WWE NXT Results – August 2, 2017

August 2, 2017
Full Sail University
Winter Park, Florida

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

First Match: Johnny Gargano vs. Raul Mendoza 

Collar and elbow tie up. Gargano applies a wrist lock. Mendoza responds with an arm-ringer. Gargano floats over into a front face lock. Gargano rolls Mendoza over for a one count. Gargano connects with the side headlock takeover. Mendoza gets back to a vertical base. Mendoza lands some body shots. Gargano drops Mendoza with a shoulder tackle. Gargano leapfrogs over Mendoza. After a quick pinning exchange, Gargano connects with a rolling kick. Gargano continues to apply more pressure to the shoulder of Mendoza. Mendoza responds with a forearm strike. Gargano ducks a clothesline from Mendoza.

Gargano goes for a Tilt-A-Whirl Back Breaker, but Mendoza lands back on his feet. Mendoza drops Gargano with a running enziguri for a two count. Mendoza fires off more forearm strikes. Mendoza lands a knife edge chop. Gargano and Mendoza are trading back and forth shots in the middle of the ring. Mendoza goes for a SpringBoard Dive, but Gargano rolls himself out of the ring. Gargano connects with a SlingShot Spear for a two count. Gargano lands a series of haymakers. Gargano clotheslines Mendoza. Gargano follows that with a forearm strike in the corner. Mendoza responds with another enziguri. Mendoza goes for the 450 Splash, but Gargano counters with the Gargano Escape which forces Mendoza to tap out.

Winner: Johnny Gargano via Submission 

– The Authors of Pain will be putting their WWE NXT Tag Team Titles on the line against Sanity at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III. Paul Ellering says that at TakeOver Brooklyn, The Authors of Pain will write the chapter, but between now and then, be prepared because monsters are real.

Asuka & Ember Moon In-Ring Segment: 

Asuka has defeated Ember Moon before and she’ll beat her again. Ember Moon is not ready for Asuka. Ember Moon comes down to the ring to interrupt Asuka. Ever since NXT Takeover Orlando, Ember has been doing everything to get back where she belongs, fighting for the NXT Women’s Championship. Asuka can say whatever she wants, but Ember Moon is ready.

The NXT Universe knows that she’s ready. Deep down inside, under all of that arrogance, Asuka knows the truth. The truth is that, Asuka isn’t ready for Ember Moon. This leads us to a long stare down in the middle of the ring. Asuka slaps Ember in the face. Ember drops Asuka with a big right hand. Ember goes into the ground and pound attack. Asuka responds with a series of forearm strikes. Asuka connects with a Roundhouse kick. Asuka tosses Ember out of the ring. Ember connects with the Eclipse.  

Bobby Roode Interview: 

Roode was asked about his recent behavior towards Roderick Strong’s family? Roode says that Roderick’s family are the type of people who try to become instant milliionaires by playing the lottery. Unfortunately, The Strong Family are failures. Roode proved why he’s better than Roderick Strong and he doesn’t belong in his NXT. The conversation changes to Drew McIntyre. Roode heard what McIntyre had to say. Drew McIntyre is a changed man after coming back to NXT?  Roode has a idea.

Next Week, Bobby Roode and the brand new Drew McIntyre should have a sit-down conversation in the ring. Sounds like fun? Roode is done with this interview. Roderick Strong has to be held back by the NXT Locker Room as he charges towards Roode. William Regal yells at Strong. What is Strong supposed to do when someone talks smack about his family. Regal says that whether it’s right or wrong, Strong has to be a professional. Strong will do anything as long as he gets his hands on Bobby Roode. Regal says that his hands are tied because it’s Bobby Roode versus Drew McIntyre at NXT Takeover Brooklyn III. Strong walks away. 

– Street Profits will be making their WWE NXT Debut next week. 

Second Match: Jenna Van Bemmel vs. Sonya Deville 

Deville goes for a single leg takedown, but Van Bemmel ducks out of the way. Deville is trying to play mind games with Van Bemmel. Deville dodges a couple of strikes from Van Bemmel. Deville clotheslines Van Bemmel. Van Bemmel whips Deville’s face off the top rope. Deville lands a series of Muay Thai Knee Strikes. Deville lands a clubbing blow to the back of Van Bemmel. Van Bemmel responds with a back elbow strike in the corner. Van Bemmel follows that with a Body Avalanche. Deville gets Van Bemmel trapped in the Triangle ArmBar which forces her to tap out.

Winner: Sonya Deville via Submission 

– Hideo Itami goes to the ring and demands respect from the NXT Universe. He doesn’t care who’s coming out next. Aleister Black makes his way down to the ring. Itami refuses to leave the ring. Black drops Itami out of the ring with the Black Mass.

– Next week on WWE NXT, Andrade Cien Almas will take on No Way Jose

Third Match: Aleister Black vs. Kyle O’Reilly 

Kyle dodges a couple of kicks from Black. Kyle goes for a Double Leg TakeDown, but Black counters with a front face lock. Kyle drives Black into the ropes. Black goes back to the front face lock. Kyle kicks the back of Black’s leg. Kyle gets Black trapped in the Triangle Choke. Black applies an arm-bar. Kyle lands a snap mare takeover. More chain grappling between both men. Black applies a hammer lock. Kyle gets back to a vertical base. Kyle applies a side headlock. Black goes for the O’Connor Roll, but Kyle lands a big forearm shot. Black responds with a spinning leg sweep. Black follows that with a knee lift. Black dives over Kyle. Black drops Kyle with a buzzsaw kick to the chest for a two count. Black bounces Kyle’s head on the top turnbuckle. Black lands a Big Boot in the corner. Black with a clubbing forearm to the back of Kyle. Kyle responds with a Knee Strike. Kyle connects with his lightning quick offense.

Kyle with a flying forearm smash in the corner. Kyle connects with a belly to back suplex. Kyle gets Black trapped in the Achilles Lock. Black and Kyle are trading back and forth slaps. Black repeatedly kicks Kyle in the face to escape the Achilles Lock. Kyle blocks a leg lariat from Black. Kyle drives Black’s shoulder to the canvas for a one count. Kyle cartwheels out of the Triangle Choke. Kyle goes for a Cross Arm Breaker, but Black rolls him over for a two count. Kyle lands another knee lift. Kyle applies a body scissors hold. Kyle fires off a couple of palm strikes. After a kicking exchange, Kyle applies a hammer lock. Kyle continues to target the shoulder of Black.

Kyle drives his knee to the ribs of Black. Black wants Kyle to deliver more punishment. Black is mounting Kyle in the corner. Black connects with a snap suplex. Black follows that with a sliding knee strike for a two count. Kyle snap mares Black into a double wrist lock. Kyle drive his knee to the chest of Black. Kyle still has grasp of the Cobra Stretch. Kyle transitions into a standing front facelock. Black lands a series of buzzsaw kicks across the chest of Kyle. Black connects with a SpringBoard MoonSault for a two count. Black goes for Black Mass, but Kyle counters with a Standing Ankle Lock. Kyle kicks Black in the back as he was going for another SpringBoard MoonSault. Kyle lands an Axe Kick. Kyle follows that with a Discus Forearm for a two count. Kyle goes for a vertical suplex, but Black blocks it. Black and Kyle O’Reilly are trading back and forth big boots. Kyle lands another axe kick to the back of the head. Black responds with Black Mass to pickup the victory.

Winner: Aleister Black via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez