IMPACT Wrestling Results (5/3/19): Rob Van Dam Returns

IMPACT Wrestling Results (5/3/19)

IMPACT Wrestling
May 3, 2019
Rebel Entertainment Complex
Toronto, Canada

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Michael Elgin, Johnny Impact, Konnan, and Pentagon Jr In-Ring Segment: 

It’s been a timed-honored tradition that the new world champion starts the show celebrating his victory with the audience. Where is Brian Cage? At Rebellion, Elgin made sure that Cage went to the hospital. He doesn’t like the fact that the Canadian fans are cheering for foreigners. Elgin compares himself to Wayne Gretzky and George Saint Pierre. The only reason why Elgin left Japan is because he wanted to become a world champion. Johnny Impact walks down to the ring. Impact has to deal with another machine that has no brains. Elgin says that Impact left his manhood in Taya Valkyrie’s purse.

Impact makes fun of Elgin’s singlet that he purchased at Impact is responsible for sending Cage to the hospital not Elgin. Impact compares Elgin to Barry Horowitz. Impact tells Elgin about the rematch clause in Impact Wrestling. Konnan joins the conversation. Konnan thought for a moment that Elgin and Impact were going to make out, but they can do that later on in the back. Konnan informs us that he’s representing Pentagon Jr now. Impact gloats about Pentagon being a transitional champion. Konnan says that Pentagon’s title reign was longer than Impact’s movie career. Pentagon is the rightful number one contender. Elgin says that he’s a man of action. Elgin has message for Konnan and Pentagon. The segment closes with a massive three-way pull apart brawl. Elgin lays out the Impact security team.

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– New world champion, Brian Cage will not be on the program tonight.

– Sami Callihan wants it to be family vs. family in a 4 on 4 oVe Street Fight against Rich Swann, next week.

First Match: Ace Austin vs. Petey Williams 

Austin applies a side headlock. Austin lunges over Williams. Williams dropkicks the back of Austin. Austin applies a wrist lock. Williams with a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Austin heads to the outside. Williams with a slingshot crossbody block. Austin responds with a step up enzuigiri. Austin lands the suicide dive. Williams negates The PK. Austin cartwheels on the ring apron. Austin SuperKicks Williams. Austin rolls Williams back into the ring. Williams gets Austin perched on the top turnbuckle. Williams plays to the crowd. Austin with a Desperation Belly to Belly Suplex. Austin follows that with a Flying Enzuigiri for a two count. Williams with shots to the midsection of Austin. Austin applies the fujiwara arm-bar. Austin works on his joint manipulation game. Austin repeatedly stomps on Williams chest. Austin is choking Williams with his boot.

Following a snap mare takeover, Williams blocks a dive from Austin. Williams rolls Austin over for a two count. Williams decks Austin with a back elbow smash. Williams side steps Austin into the turnbuckles. Williams kicks Austin in the back of the head. Williams with a Tilt-A-Whirl Side Russian Leg Sweep. Austin responds with a RoundHouse Kick for a two count. Williams goes for The Canadian Destroyer, but Austin counters with a Vertical Suplex for a two count. Williams locks in The Sharpshooter. Austin crawls to the bottom rope to create separation. Austin with a shoulder block. Austin with The Flying Famouser for a two count. Williams with a crucifix cover for a two count. Williams with a Lifting FlatLiner. Williams and Austin are trading back and forth shots. Austin with a Top Rope FrankenSteiner. Austin plants Williams with The Fold to pickup the victory.

Winner: Ace Austin via Pinfall 

Rich Swann, Tommy Dreamer, and Scarlett Bordeaux Backstage Segment: 

Second Match: Rosemary w/Undead Maid Of Honor vs. Kiera Hogan 

Hogan starts things off with forearm shivers. Hogan ducks a clothesline from Rosemary. Hogan continues to unload more forearms in the corner. Hogan with Two Running Hip Attacks. Hogan is fired up. Rosemary kicks Hogan in the gut. Hogan with a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Hogan plays to the crowd. Hogan with a Flying Crossbody Block. Hogan tells Rosemary to get up. Rosemary with a side walk slam. Rosemary transitions into a ground and pound attack. Rosemary is mauling Hogan in the corner. Rosemary with a Body Avalanche. Hogan fights out of the fireman’s carry position.

Hogan repeatedly kicks Rosemary in the chest. Hogan hooks the outside leg for a two count. Hogan goes for a Fisherman’s Buster, but Rosemary counters with a German Suplex. Hogan sends Rosemary shoulder first into the middle turnbuckle pad. Rosemary decks Hogan with a back elbow smash. Rosemary hits The Upside Down. Rosemary dumps Hogan off the stage. The Undead Brides Maids attacks Rosemary which causes the disqualification. After the match, Undead Maid Of Honor drops Rosemary with a NeckBreaker. Hogan heads to the backstage area. Yung plants Rosemary with The Panic Switch.

Winner: Rosemary via Disqualification 

– This weeks IMPACT Plus Flashback Moment Of The Week: Rob Van Dam/Rhyno First Blood Match from the 2010 TNA Final Resolution PPV.

Taya Valkyrie & Madison Rayne Backstage Segment: 

LAX Segment:

Third Match: Eddie Edwards vs. Fenix 

Edwards shakes hands with Fenix. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Edwards applies a waist lock. Fenix transitions into a wrist lock. Following a snap mare takeover, Fenix maintains wrist control. Chain grappling exchange leads us to a standoff in the center of the ring. Fenix ducks a clothesline from Edwards. Fenix leapfrogs over Edwards. Fenix dumps Edwards out of the ring. Fenix with a running forearm smash. Edwards grabs kenny the kendo stick. The referee is trying to calm down Edwards. Fenix goes for a Rolling Cutter, but Edwards blocks it. Fenix dropkicks Edwards. Fenix kicks Edwards off the ring apron. Edwards is distracted by Killer Kross who’s standing on the stage. Edwards HeadButts Fenix.

Edwards goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Fenix blocks it. Fenix SuperKicks Edwards. Fenix follows that with a Rolling Forearm Smash. Fenix hits The Crucifix Bomb for a two count. Fenix scales the ropes. Edwards connects with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Knife Edge Chop Exchange. Fenix with a Rolling Cutter. Edwards dumps Fenix chest first on the canvas. Edwards with a forearm smash. Edwards with The Tiger Bomb for a two count. Killer Kross continues to run interference. Fenix with a RoundHouse Kick. Fenix follows that with a Spinning Side Kick. Fenix plants Edwards with The Muscle Buster to pickup the victory.

Winner: Fenix via Pinfall 

Rob Van Damn & Ethan Page Segment: 

– Gail Kim reflects on her retirement match.

– Rob Van Dam will battle Ethan Page next week.

Fourth Match: Michael Elgin vs. Johnny Impact vs. Pentagon Jr in a Triple Threat Match. The Winner Will Become The Number One Contender To The IMPACT World Championship 

Feeling out process after the bell rings. Quick rollup exchange that leads us to a standoff. Impact sends Elgin out of the ring. Impact thrust kicks the midsection of Pentagon. Elgin drags Impact out of the ring. Pentagon with a double wrecking ball dropkick. Pentagon kicks the right hamstring of Impact. Pentagon reminds Impact that he has cero meido. Impact shows off his athleticism. Impact with a High Head Kick. Elgin PowerBombs Impact on the ring apron. Elgin slips over Pentagon’s back. Elgin with a Corner Clothesline. Pentagon gets Elgin tied in the tree of woe. Pentagon with a Flying Double Foot Stomp. Elgin responds with a Standing Enzuigiri. Forearm Exchange on the top turnbuckle. Pentagon unloads three open hand chops. Elgin goes for a SuperPlex, but Impact counters with a SpringBoard German Suplex.

Impact sweeps the legs of Elgin. Impact with a Standing Corkscrew MoonSault. Pentagon delivers clubbing hamstring shots. Pentagon with a SpringBoard Crossbody Block. Pentagon SuperKicks Impact. Elgin drops Pentagon with a Uranage Slam. Elgin with a Vertical Suplex on top of Pentagon. Elgin with a Misdirection Lariat. Elgin follows that with an Inside Out Lariat for a two count. Pentagon kicks Elgin in the gut. Elgin responds with a forearm smash. Impact drills Elgin with an Apron Enzuigiri. Impact with a Spinning Uranage Slam for a two count. Impact goes for The CountDown To Impact, but Elgin ducks out of the way. Elgin with a Pump Kick. Elgin SuperKicks Impact.

Elgin is fired up. Elgin goes for a PowerBomb, but Pentagon counters with Two SlingBlades. Pentagon connects with The Pentagon Driver. Pentagon with a PowerBomb BackBreaker for a two count. Pentagon knocks Elgin off the ring apron. Pentagon SuperKicks Elgin from the apron. Pentagon and Impact are trading back and forth shots. Elgin goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Impact lands back on his feet. Impact SuperKicks Elgin. Impact attacks Pentagon with a steel chair. Impact rolls Elgin back into the ring. Impact drags Elgin to the corner. Elgin avoids The Starship Pain. Elgin with a Massive Lariat. Elgin BuckleBombs Impact. Elgin plants Impact with The Elgin Bomb to pickup the victory.

Winner: Michael Elgin via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez