Impact Wrestling Results – May 24, 2018

Impact Wrestling
May 24, 2018
Universal Studios
Orlando, Florida

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: Drago & Aerostar vs. oVe 

Drago starts things off with a Twisting Corkscrew Plancha. Aerostar tops that with a SpringBoard Trust Fall. Sami Callihan tugs on Drago’s ankle. Jake blasts Drago with a Running Boot. Jake stomps on the midsection of Drago. Jake dishes out clubbing forearm smashes. Jake tags in Dave. Dave with the early cover for a two count. Dave locks in the Abdominal Stretch. oVe are double teaming Drago in the corner.

Jake is choking Drago with his boot. Dave tosses Drago out of the ring. Callihan attacks Drago behind the referee’s back. Jake with the lateral press for a two count. Jake applies a rear chin lock. Jake repeatedly stomps on Drago’s chest. Dave kicks Aerostar in the gut. oVe irish whips Drago into the turnbuckles. Drago SuperKicks Dave. Drago kicks Jake in the chest. Aerostar lands a Flying Hurricanrana.

Aerostar drop toe holds Dave into The Last Chancery from Drago. Aerostar with a SlingShot Basement Dropkick. Dave knocks Aerostar off the ring apron. Dave thrust kicks the midsection of Drago. Dave levels Drago with a Corner Spear. Jake follows that with a flurry of kicks. Dave with a Flying Double Foot Stomp for a two count. Eddie Edwards attacks oVe with a Kendo Stick to cause the disqualification. After the match, Edwards starts choking Callihan with the Kendo Stick.

Winner: oVe via Disqualification 

Second Match: LAX vs. The Cult Of Lee 

Ortiz and Lee will start things off. Lee knocks Santana off the ring apron. Konley attacks Oritz from behind. A pier six brawl breaks out in the ringside area. Lee bounces Santana’s head on the ring apron. Konley mocks LAX. Santana fires up with multiple haymakers. Ortiz with knife edge chops to Konley. Ortiz uppercuts Konley. Santana rakes the back of Lee. Konley launches Ortiz shoulder first to the steel ring steps. Lee side steps Santana into the steel ring post.

Lee with the early cover for a one count. Lee rams his knee across Ortiz face. Cult Of Lee continues to cut the ring in half. Lee is putting the boots to Ortiz in the corner. Ortiz drops Lee with a Uppercut. Konley responds with a Forearm Smash. Konley with a Running Boot to Santana. Lee hits The PK. The referee is trying to calm down Santana. Konley with the cover for a two count. Konley kicks Ortiz in the back. Konley with a Knee Drop for a two count. Konley tags in Lee.

Lee punches Ortiz in the ribs. Lee with a Belly to Back Suplex for a two count. Ortiz finally creates distance with a Stunner. Ortiz tags in Santana. Santana ducks a clothesline from Lee. Santana is lighting up Lee’s chest. Santana drops Konley with a DDT. Santana follows that with a Basement Dropkick. LAX with a Running Death Valley Driver/Neck Combination for a two count. Lee shoves Ortiz into Santana. LAX goes for The WheelBarrow Bulldog, but Lee drags Ortiz out of the ring. Konley rolls Santana over to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Cult Of Lee via Pinfall 

Jimmy Jacobs & Kongo Kong Backstage Segment: 

KM, Fallah Bahh, Grado and Katarina Backstage Segment: 

Madison Rayne & Tessa Blanchard Backstage Interview: 

Eli Drake, Scott Steiner, DJZ and Andrew Everett Backstage Segment: 

Third Match: Matt Sydal (c) vs. El Hijo Del Fantasma For The IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Championship 

Sydal shakes hands with Fantasma. Sydal talks smack to Fantasma. Fantasma applies a waist lock. Fantasma with a waist lock takedown to Sydal. Sydal responds with a deep arm-drag. Sydal applies a wrist lock. Fantasma breaks free with an arm-drag of his own. Fantasma applies a side headlock. Fantasma drops Sydal with a shoulder tackle. Sydal leapfrogs over Fantasma. Fantasma SomerSaults over Sydal. Sydal launches Fantasma to the ring apron. Fantasma with a Step Up Enzuigiri to Sydal. Fantasma follows that with a Lucha Libre Arm-Drag. Fantasma connects with a Tilt-A-Whirl Back Breaker for a two count. Sydal is trying regain his stamina in the corner.

Sydal repeatedly kicks the left hamstring of Fantasma. Sydal delivers a Running Meteora for a two count. Sydal applies an arm-bar. Sydal with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Sydal applies a Modified Cobra Clutch. Sydal sweeps the legs of Fantasma. Sydal blasts Fantasma with a knife edge chop. Sydal ducks a clothesline from Fantasma. Sydal with a Guillotine Leg Drop for a two count. Fantasma kicks Sydal in the gut. Sydal rocks Fantasma with a Spinning Heel Kick.

Sydal goes for a Standing MoonSault, but Fantasma gets his knees up in the air. Sydal and Fantasma are trading back and forth shots. Fantasma fires up with Two Leaping Shoulder Tackles. Fantasma with a Baseball Slide Dropkick to Sydal. Coming out of the commercial break, Fantasma dumps Sydal on the steel ring steps. Fantasma takes a couple selfies.

Fantasma applies a side headlock. Fantasma rolls Sydal back into the ring. Sydal avoids The Flying Double Foot Stomp. Sydal hits The Pendulum Swing. Sydal misses on The Shooting Star Press. Looks like Sydal tweaked his knee. Sydal fights out of the Tombstone Position. Fantasma gets Sydal trapped in the Indian Death Lock. Sydal crawls to the bottom rope to create separation. Fantasma with a Fake Out Thrust Kick to Sydal. Sydal responds with The Chemical Imbalance to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion, Matt Sydal via Pinfall 

LAX & Eddie Kingston Segment: 

Fourth Match: Dezmond Xavier vs. Petey Williams. The Winner Will Face Brian Cage 

Williams shakes hands with Xavier. Williams applies a waist lock. Xavier with a Back Elbow Smash to Williams. Xavier follows that with a Side HeadLock TakeOver. The HeadScissors Escape leads us to a major stand off in the center of the ring. Williams applauds Xavier’s athletic ability. Williams drop toe holds Xavier to the middle rope. Williams dodges a back fist from Xavier. Williams hits the Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Xavier responds with another Back Elbow Strike. Williams goes for The Canadian Destroyer, but Xavier rolls himself out of the ring. Following a standing switch exchange, Xavier backs Williams into the ropes.

Xavier delivers his lightning quick offense. Xavier dropkicks Williams for a two count. Williams dropkicks the back of Xavier. Xavier places Williams on the top turnbuckle. Williams with a SlingShot Hurricanrana on the floor. Williams is mauling Xavier in the corner. Following a snap mare takeover, Williams applies a rear chin lock. Williams transitions into a side headlock. Xavier unloads stiff bodyshots. Williams with an elbow knock down to Xavier. Williams with a Belly to Back Suplex for a two count. Williams continues this sequence with a Back Breaker for a two count.

Williams bounces Xavier’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Williams gets Xavier tied in the tree of woe. Xavier dumps Williams with an Avalanche German Suplex. Xavier with a Running European Uppercut. Xavier levels Williams with a Delayed Dropkick. Xavier lands a SomerSault Plancha. Xavier rolls Williams back into the ring. Xavier goes for a 450 Splash, but Williams ducks out of the way. Williams connects with a Implant FlatLiner. Williams with a Side Canadian Leg Sweep for a two count.

Xavier fires back with a Forearm/Haymaker Combination. Xavier drops Williams with a Cutter for a two count. Williams heads to the ring apron. Williams rams his shoulders into the midsection of Xavier. Williams hits a SlingShot Code Breaker. Williams goes for The Canadian Destroyer, but Xavier counters with a Running Meteora for a two count. Williams with a Jumping Knee Strike to Xavier. Xavier responds with a SuperKick. Williams PowerBombs Xavier. Xavier shoots Williams to the corner. Xavier decks Williams with a Running Enzuigiri. Xavier finally delivers The Jocay-le to pickup the victory.

Winner: Dezmond Xavier via Pinfall 

Fifth Match: Moose vs. Kongo Kong

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Kong shoves Moose into the ropes. Kong drives his knee into the midsection of Moose. Kong with a Clubbing Forearm. Kong drills Moose with a Big Haymaker. Kong follows that with two shoulder tackles. Moose nips up. Moose dropkicks Kong. Moose clotheslines Kong over the top rope. Moose with a SlingShot Crossbody Block to Kong. Moose with a Knife Edge Chop to Kong. Kong sends Moose crashing into the steel ring steps. Kong hits The Running Cannonball Strike.

Kong repeatedly stomps on Moose’s ribs. Kong is choking Moose with his boot. Moose fires back with a Chop/Forearm Combination. Kong runs through Moose with a Body Avalanche. Kong follows that with a Over Head Belly to Belly Suplex for a two count. Kong with a Running Senton for a two count. Kong is applying pressure to the back of Moose’s neck. Moose is desperately trying to create separation. Moose with a Running Back Elbow Strike to Kong. Moose side steps Kong into the turnbuckles. Moose is mauling Kong in the corner.

Moose goes for a Bodyslam, but Kong counters with a Crossbody Block for a two count. Kong applies a Nerve Hold. Moose gets back to a vertical base. Kong uncorks a vicious haymaker. Moose wants more punishment. Moose ducks a clothesline from Kong. Moose HeadButts Kong. Moose delivers Two Corner Dropkicks. Moose goes for The Game Changer, but Kong counters with The Ushigoroshi for a two count. Moose avoids The Kongo Splash. Moose unloads a series of Bicycle Kicks. Moose bodyslams Kong. Moose follows that with a Spear to pickup the victory.

Winner: Moose via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez