WWE 205 Live Results (7/16/19): Chad Gable vs. Jack Gallagher II

WWE 205 Live
July 16, 2019
DCU Center
Worcester, Massachusetts

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

– Video recap of the Drew Gulak/Tony Nese WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match from the WWE Extreme Rules PPV.

Drew Gulak Promo 

For months, Tony Nese was looked at the pinnacle of this division. Everyone else was fine with that. How sad? Tony Nese may be a premiere athlete, but he lacked the killer instincts to truly lead. Even after Gulak won the title, Nese dare to doubt his legitimacy. After Extreme Rules, Gulak eliminated all doubt. He rebuilt himself. Now his grip on the cruiserweight title gets tighter as the days go by. Who will dare to step up next? Understand the pain and punishment that comes with that decision. Drew Gulak is your WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Welcome to his 205 Live.

First Match: Akira Tozawa w/THE Brian Kendrick vs. Samir Singh w/Sunil Singh 

Samir drives his knee into the midsection of Tozawa. Samir with clubbing blows to Tozawa’s back. Samir repeatedly stomps on Tozawa’s chest. Samir shakes his hips. Tozawa unloads two knife edge chops. Tozawa floors Samir with a right jab. Tozawa is putting the boots to Samir in the corner. Tozawa plays to the crowd. Samir drives Tozawa face first into the middle turnbuckle pad. Samir continues to stomp on Tozawa’s chest. How many times will Samir dance during this match? Samir is choking Tozawa with his boot. Samir whips Tozawa back first across the turnbuckles for a one count. Samir applies a side headlock. Tozawa with shots to the midsection of Samir. Tozawa with a Spinning Back Kick.

Samir avoids The Windmill Kick. Tozawa crawls under Samir. Tozawa with a SitOut GourdBuster. Tozawa follows that with a Sliding Boot. Sunil pulls his brother out of harms way. Tozawa with a Running Cannonball Strike off the steel ring steps. Tozawa rolls Samir back into the ring. Sunil starts running interference. Tozawa side steps Samir into the turnbuckles. Tozawa rolls Samir over to pickup the victory. After the match, Sunil pulls Kendrick off the ring apron. The Singh Brothers starts double teaming Tozawa. Samir transitions into a ground and pound attack. Kendrick kicks Sunil in the gut. Kendrick launches Sunil over the top rope. Tozawa nails Samir with The Windmill Kick.

Winner: Akira Tozawa via Pinfall 

– Vignette for WWE 205 Live Superstar, Humberto Carrillo.

Second Match: Mike Kanellis vs. Jackson James 

Kanellis drops James with a Big Boot. Kanellis unloads three knife edge chops. Kanellis continues to light up James chest. Kanellis hits The SpineBuster. Maria Kanellis is watching the match from the backstage area. Kanellis brings James to the corner. Kanellis with a corner clothesline. Following a snap mare takeover, Kanellis delivers Two Running Lariats. Kanellis plants James with The Swinging Reverse NeckBreaker to pickup the victory. After the match, Kanellis repeatedly stomps on James chest. Kanellis dumps James out of the ring.

Winner: Mike Kanellis via Pinfall 

Drake Maverick & Mike Kanellis In-Ring Segment 

Did you think that was what Kanellis was going to get fined over? Kanellis wants Drake Maverick to come out and fine him himself. Maverick wanted to have this conversation in his office, but go ahead everything off your chest. Kanellis is tired of going into his office. He wants to say it to the WWE Universe. His contract expired two months ago and he could have gone anywhere. He decided to stay for two reasons. He wanted to prove to his wife that he’s as good as he says he is by becoming the WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Secondly, he wanted to kick Drake Maverick’s ass.

Maverick is sorry that Kanellis feels that way. Maverick tells Kanellis to look in the mirror for once and take accountability. Kanellis is the only reason why he’s not where he wants to be in the Cruiserweight Division. Does Kanellis think he’s more deserving more than anyone else who built this brand and not use it for their own agendas. What happen on Raw last night? How about Drake’s performance with his wife last night? Maverick is never going to fight Kanellis because he’s not a competitor. He’s the general manager of 205 Live. Maverick has been neglecting his duties chasing the 24/7 Title.

He’s embarrassing the brand walking down the streets of Worcester in his underwear. Kanellis is not the joke around here, Maverick is. Maverick never thought Kanellis was a joke, that’s why he brought him to 205 Live. Kanellis doesn’t want to be patronized. Maverick is trying to be the bigger man, but that’s not the case. He’s not even half of a man. Kanellis tells him to go home, talk to his wife, beg for forgiveness, and act like a man. A real man wouldn’t back down from a fight. A real man wouldn’t let them say to them that their wife is filthy. Maverick with rapid fire haymakers. Maverick ducks a clothesline from Kanellis. Maverick dropkicks Kanellis to the floor.

Third Match: Chad Gable vs. Jack Gallagher 

Nice display of sportsmanship after the bell rings. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Gable with a single leg takedown. Gable floats over into a front face lock. Gallagher applies a wrist lock. Gable reverses the hold. Following a snap mare takeover, Gable applies a rear chin lock. Gallagher gets back to a vertical base. Gable transitions into a side headlock. Gallagher escapes the hold. Test Of Strength. Gable applies a wrist lock. Gallagher reverses the hold. Side HeadLock TakeOver Exchange. Gable goes for a PowerBomb, but Gallagher counters with an arm-drag takeover. That leads us to a standoff in the center of the ring. Gable with a waist lock takedown. Gable transitions into a side headlock. Gallagher reverses the hold. Gallagher drops Gable with a shoulder tackle. Gable drops down on the canvas. Gallagher catches Gable in mid-air. Gallagher dumps Gable face first on the top rope. Gallagher with a sunset flip for a two count.

Gallagher applies an arm-bar. Gallagher reverses out of the irish whip from Gable. Gable ducks a clothesline from Gallagher. Gable with a Flying Arm-Drag TakeOver. Gable follows that with The La Magistral for a two count. Gable delivers another deep-arm drag. Gable applies an arm-bar. Gallagher with a unique takedown. Gallagher wraps his legs around the left shoulder of Gable. Gable breaks free with a One-Arm Belly to Back Suplex. Gable unloads a flurry of uppercuts. Gable with a forearm smash for a two count. Gable applies a toe and ankle hold. Gable sends Gallagher chest across the turnbuckles for a two count. Gallagher crawls under Gable. Gable with an OverHead Belly to Belly Suplex for a two count. Gable follows that with four dragon screw leg whips. Gable works on the left ankle of Gallagher. Gable with a spinning toe hold. Gable applies a single leg crab. Gallagher uses his feet to escape the hold.

Gable with two european uppercuts. Gallagher responds with a backslide cover for a two count. Gallagher dropkicks Gable. Gallagher is throwing forearms at Gable. Gallagher ducks a clothesline from Gable. Gallagher with a straight right hand. Gallagher with a Delayed Vertical Suplex for a two count. Gable with a waist lock go-behind. Gable goes for a Rolling German Suplex, but Gallagher counters with The Kimura Lock. Gable hooks the outside leg for a two count. Gallagher decks Gable with a back elbow smash. Gallagher delivers a Missile Dropkick off the second rope. Gallagher sends Gable tumbling to the floor. Gallagher with a running forearm smash. Gallagher throws Gable into the ringside barricade. Gable negates The Suicide Dive. Gable with a Release German Suplex on the floor.

Gable rolls Gallagher back into the ring. Gallagher with an inside cradle for a two count. Gable applies a full nelson lock. Gallagher transitions into a standing double wrist lock. Gable hits The Tiger Bomb. Gable applies The Ankle Lock. Gallagher transitions into a ground and pound attack. Gable with a Rolling Kick. Gallagher responds with a Rebound HeadButt for a two count. Gable and Gallagher are trading back and forth shots. Gallagher with rapid fire bodyshots in the corner. Gallagher sends Gable across the ring. Gallagher goes for The Gentlemen’s Dropkick, but Gable counters with The Dominator for a two count. Gable ascends to the top turnbuckle.

Gable goes for The MoonSault, but Gallagher gets his feet up in the air. Gallagher delivers The Gentlemen’s Dropkick for a two count. Great ring awareness by Gable who had his foot placed on the bottom rope. Gallagher puts Gable on the top turnbuckle. Gallagher with clubbing blows to Gable’s back. Gable decks Gallagher with a back elbow smash. Gallagher goes for an Avalanche Belly to Back Suplex, but Gable counters with a Crossbody Block. Gable plants Gallagher with The Rolling German Suplex to pickup the victory.

Winner: Chad Gable via Pinfall 

Author: Josh Lopez