WWE NXT UK Results (4/10/19): Toni Storm vs. Jinny

WWE NXT UK Results (4/10/19)

April 10, 2019
Coventry SkyDome
Coventry, England

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

EPISODE 38 !!! 

First Match: Kassius Ohno vs. Travis Banks 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Ohno with a wrist lock takedown. Ohno applies a top wrist lock. Banks reverses the hold. Banks hyperextends the left shoulder of Ohno. Ohno applies a side headlock. Banks reverses the hold. Ohno with shots to the midsection of Banks. Banks goes for a shoulder tackle, but Ohno stands still. Ohno talks smack to Banks. Ohno flexes his muscles. Banks tells Ohno to bring it. Ohno stomps on the left foot of Banks. Banks with a flurry of leg kicks. Ohno dodges The Axe Kick. Banks goes for The Mid-Kick, but Ohno ducks out of the way. Ohno heads to the ring apron. Banks kicks Ohno in the back. Ohno catches Banks in mid-air. Ohno with a Pump Kick. Banks negates The Razor’s Edge. Ohno launches Banks to the apron. Banks hits The PK. Ohno shoves Banks into the steel ring steps.

Ohno is putting the boots to Banks. Following a snap mare takeover, Ohno with a Running Leg Drop for a two count. Ohno stomps on the midsection of Banks. Ohno drops Banks with a forearm smash. Ohno kicks Banks in the back. Ohno rakes the eyes of Banks. Ohno bodyslams Banks. Ohno goes for The MoonSault, but Banks ducks out of the way. Banks delivers clubbing mid-kicks. Ohno bends the left ankle of Banks. Ohno with a High Knee Lift. Ohno kicks the injured right shoulder of Banks. Ohno has complete control of the match. Ohno with clubbing blows to Banks back. Banks thrust kicks the midsection of Ohno. Ohno responds with a Pump Kick.

Ohno with a Leaping Forearm Smash for a two count. Ohno unloads three shoulder blocks. Banks reverses out of the irish whip from Ohno. Banks dropkicks Ohno off the apron. Banks lands The Suicide Dive. Banks with a Running Knee Strike. Banks with a Flying Double Foot Stomp for a two count. Ohno gets Banks in the electric chair position. Banks rolls Ohno over for a two count. Ohno with a Forearm Knockdown. Banks connects with The Kiwi Crusher for a two count. Banks goes for The Slice Of Heaven, but Ohno counters with a Pump Kick. Ohno hits The Rubik’s Cube for a two count. Ohno prepares for The Ripcord Elbow Strike. Banks with a folding press cover to pickup the victory.

Winner: Travis Banks via Pinfall 

– Recap of the Pete Dunne/WALTER WWE United Kingdom Championship Match from WWE NXT TakeOver: New York.

– Jordan Devlin wants a shot at the WWE United Kingdom Championship. Remember, never bet against the ace.

– Mustache Mountain will have a future match with Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster.

Second Match: Piper Niven vs. Killer Kelly 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Niven shoves Kelly. Niven applies a wrist lock. Kelly transitions into the cravate. Niven drops Kelly with a shoulder tackle. Niven bodyslams Kelly. Niven with a Running Senton. Niven follows that with a Running Splash for a two count. Niven applies the cobra clutch. Niven whips Kelly to the corner. Kelly side steps Niven into the turnbuckles. Kelly with clubbing bodyshots. Kelly with a Pump Kick. Kelly goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Niven blocks it. Kelly applies The Sleeper Hold. Niven drives Kelly back first into the turnbuckles. Niven with a back elbow smash. Niven with a Running Cannonball Strike. Niven plants Kelly with The Michinoku Driver to pickup the victory.

Winner: Piper Niven via Pinfall 

Third Match: Joseph Conners vs. Jack Starz 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Conners applies a top wrist lock. Conners wraps his leg around the left shoulder of Starz. Conners applies a wrist lock. Starz reverses the hold. Starz with a Northern Lights Suplex. Starz applies an arm-bar. Starz rolls Conners over for a one count. Conners with a Leaping Double Foot Stomp. Conners with a Flying Shoulder Tackle. Conners with two elbow drops. Conners talks smack to Starz. Conners applies the cravate. Conners attacks the midsection of Starz.

Conners has complete control of the match. Conners with a running elbow smash. Conners dumps Starz back first on the canvas. Conners with a short-arm clothesline. Starz is trying to build momentum. Starz leapfrogs over Conners. Starz slides under Conners. Starz with multiple uppercuts. Starz dropkicks Conners. Starz follows that with a Running European Uppercut. Starz goes for a Flying Crossbody Block, but Conners with The DLD to pickup the victory.

Winner: Joseph Conners via Pinfall 

– Video package for NXT UK Superstar, Dave Mastiff.

Fourth Match: Toni Storm (c) vs. Jinny For The WWE NXT UK Women’s Championship 

Rockers punches after the bell rings. Jinny with a forearm smash. Jinny repeatedly stomps on Storm’s back. Storm delivers her combination offense. Storm with a Spinning Back Kick. Jinny blocks a boot from Storm. Storm ducks a clothesline from Jinny. Storm with a low dropkick for a two count. Storm applies a single leg crab. Storm transitions into The STF. Jinny kicks Storm in the jaw. Storm goes for The Uranage Slam, but Jinny lands back on her feet. Jinny negates The Storm Zero. Jinny drops Storm with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Jinny with a Modified SurfBoard Stretch. Jinny locks in The Camel Clutch. Storm reverses the hold. Storm repeatedly kicks Jinny in the back. Jinny grabs the bottom rope to force the break.

Jinny bounces Storm’s head on the middle turnbuckle pad. Jinny with a Hurricanrana. Storm side steps Jinny into the turnbuckles. Jinny with a Turnbuckle FlatLiner for a two count. Jinny stomps on Storm’s back. Jinny with forearm shots across the back of Storm. Storm decks Jinny with a back elbow smash. Jinny with a Uranage BackBreaker for a two count. Jinny delivers The Axe Kick for a two count. Jinny applies a rear chin lock. Storm gets back to a vertical base. Jinny with a Turnbuckle Suplex for a two count. Jinny goes back to the rear chin lock.

Jinny with open palm strikes. Storm fires back with The Trifecta German Suplex’s. Storm plays to the crowd. Storm with a Running Hip Attack. Jinny with clubbing shoulder blocks. Jinny with a Draping X-Factor for a two count. Jinny tugs on Storm’s hair. Jinny goes for The Storm Zero, but Storm blocks it. Storm HeadButts Jinny for a two count. Storm and Jinny are trading back and forth shots. Storm with a knife edge chop. Jinny responds with a high knee smash. Standing Switch Exchange. Storm with a back elbow smash. Jinny goes for a Hurricanrana, but Storm counters with a PowerBomb. Storm plants Jinny with The Storm Zero to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still WWE NXT UK Women’s Champion, Toni Storm via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez