin Owens you see today. The lights don’t get much brighter than this year’s SummerSlam in Toronto. Owens will not quit. Why? Because he will beat the living hell out of Shane. Is Owens talking too much? Owens threatens to beat up Shane. Shane says that if Owens put his hands on him right now, the match at SummerSlam is off. Owens is fired up and he should fight tonight. Kevin Owens will battle Roman Reigns in the main event.

First Match: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Apollo Crews

Nakamura kicks the right hand of Crews. Nakamura applies a side headlock. Crews drops Nakamura with a shoulder tackle. Crews bodyslams Nakamura. Crews with a running elbow drop for a one count. Crews follows that with a Delayed Vertical Suplex for a two count. Nakamura delivers his combination offense. Nakamura reverses out of the irish whip from Crews. Crews blocks a boot from Nakamura. Crews clotheslines Nakamura over the top rope. Crews with a MoonSault off the ring apron. Crews is fired up. Crews rolls Nakamura back into the ring. Crews goes for a SlingShot Senton, but Nakamura ducks out of the way. Nakamura takes out the legs of Crews. Nakamura has Crews draped across the ring apron. Nakamura with a running knee strike. Nakamura with a knee drop across the back of Crews neck.

Nakamura has regain control of the match. Nakamura rolls Crews back into the ring. Nakamura with the cover for a two count. Nakamura applies the cravate. Following a snap mare takeover, Nakamura with a double knee drop for a two count. Nakamura slams Crews head on the top turnbuckle pad. Nakamura delivers Bad Vibrations. Nakamura repeatedly stomps on the back of Crews head. Nakamura fires off two mid-kicks. Nakamura applies a front face lock. Crews with an Inside Out Lariat. Crews thrust kicks the midsection of Nakamura. Crews with a Running Pump Kick. Crews ducks a clothesline from Nakamura. Crews with a Jumping Clothesline. Crews nips up.

Crews hits The Samoan Drop for a two count. Crews plays to the crowd. Crews goes for The Military Press Slam, but Nakamura lands back on his feet. Nakamura drops Crews with a Spinning Heel Kick. Nakamura kicks Crews in the back. Nakamura with a Sliding German Suplex. Nakamura goes for The Kinshasa, but Crews counters with The Step Up Enzuigiri. Crews with The Olympic Slam for a two count. Nakamura staggers Crews with a Standing Enzuigiri. Nakamura drives his knee into the midsection of Crews. Crews with a Pop Up Reverse ChokeSlam. Nakamura dodges The Standing Shooting Star Press. Nakamura connects with The Kinshasa to pickup the victory. After the match, Nakamura continues to beat down Crews. Nakamura delivers another Kinshasa on the floor.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura via Pinfall

Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville will battle The Iconics next week.

Mustafa Ali Promo

Miz TV With Special Guests: Shawn Michaels and Dolph Ziggler

Welcome to most must see WWE talk show in history, Miz TV. Miz plugs the return of Miz and Mrs. Miz brings out his special guest, WWE Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels. He loved interacting with the legends while some other superstars in the back felt it took away opportunities. Michaels has been in those superstars shoes. He was younger and wanted the legends to get out of there for the young talent to show what they can do. Stone Cold Steve Austin said it perfectly when he said they are all family. Everyone had a blast last night. Seth Rollins became an honorary member of DX and The Kliq. Thanks for the invite by the way. They were co-stars in the Marine 6, so Miz will let Michaels off the hook. Go get Marine 6 it’s still available on DVD. Michaels says that it’s cool to see the progression of Seth Rollins. Going from NXT to the WWE. Now he’s going to face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam and has every intention of burning it down.

Dolph Ziggler joins the conversation. Ziggler has had enough with these so called legends. If he’s ever in that position, put him out of his misery. Michaels tells Miz to calm down. Miz wants to punch Ziggler in the face. If Ziggler has something to get off his chest, go ahead. Ziggler used to idolize Michaels.  HBK had the chance to go off into the sunset as the greatest performer, but what did he do? Every chance he had, he shuffled out here to wave to the crowd.  It’s as embarrassing as the legends last night or Goldberg in a wrestling ring. Last November when Michaels came back to the ring, he broke Ziggler’s heart.  Ziggler will say what no one has the guts to say.  Shawn Michaels was embarrassing himself at WWE Crown Jewel. Michaels won’t disagree with Ziggler. 

He was embarrassed. What’s more embarrassing to him is Ziggler busting his ass his entire career and still be left with nothing, but being known as a second rate Shawn Michaels wannabe. There’s only one second rate Shawn Michaels out here and he’s looking at him. It’s real fitting that you two are out here. Michaels and Miz will be known for kissing ass. Miz tells Ziggler to do something already. Miz is sick of Ziggler’s complaining. This company is about making things for yourself. Do something about it. That leads us to a major standoff. Michaels is throwing haymakers at Ziggler. Ziggler SuperKicks Michaels. Ziggler storms out of the ring to close the segment.

Second Match: Charlotte Flair vs. Ember Moon

Charlotte kicks Moon in the gut. Charlotte goes for a Hip Toss, but Moon lands back on her feet. Moon with an arm-drag takeover. Charlotte clotheslines Moon. Charlotte repeatedly stomps on Moon’s chest. Bayley walks down to the ring. Charlotte is livid. Moon rolls Charlotte over to pickup the victory. After the match, Charlotte throws a fit. Moon rolls Bayley into the ring. Charlotte drops Bayley with The Big Boot. Moon responds with The Eclipse. Moon plants Bayley with another Eclipse.

Winner: Ember Moon via Pinfall

Kofi Kingston & Randy Orton In-Ring Segment  

Before Kofi Kingston gets into his match with Samoa Joe, he wants to make a challenge to Randy Orton. Kofi called him out because they have a little history. He remembers clear as day. November 16, 2009, Madison Square Garden, everyone chanting his name. The night Kofi whooped Orton’s ass all over the arena. We see a clip of Kofi putting Orton through the table. That moment still gives him goosebumps. That was the moment that he thought he made it to the next level, but that didn’t happen. The truth is that Orton used his influence to hold him down. To the point he would never reach the main event again. 

Kofi kept grinding and he kept pushing forward. He became what Orton never wanted him to be, your WWE World Heavyweight Champion. So Kofi thinks that Orton used his influence to hold him back? You’re damn right he did. Orton was doing Kofi a favor because he wasn’t ready then and he’s not ready now. His current title reign is nothing more than a fluke. Kofi talks about how hard he worked, but Orton has been on top for 18 years. He’s never had to work hard to get where he is because he’s Randy Orton. He never needed to fake a Jamaican accent, throw pancakes or shake his ass. 

Orton wins titles, Royal Rumbles, and WrestleMania’s. Whether Kofi wants to believe it or not, he’s the only reason why Kofi Mania became a reality. Orton injured Ali before the Elimination Chamber and Kofi took his place. Kofi doesn’t deserve to be the WWE Champion and Orton can take that title any time he wants. Why not put it to the test at SummerSlam? Orton says that if you want it, you got it.  When the 11 year fairy tale is over, it will be at the hand of the most destructive letters in WWE, RKO.

Third Match: Kofi Kingston vs. Samoa Joe

Randy Orton is watching the match from the ringside area. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Joe applies a wrist lock. Kofi reverses the hold. Kofi applies an arm-bar. Joe transitions into another wrist lock. Joe wraps his shoulder around the top rope to force the break. Kofi with a waist lock go-behind. Joe with a fireman’s carry takeover. Joe stands on the left shoulder of Kofi. Kofi kicks Joe in the jaw. Kofi applies a standing arm-bar. Joe pulls Kofi down to the mat. Joe blasts Kofi with a knife edge chop. Joe HeadButts Kofi. Kofi starts displaying his fighting spirit. Kofi with a double leapfrog. Kofi dropkicks Joe out of the ring. Kofi lands The Trust Fall. Kofi is fired up.

Kofi rolls Joe back into the ring. Kofi with a running forearm smash. Kofi transitions into a corner mount. Joe dumps Kofi face first on the top turnbuckle pad. Kofi side steps Joe into the turnbuckles. Joe drops Kofi with a Uranage Slam for a two count. Joe stomps on Kofi’s forehead. Joe unloads a flurry of right jabs. Joe follows that with a heavy chop. Kofi is throwing haymakers at Joe. Joe with a running elbow strike. Joe tugs on Kofi’s hair. Following a snap mare takeover, Joe applies the cravate.

Joe drives his knee into the midsection of Kofi. Kofi with two double sledges. Kofi dropicks Joe. Kofi with a Jumping Clothesline. Kofi plays to the crowd. Kofi hits The New Day Boom Drop. Joe avoids The Trouble In Paradise. Kofi with a SpringBoard Double Axe Handle Strike. Orton attacks Kofi from behind which causes the disqualification. After the match, Kofi negates The RKO. Kofi tells Orton to bring it. Orton drills Joe with The RKO. Kofi responds with The Trouble In Paradise.

Winner: Kofi Kingston via Disqualification

Bray Wyatt & Finn Balor In-Ring Segment

WWE SummerSlam 2019 Match Card

1.) Brock Lesnar (c) w/Paul Heyman vs. Seth Rollins For The WWE Universal Championship

2.) Becky Lynch (c) vs. Natalya For The WWE Raw Women’s Championship

3.) Charlotte Flair vs. TBD

4.) Bayley (c) vs. Ember Moon For The WWE SmackDown Live Women’s Championship

5.) Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon

6.) Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Randy Orton For The WWE Championship

7.) Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor

Fourth Match: Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens With Drew McIntyre Serving As The Special Guest Referee

Elias is the special guest time keeper. Plus, we have Shane McMahon serving as the special guest ring announcer. Owens says that Shane is getting dropped tonight one way or another. Hold up, Owens is gonna through Reigns? Well Miami, it looks Reigns is going to kick everyone’s ass tonight. Elias finally rings the bell. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Reigns backs Owens into the turnbuckles. McIntyre calls for the clean break. McIntyre says that he’s doing his job. Owens applies a side headlock. Quick stalemate in the corner. McIntyre shoves Owens. Reigns uppercuts McIntyre. Reigns launches McIntyre over the top rope. Owens knocks Elias off the ring. Shane starts running for his life. McIntyre attacks Reigns from behind.

Elias drills Owens with a Jumping Knee Strike. McIntyre transitions into a ground and pound attack. Reigns is on the receiving of a three on one beatdown. Shane mocks Reigns. Shane prepares for The Spear. Owens pulls Shane out of the ring. Owens whips Shane into the ringside barricade. Owens ducks a clothesline from McIntyre. Owens unloads Two SuperKicks. Reigns Spears McIntyre. Owens connects with The Stunner. Reigns rolls Shane back into the ring. Reigns hits The SuperMan Punch. Owens delivers Two More Stunners to close the show.

Match Results: No-Contest

Author: Josh Lopez