WWE Mae Young Classic Reference Sheet

Tonight the WWE will finally begin taping the Inaugural and Historic WWE Mae Young Classic from Full Sail University. 32 Talented Women from all around the world will converge to Orlando, Florida to find out who’s the best women’s wrestler of the world. This is the very first women’s tournament special in the history of the WWE Network.

WWE Hall of Famers Jim Ross, Lita and Alundra Blayze will be providing the on-air coverage for this historic special. Your’s truly will be covering the tournament starting on August 28th. In this article I will be revealing my research for this tournament. For example, I’ll be revealing the move sets and resumes for all the 32 competitors. Also which country they’ll be representing just like the Cruiserweight Classic. The Mae Young Classic will go down as one of the most historic events in the history of professional wrestling.

* More moves and info for particular performers will be added throughout the Mae Young Classic Preview Special.

The Mae Young Bracketology Special will be on August 20th immediately following SummerSlam.

1.) Shayna Baszler (USA) Age 36 from Sioux Falls, South Dakota 

– Current AIW Women’s Champion, DDT-Pro Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion and FCF Women’s Bantamweight Grand Prix Champion, MMA Four Horsewomen Member

(Exploder Suplex, Standing Rear Naked Choke, CrossArmBreaker, Triangle Choke, Kimura Lock, Waist Lock Takedowns, Ankle Lock, PowerBomb, Gut Wrench Suplex)

2.) Sage Beckett (USA) Age 32 from Ruskin, Florida 

– Sage was trained by The Dudley Boyz. Sage has been wrestling for 10 years in SHINE, WXW and TNA. Also made separate appearances on NXT over the last couple of years. Former WXW Women’s Champion and the winner of WXW’s Elite 8 Tournament. 

(Sitout SpineBuster, Swinging Side Slam, Two-Handed ChokeSlam, Body Slam, Elbow Drop, Release PowerBomb, Running Body Avalanche, Running Hip Attack)

3.) Bianca BelAir (USA) Age 28 from Knoxville, Tennessee 

– Bianca was a Cross-Fit Specialist before getting signed to the WWE in 2016. Bianca is of the current members of the WWE Performance Center. Bianca defeated Aliyah in a Mae Young Classic Qualifying Match. 

(Spear, Over The Head Back to Belly PileDriver, Elevated Double ChickenWing, Front PowerSlam and Hair Whip)

4.) Marti Belle (Dominican Republic) Age 28 from New York, New York 

– Marti was trained by the legendary Johnny Rodz. Marti has been wrestling for 9 years in a slew of promotions like GFW, Evolve, Shimmer Women’s Athletes, Shine and WSU. Marti was formerly part of the Dollhouse Faction. Former WSU Spirit Champion, 2X WSU Tag Team Champion and Shine Tag Team Champion. 

(Double UnderHook FaceBuster, Straight Jacket NeckBreaker Slam, Kneeling SomerSault NeckBreaker, Abdominal Stretch, Boston Crab, BullDog, Discus Clothesline, Figure Four HeadScissors, Hair-Pull Mat Slam, HeadScissors TakeDown, Leg Choke, Leg Trap SunsetFlip PowerBomb and Russian Leg Sweep)

5.) Tessa Blanchard (USA) Age 22 from Charlotte, North Carolina 

– Tessa is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer, Tully Blanchard from the legendary Four Horsemen Faction. Tessa has been wrestling for the better part of five years. She’s competed in a slew of promotions like ECWA, WSU, Shine, Shimmer, World Wonder Ring Stardom and etc. Former Shimmer Tag Team Champion, APWA, ECWA and PWX Women’s Champion. 

(SlingShot Belly to Back Suplex, Ring Apron DDT, Russian Leg Sweep, Bridging ButterFly Suplex, HammerLock DDT, Corner BullDog, Running NeckBreaker, Fujiwara Arm-Bar)


7.) Taynara Conti (Brazil) Age 22 from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 

– Taynara has a Judo background. Taynara was signed to the WWE Performance Center in 2016. 

(Deep Arm-Drag, Leg Lariat, Running Clothesline, Judo Throw and Cross ArmBreaker)

8.) Kavita Devi (India) Age 34 from India 

– Kavita is an ex-Armed Border Forces Sub Inspector. She’s the first female WWE Superstar from India. Kavita was trained by The Great Khali.

9.) Lacey Evans (USA) Age 27 from Paris Island, South Carolina 

– Lacey was former a Marine who was part of the SWAT Team. Lacey has been wrestling for three years and made her debut in WWE NXT in 2016. Lacey is a former APW World Heavyweight Champion. 

(ArmBar, Jumping High Kick, Swinging NeckBreaker, Right Hook and Rope Aided HandStand Double Knee Drop)



11.) Santana Garrett (USA) Age 29 from Orlando, Florida 

– Santana has been wrestling for over 8 years. She was trained by WWE Hall of Famer Larry Zbyszko. Was part of TNA for 4 years. Santana has become the women’s champion for a bevy of promotions like APWA, CWE, JCW, NWA, Shine, Stardom and WOW. 

(Shining Star Press, Bulldog, Crossface ChickenWing, HeadButt, Enziguri, Handspring Back Elbow, Jack Knife Covers, Octopus Stretch, Russian Leg-Sweep, SuperKick, SpringBoard Arm-Drag)

12.) Dakota Kai (New Zealand) Age 29 from Auckland, New Zealand

– Dakota has been wrestling for a decade. She was trained by the Impact Pro Wrestling School. Best known as Evie, she was one of the major acts for PWA, Shimmer Women Athletes and Shine. Former PWWA and IPW Women’s Champion. Shimmer Tag Team Champion.

(Diving Double Foot Stomp, Fireman’s Carry Dropped Into A Shin Kick, Yakuza Kick, FaceWash Kick and Penalty Kick)

13.) Abbey Laith aka Kimber Lee (USA) Age 27 from Seattle Washington

Abbey has been wrestling for 6 years. She got her start in the CZW Training Academy. She’s competed in CZW, WSU, Shine, Shimmer and Chikara. Abbey was signed to the WWE in 2016. Former Chikara Grand Champion, MCW Women’s Champion. Also Shimmer and Shine Tag Team Champion. 

(Alligator Clutch, Alligator Mutilation, Cross ArmBar, High Angle Senton Bomb, Yoshitonic, Bicycle Kick, German Suplex, Hurricanrana, Knife Edge Chop, Leg Lariat, Palm Strike, SitOut PowerBomb, Spilt Legged JawBreaker)

14.) Xia Li aka Zhao Xia (China) 

– Xia is one of the recent Chinese Signings to the WWE Performance Center. 

15.) Sarah Logan aka Crazy Mary Dobson (USA) Age 23 from Jeffersonville, Indiana 

Sarah has been wrestling for 6 years. She was trained by Mad Man Pondo, Mickie Knuckles and Taka Michinoku. She’s competed for a slew of promotions like D1W, IWA, WCCW, UWF, ICW, WXW, JCW, Shimmer and Ring of Honor. Is currently part of the NXT Women’s Division. 

(Split Legged Moonsault, HeadButt, Hail Mary (Reverse HandStand into a Knee Drop

16.) Mercedes Martinez (USA) Age 36 from Waterbury, Connecticut 

– Mercedes has been wrestling for 17 years. Was trained by Jason Knight. She’s performed with Shimmer Women’s Athlete, WXW, Full Impact Pro and WSU. Mercedes was a 2x Shimmer World Champion. Former WXW Women’s Champion, NCW Female Champion and Shine Tag Team Champion. 

(Fisherman’s Buster, German Suplex, Saito Suplex, Snap Suplex, Three Amigos, Snap Swinging Neck Breaker, SpineBuster and Running Big Boot)

17.) Renee Michelle (USA) from Washington, DC 

– Renee made her wrestling debut in 2013. She was trained by Chigusa Nagayo. Former ECWA Women’s Champion. MCW Women’s Champion. Won MCW’s Inaugural Women’s Tournament and NWL Ladies Champion. 

(Spear, Bonita Bomb, Dragon Sleeper and Asai Moonsault)

18.) Miranda Salinas (USA) from Houston, Texas. Performed in Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling

19.) Piper Niven (Scotland) Age 26 from Ayrshire, Scotland 

– Piper made her debut in wrestling in 2008. She was trained by local wrestling mentor Damian O’Connor and Mikey Whiplash. Was part of TNA’s British Boot Camp. Former W3L Women’s Champion.

(Elevator Drop, Avalanche, PowerSlam, Electric Chair FaceBuster and Vader Bomb)

20.) Kairi Sane (Japan) Age 28 from Hikari, Japan 

– Formerly known as Kairi Hojo. Kairi has been wrestling for 5 years. Former World of Stardom Champion, 3X Goddess of Stardom Champion and a 4X Artist of Stardom Champion, Also won the 2015 and 2016 Goddesses of Stardom Tag League. Signed with the WWE in 2017 

(Diving Elbow Drop, Sliding Forearm Smash, Bridging Gedo Clutch, Bridging Cross Legged Boston Crab and Spear)

21.) Nicole Savoy (USA) Age 31 from Pulaski County, Missouri 

– Former AWS Women’s Champion, Heart of SHIMMER Champion and PWR World Women’s Champion

(Suicide Dive, WristLock Arm-Drag, RoundHouse Kick, Running Foot Wash, Cross ArmBar, German Suplex, Front NeckLock, ButterFly Suplex and Dragon Suplex)

22.) Toni Storm (New Zealand) Age 21 from Auckland, New Zealand 

– Toni has been wrestling since 2009. Was trained by the Impact Pro Wrestling Australia School. Former AAW Women’s Champion, British Empire Women’s Champion, IPWA Australian Women’s, Hardcore and Cruiserweight Champion, SWA World Champion. 2017 Cinderella Tournament Winner. Current Progress Women’s Champion. 

(Strong Zero PileDriver, Air Raid Crash, Suicide Dive and Top Rope LegDrop)

23.) Mia Yim (South Korea) Age 28 from Fontana, California 

– Mia has been wrestling for 8 years. She’s trained at the CZW Training Academy and Ring of Honor Dojo. Was part of TNA from 2013-2017. Former TNA Knockout’s Champion. Won the TNA World Cup in 2016. 2016 Queen of the Knockouts. Former Shine World Champion. 

(Package PileDriver, Corkscrew Moonsault, STO, 450 Splash, Bear Hug, Big Boot, Cannonball, Hurricanrana, SuperKick, Spin Kick, RoundHouse Kick, Bridging German Suplex, Northern Lights Suplex, Saito Suplex, Delayed Vertical Suplex, SitOut PowerBomb, SpringBoard Moonsault, Two-Handed ChokeSlam)

24.) Candice LeRae (USA) Age 31 from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

– Candice has been wrestling for 15 years. Candice has been one of the highest touted female professional wrestlers in the world. She’s competed for a bevy of promotions like PWG, Shimmer, WSU, Shine, DDT-Pro. Former AWS Women’s Champion. DDT-Pro Iron Man Heavy Metal Champion, FWE Women’s Champion, DreamWave Tag Team Champion and PWG World Tag Team Champion. 

(Crotch Clutch Suplex, SpringBoard Reverse FrankenSteiner, The Heart Breaker, Violence Party, Missile Dropkick, MoonSault, Octopus Hold Swung Into a Chicken Wing Cross Face, Suicide Dive)

25.) Princesa Sugehit (Mexico) Age 37 from Monterrey Nuevo Leon, Mexico 

– Princesa made her wrestling debut in 1995. She was a staple for the CMLL Promotion. CMLL Reina International Champion. Mexican National Women’s Champion. LLF Extreme, Tag Team and Juvenil Champion. Former PWR World Women’s Champion 

(FrankenSteiner, Sujey Driver and Twisting Victory Roll)

26.) Serena Deeb (USA) Age 31 from Fairfax, Virginia 

– Serena made her professional wrestling debut in 2005. Was trained in the OVW Developmental Territory. Serena was part of the Straight Edge Society Faction. OVW Women’s Champion. FCW Women’s Champion, MCW Women’s Champion and GLCW Ladies Champion. 

(GTS, Spear, Front Inverted PowerSlam, ArmDrag, Belly to Belly Suplex and Monkey Flip)

27.) Reina Gonzalez (USA) from Rio Grande Valley, Texas 

– Was signed to the WWE Performance Center in 2016. Reina is the daughter of former professional wrestler Ricky Gonzalez. 


29.) Ayesha Raymond (UK). Ayesha was trained by the Knight Family

– Ayesha has been wrestling since 2009.

(Suicide Dive and Tree Slam)

30.) Rhea Ripley (Australia) Age 20 from Adelaide, Australia 

– Rhea made her wrestling debut in 2013. Rhea is known for performing in Riot City Wrestling and Professional Wrestling Alliance. 2X RCW Women’s Champion. 

(Solefood, Missile Dropkick and Bennett Bomb)

32.) Rachel Evers (USA) Age 24 from Sauk Centre, Minnesota 

– Rachel made her wrestling debut in 2015. Rachel comes from the Lance Storm Wrestling Academy. She’s the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer, Paul Ellering. 

(SuperMan Punch, SpringBoard Leg Drop, Spear, Fireman’s Carry Stunner, Bicycle Kick, Big Boot, European Uppercut, Discus Elbow Smash, Senton, STO)

Author: Josh Lopez