NXT TakeOver: War Games Results

NXT TakeOver: War Games
November 18, 2017
Toyota Center
Houston, Texas

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

Official Rules for the WWE WarGames Match:

First Match: Kassius Ohno vs. Lars Sullivan 

Sullivan rams Ohno back first into the turnbuckles. Ohno with back to back forearm smashes to Sullivan. Sullivan blocks a clothesline from Ohno. Sullivan drops Ohno with a running shoulder tackle. Sullivan starts targeting the ribs of Ohno. Sullivan kicks Ohno out of the ring. Sullivan with a Flying Shoulder Block off the ring apron. Sullivan whips Ohno face first on the apron.

Ohno lands a Big Boot. Ohno follows that with a leaping enzuigiri. Sullivan clotheslines Ohno. Sullivan delivers a clubbing forearm smash. Up and Over goes Ohno. Sullivan connects with a Pop Up PowerSlam for a two count. Sullivan ascends to the top turnbuckle. Sullivan goes for the Diving HeadButt, but Ohno ducks out of the way. Ohno with a cavalcade of forearm shivers to Sullivan.

Ohno decks Sullivan with a Roaring Elbow to the back of the head. Ohno follows that with the Cyclone Kick for a two count. Sullivan is pissed off. Ohno repeatedly stomps on Sullivan’s head. Ohno with a Leaping Senton for a one count. Ohno and Sullivan are trading back and forth shots. Ohno with a Discus Elbow to Sullivan. Sullivan responds with the Freak Accident to pickup the victory.

Winner: Lars Sullivan via Pinfall 

Second Match: Aleister Black vs. The Velveteen Dream 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Dream backs Black into the ropes. Quick standoff in the center of the ring. Dream slaps Black in the face. Black responds with a deep arm-drag. Black applies a wrist lock. Black transitions into an arm-bar. Following a snap mare takeover, Dream applies a rear chin lock. Black floats over into a hammer lock. Dream gets back to a vertical base. Black goes back to the front facelock. The chain grappling exchange continues. Black gets Dream in the Octopus Hold. Black rolls Dream over for a two count. Black is playing mind games with Dream. Black and Dream are trading back and forth shots.

Black launches Dream out of the ring. Dream and Black are mocking each other poses. Black with an Oklahoma Roll for a one count. Black follows that with another deep arm-drag. Dream with a Running Lariat to Black. Dream stomps on Black’ s chest. Dream is mauling Black in the corner. Dream wants Black to say his name. Black whips Dream’s face off the middle rope. Dream goes for the Death Valley Driver, but Black blocks it. Dream SuperKicks Black for a two count. Dream transitions into a ground and pound attack. Dream connects with the Rude Awakening for a two count.

Dream applies a rear chin lock. Dream with a forearm smash to the lower back region of Black. Black fires up with a series of forearm smashes. Dream gets Black’s shoulders tied in between the ropes. Black kicks Dream in the jaw. Black with a leg sweep to Dream. Black follows that with a Running Knee Strike. Black sends Dream sternum first across the turnbuckles. Black lands a SpringBoard MoonSault for a two count. Black dives over Dream.

Black fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Black delivers a Big Boot. Dream responds with a Cartwheel Driver for a two count. Dream drags Black to the corner. Dream goes for the Avalanche Death Valley Driver, but Black blocks it. Black takes out the legs of Dream. Black with a Running Knee Strike for a two count. Dream connects with a Modified DDT for a two count. Dream goes for the Purple Rain Maker, but Black counters with a Big Boot in mid-air. Dream is now tied up in between the ropes. Dream SuperKicks Black. Black responds with a Spinning Heel Kick. Black delivers the Black Mass to pickup the victory.

Winner: Aleister Black via Pinfall 

Third Match: Kairi Sane vs. Nikki Cross vs. Peyton Royce vs. Ember Moon in a Fatal Four Way Match For The Vacated WWE NXT Women’s Championship

Cross and Sane are brawling in the corner. Moon decks Cross with a Leaping Leg Lariat. Royce drives Moon’s head to the canvas. Royce with multiple haymakers to Sane. Cross applies a side headlock. Moon with a Head Scissors TakeOver to Royce. Cross applies a Sleeper Hold. Royce with a Spinning Heel Kick for a two count. Sane responds with a rolling neck snap for a two count. Moon delivers a forearm smash that has Sane staggering on the ring apron. Moon lands a Flying Pascada to the outside.

Sane decks Royce with a Flying Forearm Smash. Moon lays out Sane and Royce with a Suicide Dive. Moon PowerBombs Cross on the floor. Sane rolls Moon back into the ring. Sane blocks a thrust kick from Moon. Sane drops Moon with a Double Axe Handle Strike. Sane is lighting up Moon’s chest. Sane with the Corner Spear to Moon. Royce kicks Sane in the chest. Royce applies a Bow and Arrow Stretch in between the ropes. Moon SuperKicks Royce. Moon sends Royce out of the ring.

Sane rolls Moon over for a two count. Sane ducks a clothesline from Moon. Sane Spears Royce. Sane follows that with a Spinning Back Fist to Moon. Sane ascends to the top turnbuckle. Sane and Moon are in a precarious position. Royce connects with the Running Tower of Doom. Cross lands a Flying Crossbody Block. Cross is ramming Moon’s head across the middle turnbuckle. Cross gets Sane tied in the tree of woe. Cross repeatedly stomps on Sane’s chest.

Cross clotheslines Royce over the top rope. Cross with a Swinging NeckBreaker for a two count. Moon drops Cross with a Big Boot. Moon goes for the SlingShot Shoulder Block, but Cross counters with a Swinging NeckBreaker. Royce connects with the Fisherman’s Suplex for a two count as Sane breaks up the pin attempt. Sane decks Royce with the Alabama Slam. Sane with a Double Insane Elbow for a two count. Royce has Moon staggering on the top turnbuckle. Royce takes out Sane with the spinning heel kick. Moon plants Cross and Royce with the Eclipse to pickup the victory.

Winner: New WWE NXT Women’s Champion, Ember Moon via Pinfall 

– NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia will take place on January 27th. 

Fourth Match: Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Andrade Cien Almas w/Zelina Vega For The WWE NXT Championship 

Vega talks smack to McIntyre before the bell rings. Almas pie faces McIntyre. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. McIntyre back Almas into the corner. Almas shoves McIntyre. McIntyre starts paint brushing Almas. Almas fires off a big haymaker. Almas applies a side headlock. McIntyre drops Almas with a shoulder block. Almas kicks McIntyre in the hamstring. Almas goes back to the side headlock. McIntyre with a Tip Up Leg Lariat to Almas. Almas responds with a jaw breaker. McIntyre kicks Almas out of the ring. McIntyre lands a knife edge chop. McIntyre rolls Almas back into the ring. Vega goes for a Flying Hurricanrana, but McIntyre blocks it. McIntyre levels Almas in mid-air with a big forearm smash. McIntyre with the lateral press for a one count.

Following another knife edge chop, Almas kicks McIntyre in the chest. Almas sends McIntyre shoulder first to the steel ring post. Back in the ring, Almas connects with a back breaker/lariat combination for a one count. Almas gets McIntyre trapped in the Rope Assisted ArmBreaker. Almas transitions into a Fujiwara Arm-Bar. McIntyre gets back to a vertical base. McIntyre goes for a Pop Up PowerSlam, but Almas lands back on his feet. McIntyre with a Capture Suplex to Almas. McIntyre and Almas are trading back and forth shots.

McIntyre with two Over Head Belly to Belly Suplex’s to Almas. McIntyre follows that with a Flying Clothesline. Almas fights out of the fireman’s carry position. McIntyre connects with the Celtic Cross for a two count. Almas dropkicks McIntyre. Almas goes for a Running Double Knee Strike, but McIntyre ducks out of the way. Almas with a Tornado Inverted DDT for a two count. McIntyre eats a Big Boot from Almas. McIntyre with a Reverse Alabama Slam for a two count. Almas knocks McIntyre off the top turnbuckle with a Standing Dropkick. Almas delivers a Head Scissors TakeOver that sends McIntyre face first across the steel ring post. Almas follows that with a Beautiful MoonSault for a two count.

Almas gets McIntyre tied in the tree of woe. Almas with a Flying Double Stomp to the chest of McIntyre. The Running Double Knee Strike gets a two count. Almas goes for a Step Up Enzuigiri, but McIntyre counters with a SitOut PowerBomb for a two count. Almas drives McIntyre face to the top turnbuckle. Almas drops McIntyre with a Drive Through Knee Strike for a two count. Almas transitions into a ground and pound attack. Almas grabs a steel chair, but the referee gets in the way. Zelina Vega decks McIntyre with a Spike Hurricanrana. Almas connects with the Hammer Lock DDT for a two count. McIntyre lands the ClayMore for a two count as Vega places Almas boot on the bottom rope. McIntyre goes for another Claymore, but Almas ducks out of the way. Almas plants McIntyre with the Draping Hammer Lock DDT to pickup the victory.

Winner: New WWE NXT Champion, Andrade Cien Almas via Pinfall 

Fifth Match: The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly) vs. Sanity vs. Authors of Pain & Roderick Strong w/Paul Ellering in a Triple Threat WarGames Match 

Alexander Wolfe, Killian Dain, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly and The Authors of Pain are in three separate shark cages. Cole is trying to run away from Strong and Young. Strong with a clubbing blow to the back of Young. Young applies a waist lock. Strong fires off a Big Boot. Young decks Strong with a right hand. Young with a back elbow strike to Cole. Strong connects with a back breaker. Cole and Strong are trading back and forth shots. Strong lands a knife edge chop. Strong catapults Cole to the steel. Young, Cole and Strong are exchanging blows on the top rope. Cole is putting the boots to Strong and Young. Cole launches Strong to the other ring. Cole connects with the Ushigoroshi. Cole kicks Strong in the gut. Cole delivers a series of haymakers in the corner. Cole is ramming his knee across the face of Strong. Cole follows that with a snap suplex. Cole drops Young with a NeckBreaker. Strong negates Cole’s irish whip attempt. Strong with a Cavalcade of Running Knee Strikes to Cole and Young.  Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish officially enters this match.

Undisputed Era are mauling Young and Strong in the center of the ring. Fish unloads on Young with a Running Uppercut. Strong is trying to fight off the tandem offense from Fish and O’Reilly. Fish connects with a WheelBarrow Suplex. O’Reilly applies a knee bar. Fish with a RoundHouse Kick across the chest of Young. Undisputed Era are ramming Strong’s back across the steel. O’Reilly is choking Strong with his boot. The Authors of Pain finally escape their shark cage.

Rezar drives the cage door into O’Reilly’s face. Akam launches Young into the steel. O’Reilly kicks Rezar in the hamstring. O’Reilly applies a Sleeper Hold. Akam Biel Throws Cole to the other ring. Double Back Body Drop to Young. AOP lawn darts Strong on top of Undisputed Era. Rezar gets Young tied in the tree of woe. AOP with Stereo Running Death Valley Drivers into the turnbuckles. Strong fires off with a big knife edge chop. Rezar with a Clubbing Forearm to the back of Cole. WarGames Begins as Sanity enters the ring.

Wolfe repeatedly hits AOP with a night stick. Wolfe with a Side Russian Leg Sweep to Akam. Killian Dain brings a collection of weapons into the ring. Young is choking Strong with a steel chair. Wolfe dodges a chair shot from O’Reilly. Wolfe connects with a Release German Suplex. Wolfe bodyslams Fish on a garbage can. Dain locks the cage door. Dain clotheslines Strong. Dain with multiple haymakers to AOP. Dain lands a Double Body Avalanche. Dain follows that with a Senton Dropkick to Akam. Dain lays out everybody with a Diving CrossBody Block. Dain with the lateral press for a two count. Dain blocks a Kendo Stick shot from Cole. Fish is trying to chop down Dain. Fish goes for a sunset flip, but Dain blocks it. Dain connects with a Michinoku Driver for a two count. Dain whips O’Reilly into the steel. Dain with a Double Fallaway Slam to Strong and O’Reilly. Dain and Rezar are trading back and forth forearms.

Rezar fires off a Big Boot. Dain responds with a Bicycle Kick. Dain with a CrossBody Block to Rezar. Akam PowerSlams Dain for a two count. O’Reilly decks Akam with a Tornado DDT. Cole with a Step Up Enzuigiri to Young. Undisputed Era delivers Chasing The Dragon to Strong. Dain with a Inside Out Lariat to Cole. Wolfe continues the sequence with a Bicycle Kick. O’Reilly levels Wolfe with an Axe Kick/Forearm Smash Combination. O’Reilly locks in Armageddon with a Steel Chain. Young breaks up the submission attempt with a Flying Elbow Drop. AOP with the Super Collider for a two count. Dain is busted open. Young with a Death Valley Driver for a two count. Strong and Cole are in a forearm exchange. Strong lands a series of Back Breakers. Strong with a Jumping Knee Strike to Dain. Strong follows that with the Olympic Slam for a two count. Cole SuperKicks Strong. Young has Cole perched on the top turnbuckle. AOP delivers Stereo Tower of Dooms.

Cole remains chilling on the top rope. Cole is trying to run away from AOP. Wolfe connects with an Avalanche German Suplex that sends Rezar crashing through two tables. Young with a Leaping NeckBreaker to Akam. Dain drops O’Reilly with a Inside Out Lariat. Dain follows that with the Coast to Coast. Strong with a SuperPlex off the cage for a two count. Dain and Akam are exchanging blows in between the two rings. AOP with the SpringBoard Last Chapter to Dain. Undisputed Era regains momentum with Total Elimination. Strong drops Wolfe with a Swinging Back Breaker. Following another long forearm exchange, Young sends Strong crashing to the steel with a WheelBarrow Suplex. Cole hits Young with a Kendo Stick. Cole follows that with The Shining Wizard to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Undisputed Era via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez