Impact Wrestling Results (7/19): Slammiversary Go-Home Show

Impact Wrestling
July 19, 2018
St. Clair College
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: Petey Williams vs. Killer Kross 

Williams unloads multiple strikes after the bell rings. Williams ducks a clothesline from Kross. Williams goes for a Leaping Forearm Smash, but Kross counters with a Bear Hug. Kross drives Williams back first into the turnbuckles. Williams dodges a straight right hand from Kross. Williams decks Kross with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Williams is trying to stick and move. Williams with a series of forearm shivers.

Kross with an Exploder Suplex to Williams. Kross follows that with a Biel Throw. Kross is mauling Williams on the middle rope. Kross goes for a Running PowerSlam, but Williams lands back on his feet. Williams delivers more forearm shivers. Kross traps the right wrist of Williams. Kross launches Williams across the ring. Kross kicks Williams in the back. Kross talks smack to Williams. Williams slaps Kross in the face.

Williams sends Kross shoulder first to the steel ring post. Williams dropkicks the back of Kross. Williams hits a SlingShot CodeBreaker. Williams follows that with a Tilt-A-Whirl DDT. Williams goes for The Canadian Destroyer, but Kross counters with a Doomsday Saito Suplex. Kross locks in The Kross Jacket. Kross argues with the referee. Kross is allowing Williams to catch his breath. Kross displays his raw power. Kross connects with an Alabama Slam. Kross goes back to The Kross Jacket. Williams passes out.

Winner: Killer Kross via Submission 

Madison Rayne In My Own Words: 

Grado, Joe Hendry and Katarina Backstage Segment: 

Second Match: The Desi Hit Squad w/Gama Singh vs. Fallah Bahh & KM 

Rohit Raju attacks Bahh before the bell rings. Raju is throwing haymakers at Bahh. Bahh is pissed. Raju HeadButts Bahh. Raju ducks a clothesline from Bahh. Raju goes for a Diving Crossbody Block, but Bahh blocks it. NO, NO, NO! Raju tags in Singh. Bahh clotheslines Singh. Singh ducks a clothesline from Bahh. Bahh drops Singh with a Running Crossbody Block. Bahh is playing to the crowd.

Singh knocks KM off the ring apron. The referee is trying to calm down KM. The Desi Hit Squad are double teaming Bahh. Raju transitions into a ground and pound attack. Raju uppercuts Bahh. Raju shoves Bahh to the corner. Bahh is trying to create separation. Raju with a low dropkick. Raju blasts Bahh with a Buzzsaw Kick. Raju tags in Singh. Bahh shoves Singh into Raju.

Bahh tags in KM. KM brings the fight to The Desi Hit Squad. KM kicks Raju in the gut. KM hits a DDT/Leaping NeckBreaker Combination. KM with a SlingShot Splash for a two count. KM and Bahh delivers Stereo Body Avalanches. Bahh lands The Panda Roll. KM follows that with a Panda Roll of his own. KM brings Singh to the corner. KM tags in Bahh. Raju lowers the top rope which sends KM tumbling to the outside. The referee is distracted by Gama Singh. Raju pokes Bahh in the eye. Singh rolls Bahh over to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Desi Hit Squad via Pinfall 

Konnan Video Package: 

Eddie Kingston In My Own Words: 

Joe Hendry’s Music Video For Eli Drake: 

Third Match: Eli Drake vs. Joe Hendry w/Grado & Katarina 

Drake attacks Hendry before the bell rings. Drake repeatedly stomps on Hendry’s chest. Drake calls Hendry a Cross Eyed Half Wit. Drake rams his shoulders into the midsection of Hendry. Drake is mauling Hendry in the corner. Drake bounces Hendry’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Hendry reverses out of the irish whip from Drake. Hendry drops Drake with a Jumping Knee Strike. Hendry follows that with a Vertical Suplex.

Drake side steps Hendry into the turnbuckles. Drake with a NeckBreaker to Hendry. Drake is wearing down Hendry on the middle rope. Drake delivers a Guillotine Leg Drop. Drake with a Snap Vertical Suplex for a two count. Drake goes for a Bodyslam, but Hendry lands back on his feet. Drake negates the O’Connor Roll. Drake with a Swinging NeckBreaker to Hendry.

Drake poses for the crowd. Hendry kicks Drake in the jaw. Hendry clotheslines Drake. Hendry drops Drake with a Back Elbow Strike. Hendry follows that with a NeckBreaker. Hendry dives over Drake. Hendry with a Float Over DDT for a two count. Hendry goes for a Bodyslam, but Drake counters with a Pop Up PowerSlam. Drake goes for The Gravy Train, but Hendry rolls him over to pickup the victory.

Winner: Joe Hendry via Pinfall 

Ortiz In My Own Words: 

Eddie Edwards In-Ring Promo: 

Madison Rayne Vignette: 

Fourth Match: Sami Callihan w/oVe vs. Greg Osborne 

Callihan starts things off with a Bicycle Kick. Callihan repeatedly stomps on Osborne’s chest. Callihan blasts Osborne with a Running Pump Kick. Callihan drops Osborne with a knife edge chop. oVe gives Callihan Pentagon Jr’s mask. Callihan spits at Pentagon’s mask. Osborne fires up with forearm shivers. Callihan rakes the eyes of Osborne.

Callihan connects with a PileDriver. Osborne is now wearing Pentagon’s mask. Callihan repeatedly shouts Pentagon. Callihan kicks Osborne in the face. Callihan talks smack about the Impact Wrestling fans. Callihan SuperKicks Osborne. Callihan is going to kill Osborne. Callihan plants Osborne with The Get Out Of Here to pickup the victory. After the match, oVe continues to beat down Osborne.

Winner: Sami Callihan via Pinfall

Pentagon Jr Promo: 

Homicide In My Own Words: 

Allie Backstage Interview: 

Tessa Blanchard vs. Allie Slammiversary Preview: 

Fifth Match: Tessa Blanchard & Shotzi Blackheart vs. Allie & Kiera Hogan 

Blanchard and Hogan will start things off. Blanchard talks smack to Allie. Allie is losing her lid in the corner. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Blanchard backs Hogan into the ropes. Blanchard repeatedly pats Hogan in the chest. Back to the collar and elbow tie up. Hogan rolls Blanchard over for a two count. Hogan ducks a clothesline from Blanchard. Following a snap mare takeover, Hogan SuperKicks Blanchard. Hogan unloads multiple strikes. Hogan with a Leaping Bulldog. Blanchard tags in Blackheart.

Hogan is throwing forearms at Blackheart. Hogan lowers the top rope which sends Blackheart crashing to the outside. Hogan lands a Suicide Dive. Hogan rolls Blackheart back into the ring. Hogan tags in Allie. Allie gets in Blanchard’s face. Allie with a Sliding Lariat to Blackheart. The referee is distracted by Blanchard. Allie with a Corner Clothesline. Allie follows that with a Snap Vertical Suplex for a two count. Allie brings Blackheart to the corner. Allie tags in Hogan.

Hogan with a Flying Double Axe Handle Strike. Hogan delivers multiple chops. Hogan decks Blackheart with a Back Elbow Smash. Blackheart sends Hogan to the ring apron. Hogan creates distance with a straight right hand. Blanchard blasts Hogan with a Leg Lariat. The referee is trying to calm down Allie. Blanchard rolls Hogan back into the ring. Blackheart kicks Hogan in the ribs. Blackheart applies a front facelock. Blackheart tags in Blanchard. Blanchard with Clubbing Forearms to Hogan.

Both ladies are knocked down after a Double Bicycle Kick. Allie and Blackheart are tagged in. Allie fires up with Multiple Clotheslines. Allie hits The Sliding D. Allie with a Side Russian Leg Sweep for a two count. Blanchard SuperKicks Allie. Allie returns the favor with a SuperKick of her own. Blackheart is firing away at Allie. Blackheart ducks a clothesline from Allie. Blackheart with a Swinging NeckBreaker for a two count. Blackheart goes back to the front facelock. Allie SuperKicks Blackheart. Blackheart goes for the tag, but Blanchard hops off the ring apron. Blanchard heads to the backstage area. Allie plants Blackheart with The Code Breaker to pickup the victory.

Winner: Allie & Kiera Hogan via Pinfall 

oVe & Pentagon Jr Backstage Segments: 

– Next week, the sexy Scarlett Bordeaux will make her Impact Wrestling Debut.

Slammiversary XVI Match Card

1.) LAX vs. The OGz in a 5150 Street Fight

2.) Allie vs. Tessa Blanchard

3.) Matt Sydal (c) vs. Brian Cage For The IMPACT X-Division Championship

4.) Eddie Edwards vs. Tommy Dreamer in a House Of Hardcore Match

5.) Johnny Impact vs. Rich Swann vs. Taiji Ishimori vs. Fenix in a Fatal Four Way Match

6.) Su Yung (c) vs. Madison Rayne For The IMPACT Knockouts Championship

7.) Pentagon Jr vs. Sami Callihan in a Mask vs. Hair Match

8.) Austin Aries (c) vs. Moose For The IMPACT World Championship

Austin Aries & Moose In-Ring Segment: 

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Author: Josh Lopez