Impact Wrestling Results – January 11, 2018

Impact Wrestling
January 11, 2018
Aberdeen Pavillion
Ottawa, Canada

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Dan Lambert, Bobby Lashley, KM, Eddie Edwards and Moose In-Ring Segment: 

Ethan Carter III In-Ring Promo: 

First Match: Ethan Carter III vs. Petey Williams in a EC3 Open Challenge Match 

EC3 attacks Williams before the bell rings. EC3 dishes out multiple haymakers in the corner. Williams dives over EC3. Williams with a Tilt-A-Whirl Head Scissors TakeOver to EC3. EC3 blocks a Double Knee Strike. EC3 and Williams are trading back and forth shots. Williams connects with a Flying Hurricanrana. Williams follows that with a drop toe hold that sends EC3 face first into the middle rope. Williams with a Running Dropkick to the back of EC3. Williams get EC3 tied in the tree of woe. Williams is distracted by the referee. EC3 kicks Williams in the knee. EC3 explodes out of the corner with a Running Lariat.

EC3 transitions into a ground and pound attack. EC3 is ramming his knee across the back of Williams neck. EC3 sends Williams sternum first into the turnbuckles. EC3 applies a rear chin lock. Williams creates distance two bodyshots. EC3 drops Williams with a Knee Lift for a two count. EC3 applies a Waist Lock. EC3 connects with a Belly to Back Suplex. EC3 follows that with a FaceBuster for a two count. EC3 is wearing Williams down in the center of the ring. Williams rolls EC3 over for a two count.

Williams decks EC3 with a Back Elbow Strike. Williams and EC3 are trading back and forth shots. Williams with a Tilt-A-Whirl Side Russian Leg Sweep for a two count. Williams levels EC3 with a FlatLiner for a two count. Williams goes for The Canadian Destroyer, but EC3 blocks it. EC3 hits The TK3 for a two count. EC3 goes for The One Percenter, but Williams blocks it. Williams tosses EC3 out of the ring. Williams misses on The SlingShot Crossbody Block. Matt Sydal attacks EC3 from behind to cause the disqualification. EC3 starts running to the backstage area.

Winner: Ethan Carter III via Disqualification 

Allie Backstage Interview: 

Matt Sydal Promo: 

Second Match: Laurel Van Ness vs. K.C Spinelli 

Spinelli attacks Van Ness before the bell rings. Van Ness drives Spinelli face into the middle turnbuckle pad. Van Ness is mauling Spinelli in the corner. Van Ness drops Spinelli with a Knee Lift. Van Ness connects with a Modified Foot Stomp. Van Ness slaps Spinelli in the face. Spinelli responds with a ChokeSlam. Spinelli slaps Van Ness in the face. Spinelli follows that with a clothesline. Spinelli goes for a NeckBreaker/Lariat Combination, but Van Ness blocks it.

Van Ness also fights out of the Fireman’s Carry Position. Van Ness decks Spinelli with a Running Boot. Van Ness connects with a Running Neck Snap. Van Ness follows that with a Running Bulldog for a two count. Spinelli knocks Van Ness off the second rope. Spinelli lands a Vertical Suplex with a Bridge for a two count. Spinelli goes for a BackSlide Cover, but Van Ness lands back on her feet.

Spinelli hits the ButterFly Suplex for a two count. Spinelli starts arguing with the referee. Van Ness rolls Spinelli over for a two count. Van Ness side steps Spinelli into the turnbuckles. Van Ness fires up with Two Leaping Lariats. Van Ness drops Spinelli with a Jumping Knee Strike. Van Ness  connects with the Side Russian Leg Sweep for a two count. Van Ness blocks a Big Boot from Spinell. Van Ness delivers another Curb Stomp. Van Ness plants Spinelli with The Unprettier to pickup the victory. After the match, Allie attacks Van Ness. Van Ness quickly escapes.

Winner: Laurel Van Ness via Pinfall 

Eli Drake, Chris Adonis, Alberto El Patron and Johnny Impact In-Ring Segment: 

Joseph Parks, Chandler Parks and Jimmy Jacobs Backstage Segment: 

OVE Promo: 

Third Match: Trevor Lee, Caleb Konley and Hakim Zane vs. Dezmond Xavier, Hector Garza Jr and Sonjay Dutt 

Garza and Zane will start things off. Zane shoves Garza. Garza dodges a leg lariat from Zane. Garza delivers two Clubbing HeadButts. Garza drops Zane with a shoulder tackle for a one count. Garza tags in Xavier. Zane negates the tandem offense from Garza and Xavier. Xavier with a Single Leg Trip to Zane for a one count. Xavier brings his lighting quick offense to Zane. Xavier connects with a Basement Dropkick that sends Zane out of the ring.

Coming out of the commercial break, Zane is in the ring with Dutt. Zane lands a Double Knee Strike for a two count. Zane kicks Dutt in the back. Dutt responds with a Big Boot. Dutt with a Hurricanrana to Zane. The Cult of Lee distracts the referee. Konley tags himself in. Konley with an arm-drag takedown to Dutt. Konley goes for the cover, but only gets a two count. Konley applies a Bow and Arrow Stretch. Konley decks Dutt with a Back Elbow Strike for a two count. The Cult of Lee are cutting the ring in half.

Lee connects with a Short-Arm Clothesline. Lee follows that with a series of buzzsaw kicks. Lee rakes the eyes of Dutt. Zane and Konley attacks Dutt behind the referee’s back. Zane is choking Dutt with his boot. Zane goes for a Back Body Drop, but Dutt lands back on his feet. Dutt lands a Roll Through Basement Dropkick. Dutt tags in Garza. Garza is throwing multiple lariats. Garza rips off his pants. Zane inadvertently takes out The Cult of Lee with a Double SpringBoard Missile Dropkick. Zane drops Garza with a Running Knee. Xavier tags himself in. Xavier connects with The Twisting  Corkscrew Senton to pickup the victory.

Winner: Dezmond Xavier, Hector Garza Jr and Sonjay Dutt via Pinfall 

Fourth Match: Bobby Lashley & KM w/Dan Lambert vs. Moose & Eddie Edwards 

Moose and Edwards lands Stereo Boots which sends John Hartnett crashing into the steel guard rail. A pier six brawl breaks out in the center of the ring. Moose dropkicks Lashley. KM is mauling Edwards in the corner. Edwards kicks KM in the jaw. Edwards with a Flying Hurricanrana. Edwards tags in Moose. Moose delivers a series of knife edge chops. KM bounces Edwards head on the top turnbuckle. Edwards is lighting up KM’s chest in the corner. Edwards with a clubbing blow to the back of KM. Lashley from behind attacks Edwards.

Coming out of the commercial break, Lashley is in the ring with Edwards. Lashley connects with a Delayed Vertical Suplex for a two count. Lashley tags in KM. Edwards dodges a Double Clothesline from American Top Team. Edwards decks KM with a back elbow strike. Edwards tosses Lashley out of the ring

. Edwards and Moose are double teaming KM. The Backpack Senton gets a two count. Moose uppercuts KM. KM goes for a Running PowerSlam, but Edwards lands back on his feet. Edwards measure KM with a throat chop. Lashley knocks Edwards off the ring apron. Lashley rolls Edwards back into the ring. KM with the lateral press for a two count. KM tags in Lashley.

American Top Team are cutting the ring half. Lashley connects with a Corner Spear. Lashley follows that with a neck breaker for a two count as Moose breaks up the pin attempt. KM with a SlingShot Splash for a two count. Edwards regains momentum with a Vertical Suplex. Lashley knocks Moose off the ring apron. KM is putting the boots to Edwards in the corner. Lashley goes for a Stinger Splash, but Edwards counters with a Big Boot. Edwards lands a Missile Dropkick.

Edwards finally tags in Moose. Moose HeadButts Km. Moose delivers a Corner Clothesline. Moose follows that with a Leaping Back Elbow Strike. Moose hits The Hesitation Dropkick. KM responds with a Big Boot. Moose connects with The Go To Hell for a two count. Lashley runs into an enzuigiri from Edwards. Moose clotheslines Lashley over the top rope. Edwards lowers the top rope which sends KM crashing to the outside. Edwards takes out Km with The Suicide Dive. Lambert trips Edwards behind the referee’s back. KM plants Edwards with The SitOut Lung Blower to pickup the victory.

Winner: Bobby Lashley & KM via Pinfall 

Author: Josh Lopez