WWE SmackDown Live Results – August 15, 2017

WWE SmackDown Live
August 15, 2017
Dunkin Donuts Center
Providence, Rhode Island

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

Jinder Mahal & Shinsuke Nakamura In-Ring Segment: 

America has nothing to celebrate, but today is Independence Day for the greatest nation on earth, the great nation of India. Jinder’s strength and pride comes from his people. Not only do they celebrate their independence, but they celebrate the reign of the greatest WWE Champion of all time. What better way to celebrate than with a traditional Indian dance performance? The jingoistic and xenophobic people of Providence will not appreciate this, but Jinder wants everyone to get on their feet and stand for the Indian National Anthem

The WWE Universe can expect Jinder to beat John Cena later tonight. For years, John Cena put this company on his shoulders, but Jinder is the man now. People are subscribing to the WWE Network to see him. At SummerSlam, Jinder will show Nakamura that his destiny is to lose to Jinder Mahal. Mahal would like to address his people in Punjabi. Shinsuke Nakamura comes out to interrupt Jinder.  Why is Nakamura disrespecting Jinder’s people on Independence Day? Today in Japan, it’s the day Nakamura’s people commemorate those who have died in war and pray for peace. This Sunday, in America it’s SummerSlam. It will be the day Jinder loses the WWE Title to Nakamura.

First Match: Becky Lynch vs. Natalya 

Naomi joins the commentary team for this match. Natalya connects with a side headlock takeover. Becky gets back to a vertical base. Becky counters the side headlock. Becky drops Natalya with a shoulder tackle. Becky cradles Natalya over for a two count. Natalya slaps Becky in the face. Becky responds with a series of right hands. Becky goes for the DisArm Her, but Natalya rolls herself out of the ring. Becky connects with a Wrecking Ball Dropkick. Becky follows that with a flying forearm strike off the ring apron. Becky rolls Natalya back into the ring. Natalya smarts heads to the outside again as Becky was going for a cover. Natalya continues to stall on the outside.

Becky bounces Natalya’s head on the top turnbuckle. Natalya drop toe holds Becky into the barricade. Natalya starts stomping on Becky’s chest in the corner. Natalya goes for a cover, but Becky kicks out at the count of two. Natalya applies a rear chin lock. Natalya is raming her knee to the back of Becky’s neck. Natalya applies an Abdominal Stretch. Becky connects with a Hip Toss. Becky follows that with a back elbow strike. Becky lands a series of clotheslines. Becky with a spinning heel kick to the midsection of Natalya. Becky plants Natalya with the BexPloder Suplex.

Becky drops Natalya with the Straight Fire Forearm for a two count. Becky goes for the DisArmHer, but Natalya blocks it. Natalya rolls Becky over for a two count. Becky drops Natalya with a enziguri. Becky ascends to the top turnbuckle. Becky goes for a Flying Leg Drop, but Natalya ducks out of the way. Natalya locks in the SharpShooter which forces Becky to tap out. After the match, Natalya gets Becky trapped in the SharpShooter. Naomi comes into the ring to make the save. Carmella appears on the stage with James Ellsworth. Carmella provides another stern warning for Natalya/Naomi’s SmackDown Women’s Title Match at SummerSlam.

Winner: Natalya via Submission 

Second Match: Rusev vs. Chad Gable 

Rusev kicks Gable in the gut. Rusev follows that with a series of haymakers in the corner. Rusev stomps on Gable’s chest. Gable responds with a Big Boot in the corner. Gable ducks a clothesline from Rusev. Gable connects with a Over Head Belly to Belly Suplex. Rusev whips Gable shoulder first to the steel ring steps.

Rusev repeatedly bounces Gable’s head on the steel step. Rusev launches Gable over the announce table. Unfortunately the match is called off. Rusev applies the Accolade on the announce table. Rusev refuses to let go of the hold. Rusev calls out Randy Orton. Orton from behind drops Rusev with the RKO. Orton celebrates with the crowd.

Winner: Match Ends via The Double CountOut 

AJ Styles, Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens In-Ring Segment: 

Shane McMahon says that there’s no reason for AJ Styles to apologize. He’s guest referee to get between Owens and Styles. If he takes a hit, he’ll get back up. Styles says that the Pele Kick was an accident, but he wants to know, man to man, will Shane McMahon use this as a new excuse to screw him over at SummerSlam? What happened last week was inadvertent.  At SummerSlam, Shane will be wearing the black and white. Styles has to respect the official’s authority. If Styles intetionally pushes or shoves Shane, he’ll will put his all over Styles. Is that a threat? Shane says that it’s not a threat.

Kevin Owens comes down to the ring to interrupt Styles and Shane McMahon. If Shane wants to give Styles the benefit of the doubt, that’s fine, but he doesn’t believe Styles. The only thing that’s happening here’s the referee is telling you the rules on Sunday. Owens loves those rules. Styles can’t get disqualified just to keep the title. Owens wants to make something clear.

If Owens collides with Shane McMahon on Sunday, it will be an accident.  Owens is a man of his word and he is thrilled that Shane is the referee on Sunday.  Shane will call the match down the middle and Owens will get his title back. Shane won’t shake Owens hands because it would be inappropriate. Owens can shake hands with his opponent on Sunday. Owens and Styles gets into a shoving contest. Shane McMahon blocks a punch from Styles. Shane starts yelling at Styles. Owens accidentally SuperKicks Shane. 

Third Match: The Usos vs. The New Day (Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston) 

Kofi will start things off with Jimmy Uso. Kofi thrust kicks the midsection of Jimmy. Kofi lands the snap mare takeover. Kofi tags in Woods. Kofi kicks Jimmy in the back. Woods follows that with a sliding lariat. Kofi with a Running Splash. Woods connects with a Diving Elbow Drop. The New Day lands a series of leg drops. Jimmy finally rolls himself out of the ring. The New Day drops The Usos with stereo wrecking ball dropkicks to the outside. Jey Uso lands a big haymaker to Woods. Kofi bounces Jimmy’s head on the barricade. Jimmy whips Kofi face first to the steel ring post. The Usos are cutting the ring in half. Woods has to be held back by the referee.

Kofi is trying to create separation. Jimmy drops Kofi with a enziguri. Jey applies a rear chin lock. Kofi gets back to a vertical base. Jimmy drives Kofi’s head to the canvas. Jimmy drags Kofi to the corner and tags in Jey Uso. Jey stomps on Kofi’s chest. Jey is applying pressure to the back of Kofi’s neck. Jey transitions into a rear chin lock. Jey repeatedly HeadButts the back of Kofi’s neck. Jey and Kofi are trading back and forth shots. Jey plants Kofi with a bodyslam. Jey follows that with another bodyslam. Jey walks over Kofi’s midsection. Jey goes for another bodyslam, but Kofi counters with a belly to back suplex. Jimmy and Woods are tagged in.

Woods lands a series of running forearm strikes. Woods drop toe holds Jimmy to the middle rope. Woods connects with a Leaping Wrecking Ball Dropkick to the back. Woods follows that with a Roll Through Lariat. Jimmy lands a right hand to Woods who’s on the ring apron. Woods responds with a enziguri. Kofi makes the blind tag. The New Day connects with Stereo Thrust Kicks to the knee of Jimmy for a two count. Woods drops Jey with a Discus Forearm Strike. Jimmy tosses Woods out of the ring. Jimmy blocks the Trouble In Paradise. Jimmy goes for a Samoan Drop, but Kofi counters with a Back Breaker.  The New Day goes for the UpUp Down Down, but Jey Uso launches Woods face first to the top rope. Jimmy tags in Jey. Jimmy chop blocks Kofi. The Usos connects with Stereo SuperKicks to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Usos via Pinfall 

Fourth Match: Jinder Mahal w/The Singh Brothers vs. John Cena 

Cena and Jinder engages in a test of strength in the middle of the ring. Jinder kicks Cena in the gut. Jinder applies a side headlock. Cena drops Jinder with a shoulder tackle. Cena goes back to the side headlock, but Jinder drives him into the corner. Samir Singh attacks Cena behind the referee’s back. Jinder won’t allow Cena to get back on his feet. Jinder tosses Cena out of the ring. Jinder taunts the Providence crowd. Jinder connects with a vertical suplex. Jinder goes for a Body Avalanche, but Cena ducks out of the way. Cena lands two flying shoulder tackles. Cena follows that with the spinning side slam. Cena goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but The Singh Brothers drags Jinder out of the ring.

Cena chases Jinder around the ringside area. The Singh Brothers are caught holding onto Cena’s ankles. Mike Chioda ejects The Singh Brothers from the ringside area. Cena locks in the STF, but Jinder crawls to the bottom rope to create separation. Jinder lands a back elbow strike. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment, but Jinder lands on the apron. Jinder whips Cena’s face off the top rope.

Jinder drops Cena with a leaping knee strike for a two count. Jinder goes for the Khallas, but Cena counters with the Attitude Adjustment for a two count. Cena places Jinder on the top turnbuckle. Cena plants Jinder with the Avalanche Attitude Adjustment. Cena goes for the cover, but Baron Corbin comes into the ring to cause the disqualification. After the match, Corbin hits Cena in the face with the Money in the Bank Briefcase. Corbin cashes in his Money in the Bank Briefcase.

Winner: John Cena vis Disqualification 

Fifth Match: Jinder Mahal (c) vs. Baron Corbin for the WWE Championship 

Corbin is distracted by John Cena. Corbin knocks Cena off the ring apron. Jinder from behind connects with a school boy rollup to pickup the victory. After the match, Corbin snaps at the ringside area.

Winner: Still WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez