WWE NXT Results – January 17, 2018

January 17, 2018
Center Stage
Atlanta, Georgia

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: Riddick Moss & Tino Sabatelli vs. Heavy Machinery 

Sabatelli and Dozovic will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Dozovic shoves Sabatelli to the canvas. Sabatelli responds with a dropkick. Sabatelli bounces Dozovic head on the top turnbuckle. Dozovic drops Sabatelli with a Shoulder Block. Sabatelli leapfrogs over Dozovic. Sabatelli goes for a Crossbody Block, but Dozovic counters with a Body Slam. Dozovic connects with a Stinger Splash. Knight follows that with a SlingShot Senton for a two count.

Knight applies a front facelock. Knight transitions into a Guillotine Swing in the center of the ring. Sabatelli tags in Moss. Knight floats over into another front facelock. Moss heads to the multiple rope to create separation. Moss delivers multiple bodyshots. Knight tags in Dozovic. Heavy Machinery runs through Moss with a Double Body Avalanche. Dozovic lands the Caterpillar for a two count.

Sabatelli gets in Dozovic way. Moss ChopBlocks Dozovic. Moss tags in Sabatelli. Sabatelli transitions into a ground and pound attack. Sabatelli and Moss are double teaming Dozovic in the corner. Moss applies a rear chin lock. Dozovic creates distance with a Belly to Back Suplex. Dozovic tags in Knight. Knight fires up with a series of shoulder tackles. Knight ducks a clothesline from Moss. Knight lands a Hip Toss. Knight dropkicks Sabatelli. Knight follows that with a Body Avalanche to Moss. Knight clotheslines Sabatelli over the top rope. Moss uses the middle rope for leverage to pickup the victory.

Winner: Tino Sabatelli & Riddick Moss via Pinfall 

Second Match: Roderick Strong vs. Fabian Aichner 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Strong applies a side headlock. Aichner responds with a hammer lock. Strong reverses the hold. Aichner fires off with a stiff bodyshots. Aichner drops Strong with a Shoulder Tackle. Strong leapfrogs over Aichner. Strong decks Aichner with a Leg Lariat for a one count. Strong follows that with a Back Elbow Strike in the corner. Aichner PowerSlams Strong.

Coming out of the commercial break, Aichner lands another PowerSlam for a two count. Aichner repeatedly stomps on Strong chest. Aichner goes for a PowerBomb, but Strong lands back on his feet. Strong with a series of forearm smashes to Aichner. Strong connects with a Leaping Lariat. Strong is ramming his shoulders into the midsection of Aichner.

Strong goes for an Olympic Slam, but Aichner counters with a Deep Arm Drag. Strong with a Swinging BackBreaker for a two count. Aichner fights out of the Fireman’s Carry Position. Aichner levels Strong with a European Uppercut. Aichner connects with a Tilt-A-Whirl BackBreaker. Aichner goes for a SpringBoard Clothesline, but Strong counters with a Full Nelson BackBreaker. Strong locks in the Strong Hold which forces Aichner to tap out.

Winner: Roderick Strong via Submission 

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Third Match: Aliyah vs. Lacey Evans 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Evans applies a top wrist lock. Aliyah reverses the hold. Evans drives Aliyah’s head to the canvas. Aliyah with a double leg takedown to Evans. Aliyah has Evans trapped in a Bridging Cover for a two count. Evans goes for a BackSlide, but Aliyah lands back on her feet. Aliyah rocks Evans with a Forearm Smash. Following a snap mare takeover, Aliyah connects with a Rolling Crucifix for a two count. Evans fights out of the Irish Whip. Aliyah launches Evans to the ring apron.

Evans is ramming Aliyah’s face across the top rope. Evans lands a SlingShot Elbow Drop for a two count. Evans bounces Aliyah’s head on the top turnbuckle. Evans is mauling Aliyah in the corner. Evans connects with a Rebound BroncoBuster for a two count. Aliyah fires up with a series of forearm smashes.

Aliyah levels Evans with a Flying Clothesline. Aliyah follows that with a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. Evans responds with a Jaw Breaker. Evans decks Aliyah with a Vicious Haymaker to pickup the victory. After the match, Evans starts talking smack to the NXT Universe. Shayna Baszler attacks Aliyah. Baszler locks in the Rear Naked Choke. Ember Moon is trying to make the save, but once again it’s to no avail.

Winner: Lacey Evans via Pinfall 

Zelina Vega & William Regal Backstage Segment: 

Fourth Match: The Authors of Pain w/Paul Ellering vs. The Street Profits. The Winner Will Become The Number One Contenders To The WWE NXT Tag Team Championship 

Ford and Akam will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Ford applies a side headlock. Akam drops Ford with a Shoulder Tackle. Ford backs himself in the corner. Ford ducks a clothesline from Akam. Ford goes for a Diving Crossbody Block, but Akam catches him in mid-air. Akam tags in Rezar. AOP are double teaming Ford. Rezar with the lateral press for a one count. Rezar with multiple Muay Thai Knee Strikes to Ford. Rezar applies a front facelock. AOP are cutting the ring in half.

Akam gets Ford trapped in a Full Nelson Lock. Akam connects with a Full Nelson Slam for a two count. Akam applies an arm-bar. Rezar kicks Ford in the ribs. Rezar with a Clubbing Lariat to the back of Ford. Akam is grounding Ford in the center of the ring. Coming out of the commercial break, Ford is in the ring with Rezar. Rezar is wearing Ford down with the front facelock.

Ford finally makes the tag to Dawkins. Dawkins dropkicks Akam. Dawkins follows that with two lariats to Rezar. Dawkins drops Rezar with a Running European Uppercut. Dawkins connects with a 360 Stinger Splash. Dawkins tags in Ford. Street Profits with a Dropkick/SpineBuster Combination for a two count. Akam explodes out of the corner with The Inside Out Lariat. AOP hits The Super Collider. AOP plants Ford with The Last Chapter to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Authors of Pain via Pinfall 

Author: Josh Lopez