WWE SmackDown Live Results – December 12, 2017

WWE SmackDown Live
December 12, 2017
U.S. Bank Arena
Cincinnati, Ohio

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

AJ Styles, Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers In-Ring Segment: 

Welcome to SmackDown Live, the house that, AJ Styles built. Usually, Styles is cool, calm, and collected. Unfortunately he cannot eat or sleep. All he can do is think about defending his title at Clash of Champions. Styles has his concerns about losing the title he just got back a month ago. What good is it to be champion if you are not willing to fight. Jinder would do anything to retain his title. He brought in Great Khali to help him in the Punjabi Prison Match.

The Singh Brothers come out on the stage. They apologize for the interruption. This is the time of the show where they would introduce, The Modern Day Maharaja, Jinder Mahal. That’s not going to happen tonight. We get a recap of Jinder destroying The Singh Brothers two weeks ago.  Styles feel sorry for them. He wants The Singhs to come to the ring to hug it out with Uncle Al. 

The Singhs want to be in Styles corner on Sunday. As far as they are concerned, Jinder Mahal will be facing Styles, alone. They are done with Jinder. They talk about how they are kept in the back while Jinder is flying first class. Jinder can’t tell them apart. If The Singh Brothers are so mad at Jinder, why were they at his side last week in India?

Jinder Mahal makes his way to the ring. Styles sees what’s going on. The Singh Brothers are here to convince him that they’re not working for Jinder, but that’s malarkey. They suck. Styles gets into a brawl with The Singh Brothers and Jinder Mahal. Jinder tells Styles that the WWE Title will be coming home on Sunday. 

First Match: Ruby Riott w/The Riott Squad vs. Charlotte Flair 

Natalya joins the commentary team for this match. Charlotte with three waist lock takedowns to Ruby. Charlotte takes a swing at Sarah Logan. Ruby rolls Charlotte over for a one count. Charlotte kicks Ruby in the gut. Charlotte connects with an Exploder Suplex. Charlotte tells Ruby to bring it. Coming out of the commercial break, Ruby goes for a Flying Reverse Senton, but Charlotte gets her knees up in the air. Charlotte levels Ruby with a Back Breaker/FlatLiner Combination. Charlotte follows that with a Big Boot. Charlotte knocks Logan off the ring apron. Charlotte chucks Ruby out of the ring.

Charlotte with a Big Forearm Smash to Liv Morgan. Charlotte drives Ruby back first into the ring apron. Charlotte slaps Ruby in the face. Natalya is talking smack to Charlotte. Charlotte punches Natalya. Charlotte continues to attack The Riott Squad. Natalya clotheslines Charlotte on the floor to cause the disqualification.

After the match, The Riott Squad are destroying Charlotte. Morgan and Logan gets Charlotte trapped under a steel ring step. Naomi dropkicks Logan and Morgan. Naomi rolls Ruby back into the ring. Naomi delivers a series of forearm shivers. Naomi decks Ruby with The Rear View. Carmella, Tamina and Lana are beating up The Riott Squad on the stage.

Winner: Charlotte Flair via Disqualification 

Second Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin 

Bobby Roode joins the commentary team for this match. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Corbin backs Ziggler into the turnbuckles. Corbin and Ziggler starts shoving each other. Corbin decks Ziggler with a big haymaker. Ziggler responds with a dropkick. Ziggler follows that with a Stinger Splash. Ziggler goes for a Swinging NeckBreaker, but Corbin blocks it.

Ziggler sends Corbin shoulder first to the steel ring post. Bobby Roode walks into the ring. Roode does the Glorious Pose in the center of the ring. Roode hits Ziggler with The Glorious DDT to cause the disqualification. After the match, Corbin goes for the ChokeSlam, but Roode counters with another Glorious DDT. Roode tells Ziggler and Corbin that he’s going to be the next United States Champion.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler via Disqualification 

The Fashion Files: 

Third Match: The Bludgeon Brothers vs. Colin Delaney & Joe Monroe 

Rowan and Delaney will start things off. Rowan dropkicks Delaney into the turnbuckles. Rowan tags in Harper. Harper slaps Rowan in the face. Harper knocks Monroe off the ring apron. Rowan lands a Running Body Avalanche. Harper follows that with a Vicious Discus Lariat to Delaney. Rowan throws Monroe back into the ring. Harper lays out Monroe with a SitOut PowerBomb. The Bludgeon Brothers plants Delaney with The Crucifix PowerBomb to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Bludgeon Brothers via Pinfall 

The Kevin and Sami Show Occupy’s SmackDown Live: 

The Yep Movement has arrived. This surreal can you feel the energy? It’s like the entire WWE Universe decided to stand by with them against WWE Management. They stand united for change. Management took things one step too far last week. You think Stephanie McMahon is ruthless and Mr. McMahon is the most brutal promoter, but after nine months, Shane is the worst McMahon. Shane locked him to the ropes and made himself the guest referee for their match at Clash of Champions. If they lose on Sunday, they will be fired by the WWE. Shane is nothing but a mad man on a rage bender. Shane is trying to humiliate them because he can’t defend his family.

Owens and Zayn are here to show that WWE is more than Shane McMahon and his vendetta. Owens hopes the ring is reinforced because it’s time to Occupy Smackdown. Nobody from the crowd joins the Occupy SmackDown Live Movement. Daniel Bryan joins the conversation.  Owens says that Bryan is the inspiration for the Yep Movement.  Zayn thought that a thousand members of the WWE Universe would come to the ring, but they have the one man who occupies Smackdown, Daniel Bryan. What are they doing? Zayn says that they’re showing respect to the Yes Movement with the Yep Movement. They have been disgraced and treated unfairly just like Bryan.

Bryan says that Owens and Zayn are nothing like him. The Yes Movement was not about him, it was about the people. It was about what the WWE Universe wanted and deserved. Is Daniel Bryan drinking Shane’s Kool-Aid? Everyone knows why Shane made himself the referee. It’s to screw them. They fought on the independent scene to get to this point. Bryan states he and Shane has each other’s backs. Bryan will make sure the match on Sunday is fair. If Owens and Zayn lose, there will be no excuses. Hopefully Shane will not have a problem with this announcement. At Clash of Champions, Daniel Bryan will be the second special guest referee.

Fourth Match: Rusev & Aiden English vs. The Usos 

The New Day joins the commentary team for this match. Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable are also watching the match from the ringside area. Rusev and Jey Uso will start things off. Rusev has Jey in a Bear Hug. The New Day are throwing pancakes at Corey Graves. Rusev takes a swing at Jimmy Uso. Jey decks Rusev with a Step Up Enzuigiri.

Jey tags in Jimmy. Multiple lariats to English. Jimmy kicks English in the gut. Jimmy proceeds to uppercut English. Jimmy ducks a clothesline from English. Jimmy connects with a Samoan Drop. Jimmy goes for the Running Stinkface, but English counters with a Big Boot. English ascends to the top turnbuckle.

Jimmy SuperKicks English in mid-air for a two count as Rusev breaks up the pin attempt. Rusev negates a Suicide Dive attempt from Jey Uso. Jimmy sends Rusev rib first into the ringside barricade. The referee is distracted by English. Rusev delivers the Machka Kick to Jimmy. English plants Jimmy with The Director’s Cut to pickup the victory.

Winner: Rusev & Aiden English via Pinfall 

AJ Styles Backstage Interview: 

Fifth Match: Shinsuke Nakamura w/Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens w/Sami Zayn 

Daniel Bryan joins the commentary team for this match. Owens kicks Nakamura in the gut. Owens delivers a clubbing blow to the back of Nakamura. Owens applies a side headlock. Owens lands a knife edge chop. Owens and Nakamura are trading back and forth shots. Nakamura kicks Owens in the chest. Owens is trying to regain his composure on the outside. Owens drives Nakamura back first into the ring apron. Owens rolls Nakamura back into the ring. Owens with a Running Senton for a two count. Owens applies a rear chin lock. Nakamura gets back to a vertical base. Owens with a clubbing cross face for a two count. Owens continues to target the back of Nakamura.

Following a Chop/Uppercut Combination, Nakamura sends Owens to the corner. Nakamura with a Running Knee Strike to the ribs of Owens. Nakamura dishes out a flurry of forearm shivers.  Owens drags Nakamura out of the ring. Owens whips Nakamura back first across the ringside barricade. Coming out of the commercial break, Owens has Nakamura in a rear chin lock. Nakamura lands a Knee Drop. Owens responds with a short-arm lariat for a two count. Owens transitions into a ground and pound attack. Owens kicks Nakamura in the chest. Owens goes for a Running Senton, but Nakamura gets his knees up in the air.

Owens and Nakamure are in a middle of a forearm exchange. Nakamura ducks a clothesline from Owens. Nakamura decks Owens with a Running Leg Lariat. Nakamura starts teeing off on Owens. Nakamura with a series of buzzsaw kicks. Nakamura is mauling Owens in the corner. Nakamura connects with Good Vibrations. Nakamura lays Owens flat on the top turnbuckle. Nakamura with an Elevated Knee Strike for a two count. Nakamura goes for a SuperPlex, but Owens counters with a HeadButt.

Owens misses on the Swanton Bomb. Owens with a back elbow strike to Nakamura. Owens inadvertently attacks the referee. Daniel Bryan made himself the referee for this match. Owens goes for a Pop Up PowerBomb, but Nakamura counters with a Spinning Heel Kick for a two count. Zayn starts yelling at Bryan. Orton clotheslines Zayn. Orton sends Zayn out of the ring. Zayn pokes Orton in the eye. Zayn sends Orton face first to the steel ring post. Nakamura knocks Zayn off the ring apron. Owens plants Nakamura with The Pop Up PowerBomb to pickup the victory.

Winner: Kevin Owens via Pinfall 

Author: Josh Lopez