WWE Mae Young Classic 2018 Reference Sheet

WWE Mae Young Classic 2018

Welcome everyone to the WWE Mae Young Classic 2018 Reference Sheet. It’s my honor to cover the second annual WWE Mae Young Classic Tournament which will be streaming on the WWE Network starting Wednesday, September 5, 2018.

The Bracketology Special hosted by Mauro Ranallo and Beth Phoenix will be on August 29th immediately following WWE NXT.

The finals of the tournament will take place at the WWE Evolution PPV on October 28th.

Just like any other tournaments I’ve covered in the past, there will be in-depth play by play transcription for each match.

In this reference sheet you’ll get background information on every single performer. Championship resumes, promotions they’ve competed in and their signature moves.

Would like to thank WWE.com, Pro Wrestling Wiki and YouTube for providing the pictures, bio infos, and move-sets.

Commentators: Michael Cole, Beth Phoenix and Renee Young.

Parade Of Champions: 

Aerial Monroe (USA) Made Her Pro Wrestling Debut In November 29, 2015 

Monroe is the wife of current WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Cedric Alexander. Monroe was trained by Highspots Legend, George South, Caleb Konley and Cedric Alexander. Monroe previously competed against Nia Jax on the January 8, 2016 edition of Monday Night Raw. Monroe is part of The Sexy Young Caramels with Devyn Nicole and Savannah Evans.

Aerial Monroe Signatures Moves: Dirty Dancing (Short Lariat), SuperBitch (SuperKick), Blue Thunder Bomb, Surfboard Submission Hold, Parallel Snapmare.

Allysin Kay (USA) Age 30. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut In December Of 2008 

Guaranteed to be one of the biggest bruisers in the field, 5-foot-10 Allysin Kay has been a force to be reckoned with inside the squared circle for nearly a decade. A native of Detroit, Kay’s wrath has been felt in countries like China, India, Mexico, England and Japan, where she once shared a dojo apartment with Sarah Logan and WWE PC coach Serena Deeb. Priding herself on being able to toss competition like lawn darts, Kay relies on a ferocious discus lariat to end many of her matches.

Former Two-Time IMPACT Knockouts Champion, Former AIW Women’s Championship, Former WSU Tag Team Champion. Competed in Impact Wrestling, AIW, Shimmer, WSU, Shine.

Allysin Kay Signature Moves: AK-47, Silencer, Saito Suplex, Gogoplata, Stunner, Rolling Guillotine Choke, Discus From Detroit (Lariat), Modified Camel Clutch, NeckBreaker, Straight Jacket, Corner Avalanche

Ashley Rayne (USA) Age 32. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut In 2005 

Trained by Jeff Cannon. A 13-year ring veteran from Columbus, Ohio, Ashley Rayne will not be intimidated by the Classic’s world-class field. Fighting far and wide, with tours of Japan, the U.K., mainland Europe and the United Arab Emirates under her belt, Rayne has crossed paths with the likes of former WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James in the past.

Five-Time IMPACT Knockouts Champion, Two-Time TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion, Shimmer Tag Team Champion, Two-Time OCW Women’s Champion, and Zero 1 USA Women’s Champion.

Ashley Rayne Signature Moves: Rayne Check, The Cross Rayne, Rayne Drop, Spear, Reverse STO, Multiple Pinning Combinations, Big Boot, Scissors Stomp, Northern Lights Suplex, Arm-Drag, Hurricanrana, and Gannosuke Clutch

Deonna Purrazzo (USA) Age 24. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut On December 6, 2013 

As originally announced by Sporting News, new signee Deonna Purrazzo, who reported for training this week at the WWE PC, will also compete in this year’s 32-woman tournament. Going by the moniker of “Virtuosa” on the independent scene, the 24-year-old Purrazzo is widely hailed for her highly technical in-ring style. Making her pro debut in 2013, Purrazzo has wrestled throughout the United States, as well as in Japan, England, Puerto Rico and Canada

Former ECWA Women’s Champion, NYWC Starlet Champion, MFPW Girl’s Champion, DCW Women’s Champion, and 2017 WOH Wrestler Of The Year. Competed in Queens Of Combat, Northeast Wrestling, Victory Pro Wrestling, ECWA, Impact Wrestling, Shimmer and Ring Of Honor.

Deonna Purrazzo Signature Moves: Fujiwara Arm-Bar, HeadButt, High Knee Strike, Russian Legsweep, Three Amigos

Hiroyo Matsumoto (Japan) Age 32. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut In 2006 

Popular Japanese wrestler Hiroyo Matsumoto— who is alternatively known as “Lady Destroyer” and “Lady Godzilla” — made her professional debut in July 2006. Ranked the 25th best women’s wrestler in the world in 2017 by “Pro Wrestling Illustrated,” Matsumoto, who is revered for her power and technical proficiency, once held four championships simultaneously.

Former Shimmer Women’s Tag Team Champion, Oz Academy OpenWeight Champion, 4-Time OZ Academy Tag Team Champion, Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion, JWP Junior Champion, 3-Time Artist Of Stardom Champion.

Hiroyo Matsumoto Signature Moves: Backdrop Driver, Hiroyo Stone, High Angle SitOut PowerBomb, Backbreaker Rack, Roaring Elbow, and Tokaido Otoshi.

Io Shirai (Japan) Age 28. Made Her Professional Wrestling On March 4, 2007 

A ring veteran of more than 10 years, Shirai has accomplished more than virtually anyone in the modern history of Japanese women’s wrestlers. Tokyo Sports, a national daily sports newspaper, named her the country’s top female grappler in each of the past three years. Shirai most recently competed with Tokyo-based World Wonder Ring Stardom, the same organization where NXTSuperstar and inaugural Mae Young Classic winner Kairi Sane first made her name.

6-Time Artist Of Stardom Champion, 2-Time World Of Stardom Champion, NEO High Speed Champion, Goddesses Of Stardom Champion.

Io Shirai Signature Moves: STO, Suplex De Lo, Thunder Splash, Far East Destroyer, One Woman Spanish Fly, MoonSault, Trifecta MoonSault, MoonSault Double Stomp, Rider Kick, Shinkanesen Attack, Io Galaxy Meteor Running SSP, Japanese LegRoll Clutch, Gannosuke Clutch and Tombstone PileDriver

Isla Dawn (Scotland) Age 24. Made Her Professional Debut On December 21, 2013 

Scotland’s Isla Dawn turned heads with her recent outing at the WWE U.K. Championship Tournament special on WWE Network. This self-described “modern-day witch” employs a hard-hitting style that draws from her background in kickboxing and dance that has carried her throughout promotions across Europe. Molded by influences as varying as Goldust (her first WWE action figure) and Killian Dain (who saw her act in a play and encouraged her to begin wrestling training), Dawn hopes to put a spell on her competition in this year’s Classic.

Competed in NOVA, Shine, Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment, CZW, I Believe In Wrestling, ACW, Scottish Wrestling Alliance, ICW: Fierce Females

Isla Dawn Signature Moves: Air Raid Crash, Half Nelson Suplex, and Dragon Sleeper.

Jessie Elaban (USA) Age 29. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut On October 7, 2017 

Also vying for the 2018 the Mae Young Classic trophy is former collegiate volleyball player and NXT rookie Jessica Elaban. Standing 5-foot-10, the rangy Elaban has been pegged as an up-and-comer to watch since joining the WWE PC last May. An athlete her entire life, Elaban also excelled at soccer, basketball, track and dance before setting her sights on the squared circle. Having spent the past year learning under the WWE PC’s world-class coaching staff, Elaban looks to prove that she can hang with the world’s best female wrestlers, despite being a relative newcomer to the ring.

Jinny (England) Age 29. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut In 2014 

She is the first female graduate of PROGRESS Wrestling’s school The Projo. Jinny made her debut during November 2014 cutting a promo on Pollyanna at PROGRESS Wrestling Endvr, and had her first match January 2015 at PROGRESS Wrestling Endvr. She along with Pollyanna were the first two female wrestlers to have a match on a PROGRESS Chapter show in May 2015 which was voted number 7 in the top 10 matches in 2015 for PROGRESS Wrestling. Jinny has wrestled for a number of promotions such as: PROGRESS Wreslting, OTT Wrestling, Revolution Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Chaos, IPW:UK, Fierce Females, Empress Pro, SouthCoast Wrestling, VII Pro Wrestling, Plymouth Wrestling Association and Wrestling League.

Former Progress Women’s Champion. Currently signed to the WWE Performance Center

Jinny’s Signature Moves: Middle Rope X-Factor, Styles Clash, Acid Rainmaker

Kacy Catanzaro (USA) Age 28. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut On April 19, 2018 

Perhaps best known for her 2014 completion of the warped wall obstacle on “American Ninja Warrior” — she became the first woman to achieve the feat — Catanzaro is also a former Division I gymnast and two-time designee of “Sports Illustrated’s” Fittest 50 list of the world’s best female athletes. She worked out at the Performance Center last January and has been on WWE’s radar ever since, even attending last year’s Mae Young Classic. Now, she takes her first true steps to becoming a WWE Superstar.

Kaitlyn (USA) Age 31. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut On September 7, 2010 

After more than four years away from WWE, former Divas Champion Kaitlyn will make her in-ring return this summer when she competes in the 2018 Mae Young Classic. The news, which was first reported by ESPN, makes Kaitlyn the first official participant to be revealed for this year’s 32-woman tournament Rising to fame in 2010 when she won Season 3 of NXT, which was a competition series among WWE rookies at the time, Kaitlyn quickly became a staple of what is now known as the WWE Women’s division.  With an extensive background in bodybuilding and power lifting, Kaitlyn used her remarkable strength and explosiveness to conquer opponents. She reached the summit of the division in January 2013 when she defeated Eve to capture the Divas Championship in her hometown of Houston on the 20th Anniversary of Raw. Kaitlyn held the title for 153 days before losing it to one of her greatest rivals, AJ Lee.

Former WWE Diva’s Champion.

Kaitlyn Signature Moves: Atomic Wedgie Bomb, Fireman’s Carry GutBuster, Lotus Lock, Full Nelson Bomb, Spear, Reverse STO, Inverted DDT, Arm-Drag, BackBreaker, Battering Ram, Bodyscissors, Victory Roll, Drop Toe Hold, Elevated Wrist Lock, European Uppercut, Jackknife Cover, Leg Drop, Baseball Slide Dropkick, Reverse Elbow Strike, Running Crossbody Block, Running Shoulder Block, Scoop Slam, Sidewalk Slam, Sunset Flip Pin, Suplex Slam

Karen Q (China). Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut On September 6, 2014 

If you want a competitor who’s tough, cunning, energetic, acrobatic and just flat-out entertaining, look no further than Karen Q. The cerebral Chinese American, who graduated with a master’s degree shortly after making her ring debut, blitzes the competition with a dizzying combination of technical wizardry and breathtaking aerial assaults. All the while, she also softens opponents up for the Spring Roll – her take on the Boston Crab – to rearrange spines and claim victories.

Former VPW Women’s Champion. ECWA Women’s Champion. Competed In Ring Of Honor, Beyond Wrestling, VPW, and Game Changer Wrestling

Karen Q Signature Moves: Spring Roll, Suplex, FaceBuster, Running Spinning Heel Kick, MoonSault, HandSpring Back Elbow, Rolling Senton, Leg Sweep, Yazuka Kick, Big Boot, Side Kick, Push Kick, Exploder Suplex 

Kavita Devi (Indian) Age 31. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut On June 11, 2016 

Kavita Devi broke down barriers in last year’s WWE Mae Young Classic by becoming the first woman from India to compete in a WWE ring. This year, the powerhouse protégé of former World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali sets her sights on a different achievement: winning the entire tournament. Devi was revealed as the latest 2018 Classic competitor during a press event with Braun Strowman today in Mumbai, India. After The Monster Among Men announced her as a returning Mae Young Classic competitor, Devi — who trains at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Fla., and was not in attendance — fielded questions from the press pool via a live video chat.

Lost to Dakota Kai in the First Round of The 2017 WWE Mae Young Classic Tournament

Kavita Devi Signature Moves: RoundHouse Kick, Spear, Arm-Bar, Big Boot, Body Slam, Electric Chair, German Suplex, Gorilla Press Slam, Missile Dropkick, Schoolgirl Rollup, Stunner

Killer Kelly (Portugal) Age 26. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut On October 31, 2016 

Killer Kelly made her WWE Network debut in June at NXT’s events at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Known throughout the European scene for her punishing kicks and spine-bending suplexes, the Portuguese-born 26-year-old brings a heavy MMA influence to her mat game. Kelly — whose vicious ring name was inspired by Portuguese fans’ chants of “Killer Kelly” early in her career — holds the distinction of being the first women’s champion in the history of Germany’s Westside Xtreme Wrestling promotion.

Former WXW Women’s Champion.

Killer Kelly Signature Moves: SuperKick

Lacey Lane (USA) Age 30. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut On August 25, 2016 

Lacey Lane stands to be one of the most well-rounded athletes in the entire Mae Young Classic. The newly signed WWE Performance Center recruit was a member the 2012 NCAA Division II championship basketball team at Shaw University, where she graduated magna cum laude. Deciding to give wrestling a try, Lane studied the mat game under WWE Hall of Famers The Dudley Boyz. Before joining the WWE PC, Lane made waves on the independent scene in both the U.S. and Mexico.

Former Crash Women’s Champion.

MJ Jenkins (USA). Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut On October 18, 2015 

Newly recruited to the WWE Performance Center, Brooklyn’s MJ Jenkins looks to make a splash in her WWE Network debut at the Mae Young Classic. Formerly an independent wrestler who earned her reputation throughout the Northeast, Florida and the Dominican Republic, Jenkins is a seasoned competitor of seven years and trained under such luminaries as WWE Hall of Famers The Dudley Boyz and Johnny Rodz.

MJ Jenkins has competed in Shine Wrestling, CZW AIW, Evolve, and World Of Unpredictable Wrestling.

MJ Jenkins Signature Moves: Widows Peak

Meiko Satomura (Japan) Age 38. Made Her Professional Debut On April 15, 1995

Meiko Satomura, a 23-year veteran who is considered the final boss in Japan — the one opponent that every starry-eyed wrestler strives to defeat — is now confirmed for this year’s global tournament, Tokyo Sports reported. A living legend in the Far East, Satomura began training for the ring in 1994 at age 14. She made her professional debut the following year and stands as one of the few active competitors whose origin dates to Japan’s thunderous women’s wrestling boom in the 1990s. Viewed as a top prospect from day one, Satomura even competed in WCW early in her career. Mentored by Chigusa Nagayo (one-half of the famous Crush Girls tag team), she also trained under catch-wrestling icon Billy Robinson.

Winner Of The 2016 King Of Trios Tournament. Former FCP Champion. Two-Time AAAW Single Champion. 3-Time AAAW Tag Team Champion. Former World Of Stardom Champion.

Meiko Satomura Signature Moves: Death Valley Bomb, Scorpio Rising, Arm Trap Crossface, Cartwheel Knee Drop, Chickenwing, Fujiwara Arm-Bar, Juji-Gatame, Overhead Kick, and Shoot Kick.

Mercedes Martinez (USA) Age 37. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut On November 12, 2000 

Mercedes Martinez whose return to the Classic was first reported by Newsweek.com, is a 18-year ring veteran from Waterbury, Conn. Using an aggressive combination of strong-style and submission wrestling, Martinez defeated China’s Xia Li, Mexico’s Princesa Sugehit and America’s Abbey Laith in last year’s tournament before falling to her protégé, current NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler, in the Semifinals. With an astonishing number of titles to her resume, The Latina Sensation will undoubtedly be one of the most decorated competitors in the mix this year.

2- Time Shimmer Champion. Shine Tag Team Champion. 2-Time NCW Femmes Fatales Champion. IWA Mid-South Women’s Champion. DPW Women’s Champion. GMW Women’s Champion. NWA Midwest Women’s Champion. 6-Time WXW Women’s Champion. WSU Hall of Fame Inductee

Mercedes Martinez Signature Moves: Bull Run, Surfboard Dragon Sleeper, Three Amigas, Whiplash NeckBreaker

Mia Yim (South Korea) Age 29. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut On August 22, 2009 

Also returning to action is Mia Yim, a dangerous striker from Fontana, Calif., who represented South Korea in 2017’s tournament. After pinning Sarah Logan in last year’s opening round, Yim was ousted by Baszler in her next match. Yim suffered a leg injury in late 2017 that shelved her for months, but upon returning to action earlier this year, she adjusted her style to emphasize strikes and submissions, both of which she’s well-versed in thanks to her extensive background in taekwondo. Yim brings nearly a decade of wrestling experience to this year’s field.

Former Knockouts Champion. SHINE Champion. SHINE Tag Team Champion. BTW Women’s Champion. Queen Of Southside Champion.

Mia Yim Signature Moves: Package PileDriver, SkyYim, STO, Eat Defeat, 450 Splash, Cannonball, Axe Kick, Dropkick, Enzuigiri, Missile Dropkick, RoundHouse Kick, Spin Kick, SuperKick, Thrust Kick, Yazuka Kick, Bridging German Suplex, Northern Lights Suplex, Saito Suplex, SitOut PowerBomb, SpringBoard MoonSault.

Nicole Matthews (USA) Age 31. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut In February 2006 

Wildcard in this years Mae Young Classic Tournament is the 31 year old veteran from British Columbia. Nicole Matthews has performed for the following promotions: SuperGirls, Shimmer, NCW Femme Fatales, ECCW, All-Star Wrestling, etc. Matthews was part of the popular shimmer tag team, The Canadian NINJAs with Portia Perez.

Former Shimmer Champion. Two-Time Shimmer Tag Team Champion. 4-Time ECCW Women’s Champion. ASW Women’s Champion.

Nicole Matthews Signature Moves: Roll The Dice, BackBreaker, Fisherman’s Suplex, Lariat, Liontamer, Northern Lights Suplex

Priscilla Kelly (USA) Age 21. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut In March 2015 

Making her pro debut a little over three years ago, 21-year-old Priscilla Kelly of Moon Creek, Ga., has already developed an ability to wage wicked mind games inside the ring. Though Kelly is equally capable of out-grappling her foes as staggering them with stomps and strikes, her physical prowess is trumped by her penchant for dominating the psychological struggle. Kelly is known to employ unorthodox tactics, including licking and biting her opponent to gain the edge.

Former Shine Nova Champion. APW Ladies Champion.

Priscilla Key Signature Moves: Tilt-A-Whirl Dragon Sleeper, Trapped In Sun, Half Nelson Suplex, Doublearm Lifting FaceBuster, Bronco Buster, Coast To Coast Dropkick, Biting, Groping

Rachel Evers (USA) Age 25. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut On November 21, 2015 

Returning for her second Mae Young Classic, “The One Woman Minnesota Wrecking Crew” Rachel Evers brings world-class strength and a Hall of Fame pedigree to the proceedings. The daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering and a protégé of Lance Storm, Evers medaled in powerlifting before pursuing sports-entertainment.

Former PWM Women’s Champion. RPW Women’s Champion. Wrestle Circus Lady Of The Ring Champion.

Rachel Evers Signature Moves: STO, Fallaway PowerBomb, SuperMan Punch, SpringBoard Leg Drop, Spear, Bosswoman Slam, Graveyard Smash, SpineBuster

Reina Gonzalez (USA). Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut In September 2014 

Returning to the Mae Young Classic is hard-hitting powerhouse Reina Gonzalez, a second-generation wrestler from Texas. The 6-foot-tall daughter of Ricky “Desperado” González, Reina played basketball at Sam Houston State University before following in her father’s footsteps. She joined the WWE Performance Center in October 2016 and participated in the inaugural Mae Young Classic last summer, where she battled Nicole Savoy in the First Round. Though she came up short in that outing, González was praised by WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross for her rugged aggression.

Reina Gonzalez Signature Moves: Tequila Shot, Lariat, Inverted Boston Crab, and BackBreaker Hold

Rhea Ripley (Australia) Age 21. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut On June 29, 2013 

NXT’s Rhea Ripley will make her second appearance in the Mae Young Classic, competing alongside 31 other women on WWE Network later this summer. Coming on the heels of the announcement that former WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn will compete in the Classic, Ripley’s hometown newspaper, The Advertiser in Adelaide, South Australia, reported that the 21-year-old WWE Performance Center recruit will also take part in the international tournament. Signed to the WWE PC last summer, Ripley entered the first Mae Young Classic as the youngest competitor in the field. The 5-foot-7 powerhouse defeated American Miranda Salinas with a full-nelson slam in the First Round before falling to New Zealand’s Dakota Kai in a closely fought match in the Second Round.

Former Two-Time RCW Women’s Champion.

Rhea Ripley Signature Moves: Solefood, Full Nelson Slam, Inverted Stomp FaceBreaker, Missile Dropkick, Bennett Bomb, Big Boot, Hesitation Dropkick

Taynara Conti (Brazil) Age 23. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut On April 1, 2017 

Taynara Conti might be relatively new to sports-entertainment, having joined WWE Performance Center in 2016, but her combat sport bona fides are no joke. With a black belt in judoka and a blue belt in jiu-jitsu, Conti brings to the squared circle a joint-wrenching mat game that has already earned her medals in Brazil. Conti made her WWE debut in the inaugural Mae Young Classic after her thunderous throws helped put her on the radar of WWE talent scouts. Despite getting eliminated from the groundbreaking women’s tournament, Conti wasted no time making an impact in NXT, debuting in November 2017. The journey for Taynara Conti might have only just begun, but the outlook is bright for this double-tough martial arts expert inside the ring.

Conti defeated Vanessa Borne to gain the final spot in this years Mae Young Classic Tournament.

Taynara Conti Signature Moves: Cross Arm-Bar, Over The Shoulder Arm-Drag, Tomoenage, Utsuri Goshi To Swinging Side Slam, and European Uppercut.

Tegan Nox (Wales) Age 23. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut On 2013 

Making her long-awaited WWE Network debut will be Tegan Nox, from Welsh Valleys, South Wales. Nicknamed “The Girl with The Shiniest Wizard,” the 23-year-old Nox signed with WWE last summer after spending several years wowing audiences throughout the United Kingdom and beyond. Weeks after arriving at the WWE PC, however, Nox tore her ACL in practice, which put her on the shelf for 10 months and prevented her from competing in the inaugural Mae Young Classic.

After a lengthy rehabilitation, Nox finally debuted at an NXT Live Event earlier this year and hasn’t looked back. Will the ever-exciting Nox — who is known for her daredevil maneuvers inside the ring, as well as her devastating Shining Wizard knee strike — make up for lost time in this year’s tournament?

3-Time Attack! 24/7 Champion. Former British Empire Women’s Champion. Two-Time Iron Man HeavyMetalWeight Champion. WCPW Women’s Champion.

Tegan Nox Signature Moves: The Shiniest Wizard, Vulture Culture, Chokehold STO, Diving Crossbody, HeadButt, Molly-Go-Round, Rolling Cutter, Suicide Dive

Toni Storm (Australia) Age 23. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut On October 9, 2009 

On the heels of challenging NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler last month in England, NXT UK Superstar Toni Storm is coming to rock the Mae Young Classic again. As first reported by The Daily Mirror, Storm, a nine-year ring veteran from Australia, will return to the Classic for a second year. Storm made it to the Semifinals in the inaugural event, turning heads by earning three straight victories before falling to tournament winner Kairi Sane.

Inaugural Progress Women’s Champion. BEW Women’s Champion. AAW Women’s Champion. IPW Australian, Hardcore and Cruiserweight Champion. WXW Women’s Champion. World Of Stardom Champion.

Toni Storm Signature Moves: Storm Zero, Strong Zero, Air Raid Crash, Fisherman’s Suplex, German Suplex Hold, Suicide Dive, Top Rope Legdrop, Hip Attacks

Vanessa Kraven (Canada) Age 36. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut In April 2004 

Rounding out the new set of competitors is Montreal’s Vanessa Kraven. Standing 6-foot-2, “The Mountain” is likely to be one of the Classic’s most intimidating and mysterious grapplers. The pigtailed pugilist has dominated competition for more than 14 years, including in Canada’s International Wrestling Syndicate (the same organization where Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn cut their teeth) and the U.S.-based SHIMMER Women Athletes and Shine Wrestling, among others.

Shimmer Tag Team Champion. NCW Femme Fatales Champion. NCW Women’s Champion. Battle Angels Women’s Champion.

Vanessa Kraven Signature Moves: Cliffhanger Chokebomb, Spinning Sitout PowerBomb, Backhand Chop, Cannonball, SitOut FaceBuster

Xia Brookside (England) Age 19. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut On May 16, 2015 

The youngest woman to be announced for the Mae Young Classic so far, 19-year-old Xia Brookside of Leicester, England, enters the competition an already-decorated champion, having battled all over the globe while capturing titles and winning tournaments. The spunky up-and-comer — the daughter of United Kingdom legend and WWE Performance Center coach Robbie Brookside — specializes in classic British grappling techniques, but also brings a hard-hitting influence from her experiences competing in Japan.

Former PWU Women’s Champion. IPW UK Women’s Champion.

Xia Brookside Signature Moves: Brookside Bomb and Let’s Go! Bulldog

Xia Lia (China). Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut On July 13, 2017 

China’s Xia Li, one of the first Chinese athletes recruited by WWE, made her in-ring debut at last year’s Mae Young Classic. A lifelong combat-sport athlete, Li was a top-flight competitor in the Chinese martial art of wushu before joining the WWE Performance Center in January 2017. Li leveraged her unique skillset in her high-pressure debut in the inaugural Classic, unleashing a torrent of strikes against Mercedes Martinez that belied Li’s relatively limited sports-entertainment experience.

Xia Li Signature Moves: Swinging NeckBreaker and Tornado Kick.

Zatara (Chile) Age 26. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut On February 28, 2008 

Known for her hyper-aggressive in-ring style, Zatara of Santiago, Chile, enters the tournament with a ruthless reputation. Debuting in February 2008, the masked luchadora has captured titles throughout South America and counts wrestling in Mexico City’s world-famous Arena Mexico as one of her proudest accomplishments. Believing “the end justifies her means,” the opportunistic 26-year-old often finishes off opponents with a running knee strike to the back of the head.

RLL Multi, Regional, Tag Team and Women’s Champion. Reina De Xtreme Champion. MAX Hardcore Champion. MAX Tag Team Champion.

Zatara Signature Moves: La Cabronaza and Package PileDriver

Zeuxis (Puerto Rico) Age 29. Made Her Professional Wrestling Debut On April 29, 2008 

A proponent of “Lucha Strong Style,” Zeuxis enters this year’s field with a decade of ring experience and more than 800 matches under her belt. Calling herself “Puerto Rican Power,” Zeuxis boasts a combination of strength and speed, and has frequently ended matches with a top-rope Spanish Fly. She is a multi-time champion in Mexico and Japan, and last September she collected perhaps her most important accolade yet, defeating Princesa Sugehit (a competitor from last year’s Mae Young Classic) in a Mask vs. Mask Match. Will she soon add the Mae Young Classic trophy to her long list of accomplishments?

3-Time Reina World Tag Team Champion. Mexican National Women’s Champion. REINA-CMLL International Champion.

Zeuxis Signature Moves: Package PileDriver, PumpHandle Half Nelson Driver, One Woman Spanish Fly, La Caballete, Bridging, Schoolgirl Rollup, Ley Natural

Author: Josh Lopez