WWE NXT Results (7/17/19): Kushida vs. Apollo Crews

July 17, 2019
Full Sail University
Winter Park, Florida

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: Matt Riddle vs. Arturo Ruas 

Riddle with a flurry of jabs after the bell rings. Riddle with a waist lock takedown. Ruas applies a sleeper hold. Riddle reverses the hold. Riddle backs Ruas into the turnbuckles. Riddle applies a guillotine choke. Ruas PowerSlams Riddle. Ruas applies the cross-arm-breaker. Riddle reverses the hold. Ruas applies a front face lock. Riddle scrambles to the corner. Riddle goes for a single leg takedown, but Ruas blocks it. Ruas rolls Riddle over for a one count. Leg Kick Exchange. Riddle tells Ruas to bring it. Ruas with a double leg takedown. Ruas transitions into a ground and pound attack. Ruas with a High Head Kick. Riddle drops Ruas with The Big Boot. Ruas with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Ruas tackles Riddle.

Riddle repeatedly kicks Ruas in the face. Riddle hits The Final Flash Knee Strike. Riddle delivers clubbing forearm smashes that forces the referee to stop the match. After the match, Killian Dain from behind. Dain repeatedly stomps on Riddle’s chest. Dain with Three Running Senton Splashes. Dain drives Riddle shoulder first into the steel ring post. Dain clotheslines Riddle on the floor. Dain is demolishing The Original Bro. Dain with a Running Senton across the back of Riddle. Dain is raining down haymakers. Dain kicks Riddle in the ribs. Dain puts Riddle through the stage to close the segment.

Winner: Matt Riddle via Referee Stoppage 

– The Street Profits wants The Undisputed Era’s smoke.

– Mia Yim attacked Marina Shafir in the parking lot.

Second Match: Bronson Reed vs. Dexter Lumis in a First Round Match In The Inaugural WWE NXT BreakOut Tournament 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Reed applies a side headlock. Reed drops Lumis with a shoulder tackle. Lumis pops back on his feet. Lumis ducks a clothesline from Reed. Reed puts Lumis down with another shoulder tackle. Reed goes for a Bodyslam, but Lumis lands back on his feet. Lumis decks Reed with a back elbow smash. Lumis goes for a SomerSault Plancha, but Reed ducks out of the way. Reed with a Running Crossbody Block on the floor. Reed rolls Lumis back into the ring. Lumis nails Reed with a double throat thrust. Lumis throws Reed into the bottom rope. Lumis transitions into a ground and pound attack. Lumis is putting the boots to Reed. Lumis applies the cravate.

Lumis pulls Reed down to the mat. Lumis with a double fist drop. Lumis has complete control of the match. Lumis goes back to the cravate. Reed with two forearm smashes. Lumis drives his knee into the midsection of Reed. Reed PowerSlams Lumis. Reed with a forearm smash. Reed follows that with a Back Body Drop. Reed drops Lumis with a Running Body Avalanche. Reed hits The Running Senton for a two count. Lumis with a Belly to Back Suplex. Lumis with a leaping leg drop for a two count. Lumis ascends to the top turnbuckle. Lumis goes for The Swanton Bomb, but Reed ducks out of the way. Reed dumps Lumis back on the canvas. Reed lands The Super Splash to pickup the victory.

Winner: Bronson Reed via Pinfall 

– Tyler Breeze runs into The Forgotten Sons. Breeze is not intimidated by Jaxson Ryker because he’s seen them all.

– Next week on NXT, Io Shirai will battle Kacy Catanzaro. Also we’ll have Keith Lee vs. Damian Priest.

Third Match: Kushida vs. Apollo Crews 

Nice display of sportsmanship before the bell rings. Feeling out process. Crews with a waist lock go-behind. Crews with a waist lock takedown. Kushida floats over into a front face lock. Kushida grapples around Crews. Kushida with a gator roll for a one count. Crews avoids The RoundHouse Kick. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Crews applies a side headlock. Crews drops Kushida with a shoulder tackle. Crews leapfrogs over Kushida. Kushida answers with the cartwheel escape. Crews nips up. Crews drops on the canvas. Crews dropkicks Kushida. Crews poses for the crowd. Crews applies a wrist lock. Crews sends Kushida across the ring. Crews with a corner clothesline. Kushida knocks Crews off the ring apron a HandSpring Double Heel Strike. Kushida rolls Crews back into the ring.

Kushida applies an arm-bar. Crews with a Pop Up GutBuster. Crews with a Delayed Vertical Suplex for a two count. Crews applies a rear chin lock. Kushida gets back to a vertical base. Kushida with shots to the midsection of Crews. Crews with a back elbow strike. Crews is throwing haymakers at Kushida. Crews delivers The Stinger Splash. Crews follows that with an OverHead Belly to Belly Suplex for a two count. Crews with forearm shivers. Kushida side steps Crews into the turnbuckles. Crews thrust kicks the midsection of Kushida. Kushida kicks the left shoulder of Crews. Kushida with forearm shivers. Kushida with a HandSpring Back Elbow Strike. Kushida delivers a Hip Toss. Kushida hits The Cartwheel Basement Dropkick. Kushida with a Step Up Enzuigiri across the back of Crews head. Kushida drops Crews with a SlingShot Tornado DDT for a two count. Kushida with an arm-ringer. Kushida slides under Crews. Kushida repeatedly kicks the left shoulder of Crews.

Kushida fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Standing Switch Exchange. Kushida with three elbow strikes. Crews answers with The Big Boot for a two count. Crews with Three DeadLift German Suplex’s. Crews follows that with a Standing Shooting Star Press for a two count. Crews goes for The Military Press Slam, but Kushida lands back on his feet. Kushida with a Reverse STO in the middle turnbuckle pad. Kushida goes for a SpringBoard Hurricanrana, but Crews rolls him over for a two count. Kushida with an OverHead Kick. Crews responds with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Kushida has Crews perched on the top turnbuckle. Kushida and Crews are trading back and forth shots. Kushida with a Double Heel Strike. Kushida with an Avalanche Spanish Fly. Kushida applies The Cross-Arm-Breaker. Kushida makes Crews tap out to The HoverBoard Lock.

Winner: Kushida via Submission 

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Author: Josh Lopez