WWE NXT TakeOver Philadelphia Results

WWE NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia
January 27, 2018
Wells Fargo Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

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First Match: The Undisputed Era (c) vs. The Authors of Pain w/Paul Ellering For The WWE NXT Tag Team Championship 

AOP attacks Fish and O’Reilly before the bell rings. Rezar and Fish will start things off. Rezar drops Fish with a shoulder tackle. Fish rolls himself out of the ring. Fish backs himself in between the ropes. Fish tags in O’Reilly. O’Reilly kicks the left leg of Rezar. Rezar shoves O’Reilly to the canvas. O’Reilly uses his feet to create distance. Rezar delivers a double leg takedown. Rezar transitions into a ground and pound attack. O’Reilly locks in the Triangle Choke. O’Reilly with Open Hand Palm Strike to Rezar. O’Reilly dodges a Big Boot from Rezar. O’Reilly tags in Fish. Fish kicks Rezar in the hamstring. Rezar drives Fish back first into the turnbuckles. Rezar tags in Akam. AOP are double teaming Fish in the corner.

Akam connects with a Fireman’s Carry TakeOver. Akam follows that with a FlapJack to O’Reilly. AOP runs through Fish with a Double Shoulder Tackle on the outside. AOP whips Fish shoulder first to the steel ring steps. Rezar rolls Fish back into the ring. Akam with a WheelBarrow Slam on the ringside barricade. Rezar targets the midsection of O’Reilly. AOP with a BackBreaker/Flying Stomp Combination. O’Reilly lowers the top rope which sends Akam to the ring apron. Fish kicks the back of Akam’s injured leg. Rezar clotheslines O’Reilly. Fish tackles Rezar out of the ring.

O’Reilly slaps Akam in the face. O’Reilly tags in Fish. The Undisputed Era are cutting the ring in half. Akam with a Back Elbow Strike to O’Reilly. Akam follows that with a Uranage Slam. Fish responds with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip on the middle rope. Fish continues to wear down the injured left leg of Akam. Akam launches Fish to the other side of the ring. O’Reilly ChopBlocks Akam. O’Reilly goes for an Ankle Lock, but Akam blocks it. O’Reilly applies an Achilles Lock. Akam crawls to the bottom rope to create separation.

Rapid fire tags by The Undisputed Era. Fish with a SlingShot Senton for a two count. Fish dishes out clubbing buzzsaw kicks to Akam’s hamstring. Akam regains momentum with a Back Body Drop. Akam tags in Rezar. Rezar drops O’Reilly with a Big Boot. Rezar knocks Fish off the ring apron. Rezar connects with a Press Slam. Rezar follows that with a SpineBuster. Rezar with Sledgehammer Punches to O’Reilly. Rezar hits The BackPack Fallaway Slam for a two count. Rezar goes for a PowerBomb, but O’Reilly counters with a Guillotine Choke. O’Reilly decks Rezar with a Knee Strike.

Undisputed Era are double teaming Rezar in the corner. Fish levels Rezar with an Exploder Suplex for a two count. Undisputed Era goes for Total Elimination, but Rezar blocks it. Rezar delivers a Inside Out Lariat. Rezar tags in Akam. Fish with a Leaping Knee Strike to Rezar. O’Reilly gets Akam trapped in a Knee Bar. Rezar breaks up the submission hold. O’Reilly lands two roundhouse kicks. O’Reilly kicks Akam in the face. Akam responds with a Capture Release Suplex. Akam clotheslines Fish. Akam BuckleBombs O’Reilly. Akam is mauling O’Reilly with Vicious Knee Strikes. Rezar drops Fish with a Big Boot. AOP connects with The SuperCollider. O’Reilly responds with a Hurricanrana which sends Akam crashing into Rezar. O’Reilly rolls Akam over to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still WWE NXT Tag Team Champions, The Undisputed Era via Pinfall 

Second Match: The Velveteen Dream vs. Kassius Ohno 

Ohno blocks a couple jabs from Dream. Dream decks Ohno with a Massive Haymaker. Dream wants the referee to call for the bell. Ohno responds with a Big Forearm Smash. Ohno kicks Dream in the chest. Ohno delivers a Big Boot which sends Dream tumbling to the outside. Ohno rolls Dream back into the ring. Dream levels Ohno with a Back Elbow Strike. Ohno creates distance with another Big Boot. Dream connects with a SpineBuster. Dream dishes out a series of haymakers to Ohno. Dream side steps Ohno into the turnbuckles.

Dream hits the Vertical Suplex for a one count. Dream kicks Ohno in the back. Dream follows that with a Double Axe Handle Strike. Dream with a SkyScraper Knee Strike to Ohno. Dream is applying pressure to the back of Ohno’s neck. Dream repeatedly stomps on Ohno’s chest in the corner. Ohno fires off a knife edge chop. Following a snap mare takeover, Dream applies the Sitting Abdominal Stretch. Ohno gets back to a vertical base. Dream is mauling Ohno in the corner. Dream is talking smack to the referee.

Dream kicks Ohno in the face. Dream drops Ohno with a Flying Double Axe Handle Strike for a two count. Dream applies a rear chin lock. Dream wants Ohno to say his name. Dream goes for a Running Death Valley Driver, but Ohno lands backs on his feet. Ohno hits the Front Flip Suplex. Dream and Ohno are trading back and forth shots. Ohno with an Axe Bomber to Dream. Ohno follows that with a Big Boot.

Ohno with a Running Senton to Dream. Ohno lands the Cyclone Kick for a two count. Dream with the BackSlide Cover for a two count. Dream SuperKicks Ohno. Dream connects with a Back Pocket DDT for a two count. Dream goes for a Flying Clothesline, but Ohno counters with a Bicycle Kick. Dream responds with a Death Valley Driver for a two count. Ohno decks Dream with the Rolling Elbow Strike for a two count. Dream regains momentum with a Rolling Death Valley Driver. Dream lands The Avalanche Purple RainMaker to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Velveteen Dream via Pinfall 

Third Match: Ember Moon (c) vs. Shayna Baszler For The WWE NXT Women’s Championship 

Baszler starts things off with a Waist Lock TakeDown. We have a quick stale mate in the corner. Baszler drops Moon with a Forearm Smash. Baszler with a Double Leg TakeDown to Moon. Baszler blocks a SuperKick from Moon. Moon lands an Ankle Trip. Moon fires off a series of single leg dropkicks. Baszler is trying to regain her composure on the outside. Moon hits The Suicide Dive. Moon rolls Baszler back into the ring. Moon goes for a Cartwheel Lariat, but Baszler counters with a series of knee strikes. Baszler with the cover for a two count.

Baszler stomps on Moon’s left elbow. Baszler applies an arm-bar. Baszler is working on her joint manipulation game. Baszler with the lateral press for a one count. Baszler kicks Moon in the back. Baszler goes back to the arm-bar. Baszler continues to isolate Moon’s injured shoulder. Moon slaps Baszler in the face. Moon ducks a clothesline from Baszler. Moon delivers her lightning quick offense. Moon with a SpringBoard Crossbody Block for a two count.

Moon delivers a Corner Clothesline. Moon follows that with The Eclipse. Moon starts favoring her shoulder in the corner. Baszler is still laid out on  the other side of the ring. Moon is receiving medical attention. Baszler locks in the Cross ArmBreaker. Moon places her foot on the bottom rope to create separation. Baszler goes back to the Cross ArmBreaker. Moon desperately finds a way to get Baszler shoulders pinned to the mat to pickup the victory. After the match, Baszler locks in The Kirifuda Clutch on the stage.

Winner: Still WWE NXT Women’s Champion, Ember Moon via Pinfall 

Fourth Match: Adam Cole vs. Aleister Black In A Extreme Rules Match

 Cole and Black starts things off with a long forearm exchange. Black drops Cole with a Buzzsaw Kick. Black teases a dive then sits Indian Style in the center of the ring. Cole grabs a steel chair. Cole tells Black he’ll destroy him. Black snatches the chair from Cole. Black tosses Cole out of the ring. Black clocks Cole with a Vicious Forearm on the floor. Cole bounces Black’s head on the announce table. Cole kicks Black in the face. Cole throws chairs and garbage cans into the ring.

Cole and Black are swinging kendo sticks at each other. Black wants Cole to hit him with The Kendo Stick. Black with a series of forearm shivers across the jaw of Cole. Black goes for a SpringBoard MoonSault, but Cole counters with a Kendo Stick Shot in mid-air. Cole is choking Black with the Kendo Stick. Cole connects with a BackStabber for a two count. Cole is putting the boots to Black. Cole sets up a table on the outside. Cole goes for a SuperPlex, but Black blocks it. Black launches Cole to to garbage can.

Black decks Cole with a Running Knee Strike for a two count. Black brings out a ladder from under the ring. Cole lands a Wrecking Ball Dropkick. Cole’s hand is busted open. Cole drops Black with an enzuigiri. Cole transitions into the Corner Mount. Black dumps Cole on the ladder. Cole is currently receiving medical treatment in the corner. Black with the cover for a two count. Cole rams a steel chair into Black’s midsection. Black goes for a Roll Through Leg Lariat, but Cole ducks out of the way. Black delivers a Standing Double Foot Stomp.

Cole throws a chair at Black’s face. Cole lands a SuperKick which sends Black crashing through two tables on the outside. Cole rolls Black back into the ring. Cole with the cover for a two count. Black with a Fireman’s Carry Slam on two steel chairs. Black drives a chair into Cole’s face for a two count. Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly drags Black out of the ring. The Undisputed Era takes out Black with The Total Elimination on the floor. Undisputed Era clears the announce table.

Sanity arrives to the ringside area. We have ourself a pier six brawl on the outside. Killian Dain takes out Fish and O’Reilly with a Double Suicide Dive. Cole and Black are trading back and forth shots on a production crate. Black lands a Double Foot Stomp through the announce table. Cole SuperKicks Black. Cole says that he’s going to end Black. Cole goes for a Chair Shot, but Black counters with Black Mass to pickup the victory.

Winner: Aleister Black via Pinfall 

Fifth Match: Andrade Cien Almas (c) w/Zelina Vega vs. Johnny Gargano For The WWE NXT Championship 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Almas and Gargano are in a quick grappling exchange. Almas with a Waist Lock Go-Behind to Gargano. Gargano transitions into an arm-bar. Gargano applies a top wrist lock. Gargano and Almas trades back and forth side headlock takeovers. Almas drops Gargano with a shoulder tackle. Almas wisely scouts the leapfrog from Gargano. Neither men can grasp control in the early stages of this match. Almas kicks Gargano in the gut. Gargano dives over Almas. Gargano with a Flying  HeadScissors TakeOver. Gargano follows that with a dropkick. Gargano lands a deep arm-drag. Gargano locks in the arm-bar.

Almas slaps Gargano’s chest. Almas stomps on Gargano back.  Almas fires off a knife edge chop. Gargano kicks Almas in the jaw. Gargano connects with a Flying Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Gargano clotheslines Almas over the top rope. Almas goes for a MoonSault off the ring apron, but Gargano ducks out of the way. Gargano SuperKicks Almas. Almas negates the SomerSault Plancha. Almas rolls Gargano back into the ring. Almas applies an Inverted FaceLock. Almas with a Running Single Leg Lariat for a two count. Almas applies a rear chin lock. Gargano gets back to a vertical base.

Gargano breaks the grip. Almas goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Gargano lands back on his feet. Gargano with a Seated RoundHouse Kick. Almas blocks the Enzuigiri. Almas gets Gargano tied in the tree of woe. Gargano dodges a Double Foot Stomp from Almas. Gargano with an Over Head Belly to Belly Suplex which sends Almas crashing into the turnbuckles. Gargano and Almas are trading back and forth forearms. Gargano with a Short-Arm Lariat to Almas. Gargano follows that with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Gargano connects with a Tornado FlatLiner for a two count.

Gargano kicks Almas in the gut. Gargano lands a SlingShot Spear for a two count. Gargano delivers another Step Up Enzuigiri. Gargano goes for a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver, but Almas counters with a FaceBuster for a two count. Almas hits a Standing MoonSault. Almas with the cover, but Gargano kicks out. Following another forearm exchange, Almas rocks Gargano with a Vicious Back Elbow Strike for a two count. Gargano responds with a SuperKick for a two count. Both men are laid out after a double palm strike. Almas creates distance with a Big Boot.

Almas places Gargano on the top turnbuckle. Almas goes for The Avalanche HammerLock DDT, but Gargano blocks it. Gargano lands The Cheeky Nandos Kick. Gargano goes for a Sunset Flip PowerBomb, but Almas lands back on his feet. Almas fires off a Drive Through Knee Strike. Almas goes for another Corner Knee Strike, but Gargano ducks out of the way. Almas turns a SlingShot Spear into an Inverted Tornado DDT for a two count. Almas and Gargano are fighting for position on the ring apron. Almas slaps Gargano in the face. Gargano responds with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Gargano levels Almas with a SlingShot DDT on the apron. Gargano rolls Almas back into the ring. Gargano with the cover for a two count.

Gargano goes for The Gargano Escape, but Almas blocks it. Almas drops Gargano with a JawBreaker. Almas follows that with a Clubbing Back Elbow Strike. Gargano explodes out of the corner with the Inside Out Lariat. Gargano lawn darts Almas face first to the middle turnbuckle. Gargano stalls in the corner. Almas dropkicks Gargano into the turnbuckles. Gargano rolls Almas over for a two count. Gargano delivers a Snap SuperKick for a two count. Almas has Gargano perched on the middle rope. Almas lands a Double Foot Stomp. Almas sends Gargano back first to the ring apron. Almas repeatedly rams Gargano’s head on the LED Board.

Almas connects with The Drive Through Knee Strike for a two count. We have ourself a strike fest in the center of the ring. Gargano SuperKicks Almas. Gargano follows that with a Reverse Hurricanrana. Gargano locks in The Gargano Escape. Zelina Vega helps Almas reached the bottom rope. Almas rakes the eyes of Gargano. Gargano with a Back Body Drop which sends Almas crashing to the outside. Gargano lands a Suicide Dive. Vega responds with a Flying Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors which sends Gargano face first to the steel ring steps. Almas connects with The HammerLock DDT for a two count.

Candice LeRae Spears Vega. LeRae launches Vega back first to the ringside barricade. This brawl spills into the crowd. Gargano decks Almas with an Enzuigiri from the ring apron. Gargano with a SlingShot DDT for a two count. Gargano goes back to the Gargano Escape. Almas places his boot on the bottom rope to create separation. Almas whips Gargano back first to the steel ring post. Almas runs through Gargano with his third Drive Through Knee Strike of the match. Almas plants Gargano with a Draping HammerLock DDT to pickup the victory. After the match, Tomasso Ciampa hits Gargano in the back with a crutch.

Winner: Still WWE NXT Champion, Andrade Cien Almas via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez