WWE NXT Results – December 13, 2017

December 13, 2017
Full Sail University
Winter Park, Florida

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: Andrade Cien Almas w/Zelina Vega vs. Fabian Aichner 

Almas dropkicks Aichner into the turnbuckles. Aichner responds with a Tilt-A-Whirl Back Breaker. Almas rolls himself out of the ring. Aichner lands a SpringBoard SomerSault Plancha. Aichner follows that with a SpringBoard Tornado DDT for a two count. Aicher is putting the boots to Almas in the corner.

Almas slaps Aicher in the chest. Aichner catches Almas in mid-air. Aichner PowerBombs Almas for a two count. Zelina Vega hops on the ring apron to distract Aichner. Almas knocks Aichner off the top turnbuckle. Almas whips Aichner shoulder first to the steel ring steps. Almas rolls Aichner back into the ring. Almas plants Aichner with The Hammer Lock DDT to pickup the victory.

Winner: Andrade Cien Almas via Pinfall 

Second Match: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. The Authors of Pain w/Paul Ellering 

Burch and Akam will starts things off. Akam drives Burch back first into the turnbuckles. Burch delivers two european uppercuts. Burch tags in Lorcan. Akam clotheslines Burch. Lorcan with a series of knife edge chops to Akam. Lorcan is paint brushing Rezar.

AOP are getting torn to shreds by Burch and Lorcan. Akam connects with a Running Death Valley Driver into the turnbuckles. AOP follows that with The Super Collider. AOP plants Lorcan with The Last Chapter to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Authors of Pain via Pinfall 

– Next week on NXT, Pete Dunne will put his WWE United Kingdom Title on the line against Tyler Bate. Also we’ll see Sanity vs. Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish for the WWE NXT Tag Team Championships.

– We see a Shayna Baszler Video Package. 

Third Match: Aleister Black vs. Adam Cole in a Fatal Four Way Number One Contender Qualifying Match 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Black applies an arm-ringer. Cole with a side headlock takeover to Black. Black responds with a head scissors leg lock. Following a snap mare takeover, Cole is playing mind games with Black. Cole applies a side headlock. Black shoves Cole to the canvas. Black delivers a series of Muay Thai Knee Strikes. Cole is regaining composure on the outside.

Coming out of the commercial break, Cole and Black are in a grappling exchange. Cole gets Blacked trapped in the Crippler CrossFace. Black crawls to the bottom rope to create separation. Cole kicks Black in the chest. Cole is talking major smack to Black. Cole repeatedly stomps on Black’s chest. Cole slaps Black in the face. Black is pissed off. Black fires up with a flurry of kicks. Black sends Cole sternum first into the turnbuckles. Black connects with the SpringBoard MoonSault.

Black goes for The Black Mass, but Cole rolls himself out of the ring. Black delivers a nasty leg lariat in mid-air. Cole responds with an Leaping Enzuigiri. Cole follows that with a BackStabber for a two count. Black fights out of the O’Connor Roll. Black and Cole are trading back and forth shots. Cole SuperKicks Black. Black rolls Cole over for a two count. Cole decks Black with the Ushigoroshi for a two count. Cole goes for a SuperKick, but Black counters with a Bicycle Knee Strike. Black lays out Cole with Black Mass to pickup the victory.

Winner: Aleister Black via Pinfall 

Author: Josh Lopez