Impact Wrestling Results – June 29, 2017

Impact Wrestling
June 29, 2017
Sony Six Studios
Mumbai, Indiana

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

– Bruce Prichard and Jeremy Borash starts off the show with the official contract signings for the Rosemary/Sienna Championship Unification Match, The Mixed Tag Team Full Metal Mayhem Match, EC3/James Storm Strap Match and finally the Bobby Lashley/Alberto El Patron main event.

– We get a video package for the upcoming Sonjay Dutt/Low Ki Impact X-Division Championship Match at Slammiversary. 

First Match: Sonjay Dutt & Matt Sydal vs. Trevor Lee & Low Ki 

Sonjay and Lee will start things off. Collar and elbow tie up. Lee lands an arm-drag takedown. Lee transitions into a wrist lock. Sonjay connects with an arm-drag to escape the wrist lock. Lee with a Double Stomp to the chest of Sonjay. Lee applies a standing rear chin lock. Lee bounces Sonjay head on the top turnbuckle. Sonjay ducks a clothesline from Lee. Sonjay connects with a Hurricanrana for a two count. Sonjay tags in Sydal. Sydal with a double axe handle to the wrist of Lee. Sydal lands an arm-ringer. Sydal continues to apply pressure to the shoulder of Lee. Sydal and Sonjay are cutting the ring in half. Sydal with a Flying Double Stomp to the wrist of Lee. Lee tags in Low Ki. Low Ki with a series of right hands to Sydal in the corner. Low Ki drops Sydal with a running elbow strike. Low Ki talks smack to Sonjay. Sydal ducks a big boot from Low Ki. Sonjay and Sydal connects with stereo side russian leg sweeps. Lee uppercuts Sydal coming out of the commercial break.

Low Ki applies an Abdominal Stretch. Sydal goes for a Sunset Flip, but Low Ki counters with a Double Stomp to the chest for a two count. Lee tags himself in. Lee with another uppercut to the back of Sydal’s neck. Lee is choking Sydal in the corner. Lee kicks Sydal in the gut. Sydal responds with a spinning heel kick. Sydal tags in Sonjay. Sonjay fires up with a series of forearm smashes. Sonjay knocks Low Ki off the ring apron. Sonjay plants Lee with a Tornado DDT for a two count. Sonjay goes for Slice Bread #2, but Lee blocks it. Lee drops Sonjay with a SuperMan Punch. Lee tags in Low Ki.

We have a stand off between both men. Low Ki cheap shots Sydal. Low Ki and Lee are double teaming Sonjay in the corner. Low Ki goes for a belly to back suplex, but Sonjay gets back on his feet. Sonjay rolls through and tags in Sydal. Sydal drops Low Ki with a Springboard Double Knee Strike for a two count. Low Ki tags in Lee. Sydal goes for a Standing Moonsault, but Lee ducks out of the way. Sydal connects with a Spinning Leg Lariat. Sydal goes for the Shooting Star Press, but Low Ki holds onto his ankles. Sonjay with a Flying Crossbody onto Low Ki on the outside. Sydal connects with the Shooting Star Press to pickup the victory.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt & Matt Sydal via Pinfall. 

DeAngelo Williams Promo: 

Second Match: Mumbai Cats vs. Eli Drake & Chris Adonis 

Drake and Felix starts things off. Drake whips Felix to the corner and tags in Adonis. Adonis lands a flurry of knife edge chops. Adonis with a clubbing blow to the back of Felix. Felix fires back with kicks to the shoulder of Adonis. Felix tags in Sylvester. Adonis clotheslines Sylvester. Drake drops Sylvester with a Flying Shoulder Block.

Drake repeatedly stomps on Sylvester’s chest in the corner. Drake tags in Adonis. Adonis with a Double Axe Handle to Sylvester. Adonis lands a back elbow strike for a two count. Adonis brings Drake back into the ring. Drake plants Sylvester with a Celtic Cross to pickup the victory.

Winner: Eli Drake & Chris Adonis via Pinfall 

– King MO will be in the corner of Bobby Lashley at Slammiversary. Alberto El Patron will be represented by his father, Dos Caras. 

Third Match: Rockstar Spud vs. Swoggle in a Mumbai Street Fight 

Spud drops Swoggle with a Big Boot before the bell rings. Swoggle throws with a variety of powders to the face of Spud. Swoggle starts throwing Mumbai nuts. Spud hits Swoggle in the head with the trash can. Spud lands a big boot across the forehead of Swoggle. Spud brings out a table from under the ring. Spud hits Swoggle with the trash can lid. Spud places Swoggle on the ring apron. Swoggle starts biting the fingers of Spud. Swoggle lands a big right hand. Swoggle follows that with a series of HeadButts. Spud responds with a knee strike. Spud wants the microphone. Spud stomps on Swoggle shoulder in the corner.

Spud says that this is a big man business and everybody in the locker room, the arena and the internet hates him. Spud also tells Swoggle that he did mean to pull his pants down. Swoggle slaps Spud in the face. Spud goes into a ground and pound attack. Spud attacks the referee. The midget referee shoves Spud into the canvas. Spud pulls down the pants of the referee. Spud is a recipient of a Spear from the referee. Spud starts choking the referee in the corner. Swoggle pulls down Spuds pants. Swoggle and The Referee connects with the Doomsday Device. Swoggle plants Spud with a Celtic Cross off the ring apron through the table on the outside to pickup the victory.

Winner: Swoggle via Pinfall 

Fourth Match: Braxton Sutter, Allie and Rosemary vs. KM, Sienna and Laurel Van Ness 

Full donnie brook ensues immediately after the bell rings. Allie lands a series of forearm smashes to Van Ness. Allie tags in Sutter. Sutter kicks KM in the gut. Sutter lands a knife edge chop. Sutter goes into the Corner Mount. Sutter with a sunset flip for a two count. KM plants Sutter with a side slam for a two count. KM with a knee strike across the face of Sutter. KM connects with a suplex for a two count. KM talks smack to Sutter. Sutter gets back to a vertical base. KM drives his knee to the gut of Sutter. Sutter lands a back elbow in the corner. Sutter suplex’s KM into the turnbuckles.

Rosemary and Van Ness are tagged in. Rosemary with a leg lariat to Van Ness. Rosemary connects with a exploder suplex for a two count. Allie with a clubbing axe handle to Sienna. All six participants are brawling in the middle of the ring. Sutter tosses KM out of the ring. Sutter connects with a Flying Crossbody. Van Ness with a Killswitch to Rosemary. Allie plants Van Ness with the Death Valley Driver. Rosemary spits green mist into Van Ness eyes. Sienna goes for the AK-47, but Allie counters with the Codebreaker. Rosemary connects with the Red Wedding to pickup the victory.

Winner: Braxton Sutter, Allie and Rosemary via Pinfall 

– Jeremy Borash & Josh Mathews goes over the entire match card for the Slammiversary XV PPV. 

Fifth Match: Alberto El Patron, James Storm, Eddie Edwards and Mahabali Shera vs. Bobby Lashley, Ethan Carter III, Davey Richards and Kongo Kong 

Kongo Kong, Lashley and EC3 and Richards are mauling Shera in the corner before the bell rings. Kong connects with a Cannonball in the corner. Richards lands a Flying Double Stomp to the gut of Shera. El Patron, Storm and Edwards finally makes their way to the ringside area. Shera has to be taken to the backstage area. Richards ducks a clothesline from Edwards. Richards tags in EC3. EC3 mocks Shera. Edwards tags in Storm, but EC3 decides to bring Lashley into the ring. Lashley with a clubbing elbow to the back of Storm. Storm fires up with a series of right hands. Storm goes into the Corner Mount. Storm tags in El Patron. El Patron also goes into the Corner Mount. El Patron tags in Edwards. Now Edwards finishes the trifecta of Corner Mounts to Lashley. Storm and Edwards lands a double back elbow strike for a two count. Storm tags Lashley to the corner and tags in Edwards. Edwards with a Double Axe Handle to the wrist of Lashley. Lashley responds with a side slam. EC3 tags himself in. Edwards connects with a hip toss. Edwards tags in Storm. Storm tees off on EC3 in the corner. Storm slaps the chest of EC3.

Storm applies a wrist lock and tags in El Patron. El Patron bounces EC3’s head on the top turnbuckle. El Patron with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a two count. El Patron applies a front face lock which allows Edwards to make the tag. EC3 rakes the eyes of Edwards. EC3 tags in Kong. Kong uppercuts Edwards. Kong chokes Edwards with his boot. Kong brings in Richards. Richards repeatedly stomps on Edwards chest in the corner. Edwards hip tosses Richards. Edwards lands a knife edge chop. Edwards tags in Storm. Storm with a Exploder Suplex for a two count. Richards drives his knee to the gut of Storm. Richards tags in EC3. EC3 is teeing off on Storm in the corner. EC3 connects with a neck breaker. EC3 goes for a Flying Elbow Drop, but Storm ducks out of the way. Storm plants EC3 with the SlingBlade. Edwards is tagged in. Edwards with an atomic drop to EC3. Edwards lights up EC3’s chest in the corner. Richards with a knee to the back of Edwards behind the referee’s back. EC3 clotheslines Edwards. Lashley connects with a Delayed Vertical Suplex. Lashley tosses Edwards out of the ring.

Richards whips Edwards into the steel guard rail. Richards rolls Edwards back into the ring. Lashley goes for the cover, but Edwards kicks out at two. Richards tags himself in. Richards applies a body scissors hold. Richards transitions into a rear chin lock. Edwards connects with a belly to back suplex. El Patron goes for the tag, but the referee doesn’t see it. EC3 bodyslams Edwards. Kong goes for a running splash, but Edwards ducks out of the way. Richards knocks El Patron off the ring apron. Lashley with a boot to the jaw of Edwards. Richards repeatedly slaps Edwards in the face. Richards almost collides into EC3. Mahabali Shera comes back to the ringside area. Edwards tosses Lashley out of the ring. Shera lands a series of running clotheslines. Shera goes for the Attitude Adjustment, but Lashley gets in the way. Shera plants Lashley with the Attitude Adjustment. Shera side steps Kong into the turnbuckles. Shera power slams Kong. Lashley goes for a running powerslam, but El Patron makes the blind tag. El Patron chops blocks Lashley. El Patron lands a thrust kick. El Patron and Shera gets Kong trapped in the tree of woe. El Patron connects with the Turnbuckle Double Stomp to pickup the victory.

Winner: Alberto El Patron, James Storm, Eddie Edwards and Mahabali Shera via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez