Impact Wrestling Results (8/16): Fenix vs. Sami Callihan

Impact Wrestling Results (8/16)

Impact Wrestling
August 16, 2018
Rebel Entertainment Complex
Toronto, Canada

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

First Match: Sami Callihan w/oVe vs. Fenix 

Callihan starts things off with a Running Pump Kick. Callihan is throwing haymakers at Fenix. Callihan is choking Fenix in the corner. Fenix SuperKicks Callihan. Callihan sends Fenix to the ring apron. Fenix rams his shoulders into the midsection of Callihan. Fenix with a SlingShot Hurricanrana. Fenix dropkicks Callihan. Fenix blocks a lariat from Callihan. Fenix slaps Callihan in the chest. Fenix knocks Jake Crist off the ring apron. Fenix delivers an Mexican Arm-Drag. Fenix lands a SomerSault Plancha. Fenix connects with The Swanton Bomb for a two count. Fenix plays to the crowd. Fenix unloads a series of knife edge chops. Jake trips Fenix from the outside. Fenix ducks a clothesline from Callihan. Callihan with an Modified Hertz Donut for a two count. Callihan applies a rear chin lock. Fenix gets back to a vertical base. Fenix with shots to the midsection of Callihan. Callihan drops Fenix with an Inside Out Lariat. Callihan tosses Fenix out of the ring.

Callihan eats his own spit. Callihan with a brutal chop to Fenix. Callihan with an Modified Side Russian Leg Sweep on the steel barricade. Callihan rolls Fenix back into the ring. Callihan with the cover for a one count. Callihan is mauling Fenix on the second rope. oVe attacks Fenix behind the referee’s back. Callihan locks in The Fish Hook. Callihan transitions into a Modified Rear Naked Choke. Callihan rakes the eyes of Fenix. Callihan with a nasty ground and pound attack. Fenix is having a hard time creating separation. Callihan goes back to the rear chin lock. Callihan applies a waist lock. Fenix decks Callihan with a Back Elbow Smash. Fenix follows that with a SuperKick. Callihan launches Fenix back first to the ramp.

Callihan goes for a PowerBomb, but Fenix lands back on his feet. Callihan kicks Fenix in the gut. Fenix responds with a HandSpring Cutter on the ramp. Fenix with a Twisting Cutter for a two count. Coming out of the commercial break, Fenix and Callihan are trading back and forth shots. Fenix with a Spinning Back Kick to Callihan. Fenix kicks Callihan in the chest. Fenix with a Forearm Smash. Fenix goes for a Diving Clothesline, but Callihan counters with a Pump Kick. Callihan PowerBombs Fenix for a two count. Callihan applies a Single Leg Boston Crab. Callihan transitions into The STF.

Callihan kicks Fenix in the face. Callihan talks smack to Fenix. Fenix responds with a Leaping Palm Strike. Fenix with a SpringBoard FrankenSteiner. Fenix with a Rolling Sunset Flip PowerBomb for a two count. Callihan gauges the eyes of Fenix. The referee calls for a clean break. Callihan spits at the referee. Fenix with a Spinning Heel Kick. Callihan responds with a Pump Kick. Fenix brings his combination offense to Callihan. Fenix nails Callihan with The 916 for a two count. The Crist Brothers continues to run interference. Pentagon Jr storms to the ringside area to make the save. Fenix dives over Callihan. Fenix with a SpringBoard Spinning Heel Kick. Fenix plants Callihan with The Cradle Shock PileDriver to pickup the victory.

Winner: Fenix via Pinfall 

Fenix and Brian Cage Backstage Segment: 

Alicia Atout Backstage Interview: Allie and Kiera Hogan 

Second Match: Johnny Impact vs. Jimmy Jacobs 

Kongo Kong attacks Impact from behind before the bell rings. Kong drops Impact with a Big Boot on the ramp. Kong applies a wrist lock. Kong HeadButts Impact. Kong tosses Impact back into the ring. The referee finally starts the match. Jacobs with a lethargic cover for a two count. Jacobs talks smack to Impact. Jacobs slaps Impact in the face. Jacobs is throwing haymakers at Impact. Impact is pissed. Kong continues to run interference. Kong plants Impact with a SitOut TombStone PileDriver to cause the disqualification.

After the match, Kong goes for a PowerBomb, but Impact blocks it. Impact drives his elbow into the midsection of Kong. Impact unloads a flurry of kicks. Impact goes for a Tornado DDT, but Kong counters with a Vertical Suplex over the top rope. Impact responds with a SpringBoard Tornado DDT on the ramp. Jacobs hits Impact with a steel chair. Impact runs after Jacobs. Impact shows off his parkour ability. Jacobs is hiding behind the steel ring steps. Impact drops Jacob with a Nasty Knee Strike. Impact nails Jacobs with the steel ring step.

Winner: Johnny Impact via Disqualification 

The Smoke Show Featuring: KM and Fallah Bahh: 

Austin Aries & Killer Kross In-Ring Segment: 

Eddie Edwards Backstage Segment: 

Third Match: Eli Drake w/The Cult Of Lee vs. Joe Hendry w/Grado and Katarina 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Drake backs Hendry into the turnbuckles. Drake talks smack to Hendry. Hendry ducks a clothesline from Drake. Hendry applies a wrist lock. Hendry with a Fireman’s Carry TakeOver. Drake punches Hendry in the gut. Drake applies a side headlock. Drake drops Hendry with a shoulder tackle. Drake goes for a Hip Toss, but Hendry counters with a BackSlide Cover for a two count. Drake blasts Hendry with a double thrust. Hendry dives over Drake.

Following a snap mare takeover, Hendry runs through Drake with a shoulder tackle of his own. Drake shoves Hendry to the corner. Drake with a Leaping NeckBreaker. Drake with a Running Clothesline. Drake poses for the crowd. Drake bounces Hendry’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Drake repeatedly stomps on Hendry’s chest. Drake is choking Hendry with his boot.

Hendry fires back with a back elbow smash. Drake rolls Hendry over for a two count. Hendry ducks a clothesline from Drake. Hendry delivers his combination offense. Drake reverses out of the irish whip from Hendry. Hendry crawls under Drake. Hendry with connects with The DDT. Hendry tosses Caleb Konley out of the ring. Grado dumps Konley face first on the apron. The referee is distracted by Trevor Lee. Drake shoves Hendry into Grado. Drake rolls Hendry over to pickup the victory.

Winner: Eli Drake via Pinfall 

Matt Sydal Vignette: 

Sami Callihan Promo: 

Fourth Match: Su Yung w/The Undead Brides Maids vs. Allie w/Kiera Hogan 

Yung immediately attacks Allie after the bell rings. Allie is throwing forearms at Yung. Allie repeatedly stomps on Yung’s chest. Yung whips Allie to the corner. Allie with a Flying Crossbody Block. Allie with The La Magistral for a two count. Allie drop toe holds Yung to the middle rope. Allie hits The Sliding D. Allie is distracted by the brides maids. Yung ducks a clothesline from Allie. Yung sends Allie crashing to the outside. Yung with a Flying Cannonball Strike.

Yung rolls Allie back into the ring. Yung with the cover for a two count. Yung slams Allie’s head on the canvas. Yung starts choking Allie. Yung goes for The Mandible Claw, but Allie blocks it. Allie HeadButts Yung. Allie with a Forearm/Open Hand Chop Combination. Yung rocks Allie with an Open Palm Strike. Yung with a standing mount to Allie. Allie with Running Lariats. Allie with a NeckBreaker to Yung. Allie follows that with a Senton Splash for a two count.

Yung side steps Allie into the turnbuckles. Allie dropkicks the back of Yung. Allie with a Double Wrecking Ball Dropkick. Kiera Hogan takes out the rest of the brides maids. The UMOH sends Hogan face first to the steel ring post. Yung goes for The Panic Switch, but Allie counters with The BackStabber. Allie sets up for The BSE. Tessa Blanchard attacks Allie to cause the disqualification. After the match, Blanchard transitions into a ground and pound attack. Blanchard goes for The HammerLock DDT, but Yung counters with The Mandible Claw. Allie SuperKicks Blanchard. Allie plants Yung with The CodeBreaker.

Winner: Allie via Disqualification 

– The first match for IMPACT Wrestling’s Redefined is Brian Cage (c) vs. Fenix for the IMPACT X-Division Championship.

LAX & The OG’z Street Fight: 

Author: Josh Lopez