WWE SmackDown Live Results – July 18, 2017

WWE SmackDown Live
July 18, 2017
Legacy Arena
Birmingham, Alabama

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

Jinder Mahal & Randy Orton In-Ring Segment: 

Jinder walks inside the Punjabi Prison. This structure will be the final resting place of Randy Orton’s legacy. The Singh Brothers goes over the rules of the match.  The most important rule is that there are no rules. There are no disqualifications.  Jinder will slam Orton face into this prison until his face resembles the ugliness of this country. He’ll take Orton to the top of the Punjabi Prison and connects with the Khallas.  Two men will walk in and only Modern Day Maharaja will walk out as WWE Champion. Jinder will now address the people in Punjabi. Orton comes down out to interrupt Jinder. Orton says that Jinder is either the bravest SOB or he’s not that bright. You are choosing to be locked up in that prison with him?

Jinder is making a conscious decision to lock himself up like an animal. The Singh Brothers are the only reason why Jinder became the WWE Champion. There will be no escape. There will be no running and no hiding. Orton climbs to the top of the Prison. Orton has nothing to lose. Jinder took his title and embarrassed his family. He tried to take Orton’s dignity and left him for dead. Jinder has everything to lose.  Jinder is the 50th WWE Champion. He has the weight of India on his shoulders What will happen when those 1.3 Billion souls calls him a disgrace? This Sunday, Orton will be exiting out of the Punjabi Prison when he leaves Jinder’s jacked up ass in the ring. Orton will be crowned the new WWE Champion. 

First Match: Kofi Kingston w/The New Day vs. Jimmy Uso w/Jey Uso 

Collar and elbow tie up. Kofi drives Jimmy to the turnbuckles. Kofi repeatedly stomps on Jimmy’s chest in the corner. Kofi transitions into a one man unicorn stampede. Kofi connects with the Hesitation Dropkick for a two count. Kofi sends Jimmy crashing out of the ring. Kofi drops Jimmy with a SlingShot Plancha to the outside. Kofi rolls Jimmy back in the ring. Kofi lands a running boot to the face of Jimmy. Kofi applies an arm-bar. Kofi takes out the legs of Jimmy. Jimmy rolls himself out of the ring. Kofi clotheslines Jimmy over the top rope. Kofi goes for a Running Punt, but Jimmy drives Kofi’s face to the ring apron. Jimmy tosses Kofi back into the ring. Jimmy is stretching out Kofi. Jimmy goes for the cover, but Kofi kicks out at two. Jimmy applies a rear chin lock. Kofi gets back to a vertical base.

Jimmy connects with a back elbow strike. Jimmy kicks Kofi in the chest. Jimmy gets Kofi back in the rear chin lock. Kofi connects with a Jaw Breaker. Jimmy responds with a enziguri for a two count. Jimmy goes for the Running StinkFace, but Kofi counters with a leaping double stomp. Kofi dropkicks Jimmy. Kofi follows that with a flying lariat. Kofi connects with the Boom Drop. Kofi sets up for the Trouble in Paradise, but Jimmy counters with the Running Death Valley Driver into the turnbuckles for a two count. Kofi regains momentum with a rolling  to leg lariat. Kofi ascends top turnbuckle. Jey Uso hops on the ring apron to distract Kofi. The New Day goes after Jey Uso. Kofi connects with a Flying Crossbody Block, but Jimmy rolls him over to pickup the victory.

Winner: Jimmy Uso via Pinfall 

– Shane McMahon is having a conversation with Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Lana, Tamina Snuka and Natalya. Shane is looking for a competitive match. Charlotte starts arguing with Natalya. Tamina says that nobody cares about Charlotte and Becky’s tea time. Shane announces that Becky Lynch will fight Charlotte Flair later on tonight. 

Chad Gable Exclusive Interview: 

Renee Young is conducting a sit-down interview with Gable formerly of the disband American Alpha. Gable says that you don’t think your life is going to turn around when you watch Raw. Gable would’ve loved a heads up because this also changed his life. Gable called Jordan last night. Gable and Jordan did everything together. Gable understands where Jordan is coming from. What’s next for Gable?  Gable brings up his recent matches with Kevin Owens and AJ Styles. While he’ll support Jordan in this next his phase of his life, Gable has some ideas for what’s next. It will be interesting to see what Gable can do by himself. 

Second Match: Mike Kanellis w/Maria Kanellis vs. Sami Zayn 

Zayn blocks a right hand from Kanellis. Zayn bounces Kanellis head on the top turnbuckle. Zayn lands a knife edge chop. Zayn transitions into a Corner Mount. Kanellis rolls himself out of the ring. Zayn drops Kanellis with a running clothesline. Zayn rolls Kanellis back into the ring. Kanellis lands a right hand. Zayn responds with another clothesline that sends Kanellis crashing to the outside.

Zayn whips Kanellis to the barricade. Zayn dumps Kanellis back into the ring. Kanellis goes into a ground and pound attack. Kanellis kicks Zayn in the chest. Zayn again clotheslines Kanellis. Zayn plants Kanellis with the Exploder Suplex into the turnbuckles. Zayn sets up for the Helluva Kick, but Maria gets in the way of Zayn. Referee tells Maria to get out of the way. Kanellis drops Zayn with a big right hand behind the referee’s back. Kanellis connects with Divine Intervention to pickup the victory.

Winner: Mike Kanellis via Pinfall 

John Cena & Rusev In-Ring Segment: 

This Sunday at Battleground, the WWE Universe will see amazing things, but what will they remember? In the very city this country was founded in, you will remember this. A Flag Match. In one corner, the flag of Bulgaria. In the other, the flag of the United States of America. To win this match, you must grab your flag and securely plant it at the finish line.  Cena doesn’t like Rusev because he continues to run down the country that he loves so much. The WWE Universe will remember two things. Either the flag of the United States of America will be waving in victory or the flag of Bulgaria waving in victory. Cena is not everyone’s favorite son, but tonight we can all agree that everyone loves that flag. Will the flag fly or fall?

Cena has his work cut out for him, but he’s ready. If there was ever a guy for this job, it’s him. The US is a country of fighters. We fight for what we believe in and we never give up. America fought for it’s independence and the flag stood high. When brother fought brother, the flag stood high. When Pearl Harbor happened, the flag stood high. When the Towers fell, the flag flew high. These colors don’t run. Cena grabs the flag and waves it. Rusev attacks Cena from behind. Rusev drops Cena with a leg lariat. Rusev gets Cena trapped in the Accolade. Cena powers up and backs Rusev into the turnbuckles. Rusev still has Cena locked in the Accolade which forces Cena to pass out. Rusev walks out of the ring with the Bulgarian Flag. 

Third Match: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair 

Becky starts things off with a hammer lock takedown. Becky applies a side headlock. Charlotte reverses the hold. Charlotte leapfrogs over Becky. Charlotte and Becky are showing off their athleticism. Becky lands a series of deep arm-drags. Charlotte ducks a clothesline from Becky. Charlotte cartwheels herself to the corner. Charlotte with a fancy cover with a bridge for a two count. Becky goes for the Dis ArmHer, but Charlotte rolls herself out of the ring. Charlotte rams her shoulders to the midsection of Becky. Becky goes for a SpringBoard Side Kick, but Charlotte blocks it. Charlotte plants Becky with a Back Breaker. Charlotte starts targeting the back of Becky. Charlotte applies a rear chin lock. Charlotte repeatedly drives her knee to the back of Becky. Charlotte applies a Bow and Arrow Stretch. Becky gets back to a vertical base. Charlotte dropkicks Becky for a two count. Charlotte starts kicking Becky in the back in the corner.

Becky lands a uppercut in the corner. Becky with a SpringBoard Side Kick that sends Charlotte crashing to the outside. Becky with a Flying Forearm off the ring apron. Becky rolls Charlotte back into the ring. Charlotte lands a big right hand. Charlotte lands a series of knife edge chops. Charlotte drops Becky with a Big Boot. Charlotte with a knee drop to the back of Becky’s neck for a two count. Charlotte goes for the Figure Four Leg Lock, but Becky escapes. Becky with a SpringBoard Crossbody to Charlotte. Becky lands a spinning heel kick. Becky connects with the BexPloder Suplex. Becky with the Straight Fire Forearm for a two count.

Becky goes for the Dis Arm Her, but Charlotte counters with the single leg takedown. Becky counters out of the Natural Selection with the Dis Arm Her. Charlotte escapes. Charlotte drops Becky with a Big Boot. Charlotte goes for a MoonSault, but Becky ducks out of the way. Becky gets Charlotte trapped in the Dis ArmHer which forces Charlotte to tap out. After the match, Tamina Snuka and Lana comes down to the ring. Natalya attacks Becky from behind. Tamina and Natalya are mauling Charlotte in the corner. Tamina tosses Becky out of the ring. Natalya goes for the SharpShooter, but Lana grabs Tamina by her hair. Tamina SuperKicks Natalya.

Winner: Becky Lynch via Submission 

Fourth Match: AJ Styles & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin & Kevin Owens 

Corbin tries attack Nakamura during his entrance, but Nakamura ducks out of the way. Owens and Corbin starts double teaming Nakamura on top of the ramp. A full donnie brook ensues before all four men get into the ring. Corbin repeatedly stomps on the chest of Styles. Corbin lands a big haymaker. Corbin is mauling Styles on the bottom rope. Corbin tags in Owens. Owens kicks Styles in the ribs. Owens starts stomping on Styles back. Nakamura drops Owens with a leg lariat. Nakamura drives his knee to the gut of Owens. Owens tosses Nakamura out of the ring. Corbin rolls Nakamura back into the ring. Owens connects with a senton splash. Owens with a clubbing blow to the back of Nakamura. Corbin and Owens are cutting the ring in half.

Corbin gets Nakamura trapped in a Bear Hug. Nakamura fights out of the Bear Hug. Nakamura ducks a clothesline from Corbin. Nakamura drops Corbin with a running knee. Corbin knocks Styles off the ring apron. Nakamura lands a series of buzzsaw kicks. Corbin plants Nakamura with the Deep Six. Corbin transitions into the ground and pound attack. Owens and Styles are tagged in. Styles clotheslines Owens. Styles with a falling forearm smash for a two count. Owens sends Styles face first to the top turnbuckle. Styles plants Owens with a Gut Buster. Owens responds with a big lariat. Owens tags in Corbin.

Styles goes for the Calf Crusher, but Corbin counters with the hip toss that sends Styles to the other side of the ring. Styles gets Corbin trapped in the Calf Crusher, but Corbin reaches the bottom rope. Styles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Owens drops Styles on the ring apron. Corbin tags in Owens. Owens dumps Nakamura into the time keeper’s area. Corbin goes for the End of Days, but Styles counters with the Pele Kick. Styles goes for the Styles Clash, but Owens SuperKicks Styles. Owens plants Styles with the Pop Up PowerBomb to pickup the victory.

Winner: Baron Corbin & Kevin Owens via Pinfall 

Author: Josh Lopez