WWE SmackDown Live Results – April 17, 2018

WWE SmackDown Live
April 17, 2018
Dunkin Donuts Center
Providence, Rhode Island

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

AJ Styles, Rusev and Aiden English In-Ring Segment: 

First Match: AJ Styles vs. Rusev w/Aiden English 

Rusev kicks Styles in the gut. Rusev is throwing haymakers at Styles. Rusev goes for a BodySlam, but Styles lands back on his feet. Styles floats over into the Calf Crusher. English attacks Styles to cause the disqualification. After the match, English transitions into a ground and pound attack. Rusev Day is demolishing Styles. Daniel Bryan storms into the ring to make the save. Bryan and Rusev are trading back and forth shots. Bryan launches Rusev over the top rope. Styles lays out English with The Phenomenal Blitz.

Winner: AJ Styles via Disqualification 

Shane McMahon & Paige Backstage Segment:

Second Match: Shelton Benjamin vs. Jeff Hardy 

Benjamin kicks Hardy in the gut. Benjamin with forearm shivers to Hardy. Benjamin repeatedly stomps on Hardy’s back. Hardy decks Benjamin with a Jaw Breaker. Benjamin tosses Hardy out of the ring. Benjamin goes for an Inside Out Lariat, but Hardy counters with a SomerSault Neck Breaker. Hardy with haymakers to Benjamin. Hardy clotheslines Benjamin. Hardy drops Benjamin with a Back Elbow Smash. Hardy follows that with a Split Legged Basement Dropkick for a two count.

Hardy kicks Benjamin. Benjamin blocks The Twist of Fate. Benjamin has Hardy perched on the top turnbuckle. Benjamin goes for an Avalanche Belly to Belly Suplex, but Hardy blocks it. Hardy sends Benjamin crashing to the canvas. Benjamin blasts Hardy with Pay Dirt. Hardy responds with a HeadButt. Hardy bounces Benjamin’s head on the top turnbuckle pad.

Hardy delivers the Whisper In The Wind for a two count. Hardy goes for a Twist of Fate, but Benjamin counters with a Spinning Heel Kick for a two count. Benjamin goes for another Pay Dirt, but this time it’s Hardy who counters with an Inverted Mule Kick. Benjamin blocks the Rebound Basement Dropkick. Hardy plants Benjamin with The Twist of Fate. Hardy lands the Swanton Bomb to pickup the victory.

Winner: Jeff Hardy via Pinfall 

The Miz Promo: 

Third Match: Jey Uso w/Jimmy Uso vs. Luke Harper w/Erick Rowan 

Harper drives Jey back first into the turnbuckles. Harper and Jey exchanges stiff uppercuts. Harper with a Back Elbow Smash to Jey. Harper goes for a bodyslam, but Jey lands back on his feet. Jey thrust kicks the midsection of Harper. Jey decks Harper with a Drop Down Uppercut. Rowan hops on the ring apron to distract Jey. Jimmy Uso and Rowan are brawling on the floor. Jey ducks a clothesline from Harper. Jey goes for a Suicide Dive, but Rowan catches him in mid-air. Rowan launches Jey to the ring apron. Jimmy SuperKicks Rowan.

Harper lays out Jey with a Discus Lariat to pickup the victory. After the match, Rowan delivers a Big Boot to Jimmy. The Bludgeon Brothers drags Jey out of the ring. Jimmy hits Harper with one of the rubber mallets. Rowan throws Jimmy shoulder first to the steel ring steps. Bludgeon Brothers rams Jey’s back across the LED Board. Naomi makes her way to the ringside area. Naomi tells the Bludgeon Brothers to stop.

Winner: Luke Harper via Pinfall 

Fourth Match: Samoa Joe vs. Sin Cara 

Cara kicks the right leg of Joe. Cara starts dishing out a flurry of forearm shivers. Joe responds with Muay Thai Knee Strikes. Joe launches Cara back first to the turnbuckles. Cara kicks Joe in the jaw. Cara lands a SpringBoard Back Elbow Strike. Cara and Joe are trading back and forth shots. Joe blasts Cara with a Knife Edge Chop. Joe talks smack to Cara.

Joe goes for a PowerSlam, but Cara lands back on his feet. Cara ChopBlocks Joe. Cara kicks the back of Joe’s hamstring. Cara goes for another SpringBoard Back Elbow Strike, but Joe counters with a Running Lariat. Joe levels Cara with Clubbing Knee Strikes. Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch which forces Cara to tap out.

Winner: Samoa Joe via Submission 

Samoa Joe In-Ring Promo: 

Sanity Video Package: 

Daniel Bryan & Big Cass Backstage Segment: 

Carmella’s Mellabration: 

Fifth Match: Charlotte Flair w/Becky Lynch vs. Billie Kay w/Peyton Royce 

Flair starts lighting up Kay’s chest on the outside. Charlotte and Kay trades forearm smashes. Charlotte rolls Kay back into the ring. Kay bounces Charlotte’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Kay repeatedly stomps on Charlotte’s chest. Charlotte creates distance with an Exploder Suplex. Kay launches Charlotte to the ring apron. Kay clocks Charlotte with a Forearm Smash in mid-air. Kay transitions into a ground and pound attack. Kay with the cover for a two count. Kay applies an arm-bar. Kay is talking smack to Charlotte.

Kay clotheslines Charlotte for a two count. Kay yells at the referee. Kay kicks Charlotte in the ribs. Kay goes back to the arm-bar. Kay is mauling Charlotte in the center of the ring. Kay drives Charlotte’s head to the canvas. Royce attacks Charlotte behind the referee’s back. Coming out of the commercial break, Charlotte drops Kay with a Jumping Knee Strike. Kay responds with an Exploder Suplex for a two count. Kay kicks Charlotte in the chest. Charlotte delivers a series of knife edge chops. Charlotte with a Running Knee Drop to Kay.

Charlotte goes for a Swinging Neck Breaker, but Kay counters with an Inverted Stomp FaceBreaker for a two count. Charlotte avoids a Bicycle Kick from Kay. Charlotte goes for a BodySlam, but Kay lands back on her feet. Kay rolls Charlotte over for a two count. Charlotte levels Kay with a Big Boot. Charlotte locks in the Figure Eight which forces Kay to tap out. After the match, a pier six brawls breaks out in the ring. Asuka storms into the ring to negate the three on two beatdown from Carmella and The Iconics.

Winner: Charlotte Flair via Submission 

Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows Video Package: 

The Bar Video Package: 

The New Day, R-Truth and Tye Dillinger Backstage Segment: 

Andrade Cien Almas & Zelina Vega Promo: 

Sixth Match: AJ Styles & Daniel Bryan vs. Rusev Day 

Bryan and English will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. English backs Bryan into the turnbuckles. Bryan ducks a clothesline from English. Bryan delivers multiple left jabs to English. Bryan applies a wrist lock. Bryan starts bending English fingers. Bryan drops English with a shoulder tackle. English goes for a leapfrog, but Bryan counters with an ankle pick. Bryan tags in Styles. Bryan locks in the Romero Special. Styles with a Flying Axe Handle to the ribs of English. English blasts Styles with a big right hand. Styles levels English with a Knee Lift. Styles connects with a PumpHandle GutBuster. Styles and Bryan goes for a Calf Crusher/YES! Lock Combination, but Rusev Day rolls themselves out of the ring.

Coming out of the commercial break, English is wearing down Styles in the corner. Rusev Day are cutting the ring in half. Following a snap mare takeover, English drives his knee into the back of Styles. English applies a rear chin lock. Styles gets back to a vertical base. English with a Back Body Drop for a two count. English tags in Rusev. Rusev delivers a stiff bodyshot. Rusev tells Styles to bring it. Styles fires back with forearm shivers. Rusev locks in the Bear Hug. Styes HeadButts Rusev. Rusev dumps Styles into the corner.

Rusev is ramming his shoulders into the midsection of Styles. Rusev tags in English. Rusev clotheslines Styles. English with the lateral press for a two count. English is choking Styles with his boot. English with clubbing jabs to Styles. Styles decks English with a Jaw Breaker. English goes for a Diving Fist Drop, but Styles ducks out of the way. Styles rolls English over for a two count. Styles drops English with a Pele Kick. Styles finally tags in Bryan. Bryan with a series of haymakers to Rusev.

Bryan ducks a clothesline from Rusev. Bryan with a Running Lariat. Bryan follows that with a Running Corner Dropkick. Bryan floats over into the YES! Lock. English breaks the submission attempt. Bryan sends English crashing to the outside. Rusev goes for The Machka Kick, but Bryan counters with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Bryan connects with The YES! Kicks. Bryan hits The Running Knee. Shinsuke Nakamura delivers a low blow to Styles behind the referee’s back. Big Cass drops Bryan with a Big Boot to cause the disqualification.

Winner: AJ Styles & Daniel Bryan via Disqualification 

Newest Members On The SmackDown Live Roster: 

– The Miz 

– Jeff Hardy 

– Mandy Rose 

– Sonya Deville 

– Samoa Joe 

– Eric Young 

– Killian Dain 

– Alexander Wolfe 

– Big Cass 

– Asuka 

– Luke Gallows 

– Karl Anderson 

– Cesaro 

– Sheamus 

– R-Truth 

– Andrade Cien Almas 

– Zelina Vega 

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Author: Josh Lopez