Impact Wrestling Results – October 26, 2017

Impact Wrestling
October 26, 2017
Universal Studios
Orlando, Florida

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

Eli Drake Promo: 

First Match: El Texano Jr. & El Hijo Del Fantasma vs. James Storm & Ethan Carter III 

EC3 and Storm are double teaming Fantasma. Storm with a Leaping Body Avalanche to Fantasma. EC3 follows that with a big lariat. Storm knocks Texano off the ring apron. Storm and EC3 delivers a Double Suplex. EC3 with a fist drop for a two count. EC3 and Texano are trading back and forth shots. Texano tosses EC3 out of the ring. Texano is targeting the midsection of EC3. Storm attacks Fantasma from behind. EC3 rolls Texano back into the ring. EC3 with a Belly to Back Suplex for a two count. Storm throwing multiple haymakers at Fantasma. Fantasma is trying to create distance with knife edge chops.

Texano sends Storm sternum first to the steel guard rail. EC3 bodyslams Fantasma. Storm bounces Texano’s head on the ring apron. Fantasma is fighting off the tandem offense by Storm and EC3. Fantasma dropkicks EC3. Texano’s start whipping EC3 in the back with the bull rope. EC3 drops Fantasma with a forearm smash. EC3 launches Fantasma to the ring apron. Fantasma staggers EC3 with an enziguri.

Fantasma with a Flying Crossbody Block for a two count. Fantasma follows that with another dropkick. Texano trips Fantasma. Texano bodyslams Storm. Fantasma sends Texano crashing crotch first on the top turnbuckle. Fantasma drops Storm with a shoulder tackle. EC3 rakes the eyes of Fantasma. EC3 goes for the One Percenter, but Fantasma counters with The Thrill Of The Kill for a two count as Texano breaks up the pin attempt. Fantasma kicks Texano in the face. Storm connects with the Last Call SuperKick to pickup the victory.

Winner: James Storm & Ethan Carter III via Pinfall 

oVe’s Tag Team Match Brought To You By Border City Wrestling 

Second Match: Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Naomichi Marufuji For The GHC World Heavyweight Championship 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Marufuji applies a side headlock. Marufuji kicks Edwards in the jaw. Marufuji leapfrogs over Edwards. Edwards with a back elbow strike to Marufjui. Edwards connects with a side headlock takeover. Marufuji responds with a head scissors hold. Edwards dodges a leg lariat from Marufuji. A Double Dropkick leads us to a stand off in the center of the ring. Edwards delivers a Running Forearm Smash in the corner. Edwards with the Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. Marufuji creates distance with a Big Boot.

Edwards goes for the Chin Checker, but Marufuji blocks it. Edwards continues to block Marufuji’s striking game. Marufuji goes for a German Suplex, but Edwards lands back on his feet. Edwards and Marufuji are trading Back and Forth Belly to Back Suplex’s. Edwards and Marufuji knocks each other with a double clothesline. Edwards with a Step Up Enziguri that sends Marufuji crashing to the outside.

Marufuji starts ripping off the ringside padding on the floor. Edwards kicks Marufuji in the gut. Marufuji SuperKicks Edwards. Edwards places Marufuji crotch first on the steel guard rail. Edwards lands a Nasty Suicide Dive. Marufuji drops Edwards with a PileDriver on the ring apron. Marufuji follows that with the Spanish Fly for a two count. Edwards responds with a FrankenSteiner. Edwards connects with the Boston Knee Party for a two count. Edwards delivers a Cradle UnderHook PowerBomb for another two count. Edwards plants Marufuji with the Die Hard Flowsion to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still GHC World Heavyweight Champion, Eddie Edwards via Pinfall 

Petey Williams Competes in Fatal Four Way Action Courtesy Of Border City Wrestling 

Third Match: Eli Drake & Chris Adonis vs. Johnny Impact & Hector Garza Jr 

Adonis starts things off with a big haymaker to Garza. Garza dodges a knife edge chop from Adonis. Garza with a heel kick to the midsection of Adonis. Garza drops Adonis with a Step Up Enziguri. Garza tags in Impact. Nice tandem offense by Impact and Garza. Impact with a Leg Drop for a two count. Drake drives Impact’s head to the canvas behind the referee’s back. Adonis is putting the boots to Impact in the corner. Drake continues to attack Impact from the outside. Drake with multiple back elbow strike across the chest of Impact. Drake and Adonis are cutting the ring in half. Adonis with a Leg Drop for a two count. Adonis lands a  stiff knife edge chop. Adonis bodyslams Impact. Impact starts targeting the midsection of Adonis.

Adonis clotheslines Impact. Adonis tags in Drake. Drake repeatedly stomps on Impact’s back. Drake rams his shoulders to the midsection of Impact. Drake tosses Impact out of the ring. Adonis delivers a Big Lariat on the floor. Adonis throws Impact back into the ring. Drake with the lateral press for a two count. Impact finally makes the hot tag to Garza. Garza dropkicks Drake. Garza follows that with a Hurricanrana to Adonis. Garza rips off his pants. Garza proceeds to SuperKick Drake for a two count. Impact with a clubbing axe handle to the back of Adonis. Impact sends Adonis out of the ring.

Drake is a recipient of two enziguri’s from the ring apron. Impact and Garza lands a Standing Double MoonSault for a two count. Garza ascends to the top turnbuckle. Garza is distracted by Adonis. Drake connects with the SuperPlex for a two count. Coming out of the commercial break, Drake and Adonis are isolating Garza in the corner. Adonis makes the cover on Garza for a two count. Adonis applies an Abdominal Stretch. Adonis transitions into a Camel Clutch. Garza drops Drake with a Big Boot. Adonis tags in Drake.

Drake with an elbow drop to the back of Garza. Garza responds with a jaw breaker. Drake connects with a Swinging PowerSlam for a two count. Drake goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Garza lands back on his feet. Impact and Adonis are tagged in. Impact with a Leaping Leg Lariat to Adonis. Impact knocks Drake off the ring apron. Impact delivers the Shining Wizard for a two count. Impact slides under Drake. Impact with a SpringBoard Twisting CorkScrew Plancha for a two count. Drake dumps Garza face first on the steel guard rail. Impact with the O’Connor Roll for a two count. Adonis inadvertently knocks Drake off the ring apron. Impact rolls Adonis over to pickup the victory.

Winner: Johnny Impact & Hector Garza Jr via Pinfall 

Fourth Match: Trevor Lee (c) vs. Ultimo Ninja For The Impact X-Division Championship 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Lee pokes Ninja in the eye. Lee repeatedly stomps on Ninja’s chest. Lee is mauling Ninja in the corner. Lee with a uppercut/chop combination to Ninja. Ninja dives over Lee. Ninja drops Lee with a Spinning Leg Lariat. Ninja with a Standing MoonSault for a two count. Ninja dishes out multiple forearm smashes to Lee. Ninja connects with a Standard MoonSault for another two count

. Lee is regaining his composure on the outside. Ninja rolls Lee back into the ring. Lee decks Ninja with the CaveMan’s Punch. Lee with the lateral press for a two count. Lee is ramming his knee across the back of Ninja’s head. Lee drives Ninja’s face on the top turnbuckle. Lee starts taunting the Tijuana Crowd.

Ninja slaps Lee in the chest. Lee with a perfectly placed knee to the midsection of Ninja. Ninja levels Lee with the Missile Dropkick for a two count. Ninja follows that with a Twisting Plancha on the outside. Ninja places Lee in the corner. Ninja goes for a MoonSault, but Lee puts his boot up in the air. Lee connects with the Double Foot Stomp to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still Impact X-Division Champion, Trevor Lee via Pinfall 

Bound for Glory 2017 Match Card 

1.) Trevor Lee (c) vs. Dezmond Xavier vs. Matt Sydal vs. Petey Williams vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Hector Garza Jr in a Six-Way Match For The Impact X-Division Championship 

2.) Grado vs. Abyss w/James Mitchell in a Monsters Ball Match. If Grado Loses, His Work Visa Will Be Terminated 

3.) Rosemary vs. Taya Valkyrie in a Red Wedding Match 

4.) oVe (c) vs. LAX in a 5150 Street Fight For The Impact World Tag Team Championship 

5.) Team Impact (Ethan Carter III, James Storm and Eddie Edwards) vs. Team AAA (El Hijo Del Fantasma, Pagano and El Texano Jr) 

6.) Moose & Stephan Bonnar vs. Bobby Lashley & King Mo in a Six Sides Of Steel Cage Match 

7.) Sienna (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Allie in a Triple Threat Match For The Impact Knockout’s Championship 

8.) Eli Drake (c) w/Chris Adonis vs. Johnny Impact For The Impact Global Championship 

Fifth Match: Bobby Lashley w/Dan Lambert vs. Moose w/Stephan Bonnar 

Lashley backs Moose into the corner. Lashley kicks Moose in the gut. Lashley dishes out a flurry of haymakers to Moose. Moose responds with a dropkick. Moose uppercuts Lashley. Moose follows that with two knife edge chops. Lashley and Moose continues to trade back and forth chops and uppercuts. Lashley is ramming his shoulders to the midsection of Moose. Lashley is mauling Moose in the corner. Moose blocks a Big Boot by Lashley. Moose with a Standing Dropkick that sends Lashley crashing to the outside. Moose connects with a Vertical Suplex on the floor. Moose rolls Lashley back into the ring.

Dan Lambert is holding onto Moose’s leg. Lashley decks Moose with a Big Boot. Lambert is choking Moose behind the referee’s back. Lashley is putting the boots to Moose in the center of the ring. Lashley takes a swig of water. Lashley connects with a neck breaker for a two count. Lashley applies a rear chin lock. Lashley drops Moose with a back elbow strike. Moose and Lashley are trading back and forth shots. Moose decks Lashley with a Bicycle Kick. Moose follows that with a Running Corner Hip Attack.

Moose lands a Hesitation Dropkick. Lambert hits Moose in the face with a steel chain to cause the disqualification. After the match, Lashley Spears Moose. Stephan Bonnar goes into the ring and kicks Lashley in the hamstring region. Bonnar drops Lashley with a Discus Lariat. Colby Covington and American Top Team are destroying Bonnar. Moose storms into the ring with a steel chair. Moose PowerBombs one of the members of American Top Team out of the ring.

Winner: Moose via Disqualification 

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Author: Josh Lopez