Lucha Underground Results – June 14, 2017

Lucha Underground
June 14, 2017
The Temple
Boyle Heights, California

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

Matchup’s in The Inaugural Cueto Cup 

Group A: (Aerostar vs. Drago, Pentagon Dark vs. Argenis, The Mack vs. Mala Suerte and Famous B vs. Texano)

Group B: (Brian Cage vs. Vinnie Massaro, Mascarita Sagrada vs. Pindar, Marty The Moth Martinez vs. Saltador and Fenix vs. Mariposa) 

Group C: (Vibora vs. Paul London, Veneno vs. Mil Muertes, Jeremiah Crane vs. Killshot and Joey Ryan vs. Taya Valkyrie) 

Group D: (Sexy Star vs. PJ Black, Ricky Mandel vs. Prince Puma, El Dragon Azteca Jr vs. Dante Fox and Son of Havoc vs. TBD) 

Dario Cueto & Pentagon Dark Segment: 

This weeks show starts off with Pentagon Dark invading Dario Cueto office. Pentagon is all healed up and he wants to know where Black Lotus is at? Cueto hasn’t seen Black Lotus in months. Pentagon says that he might want to break Cueto’s arm. Pentagon must look at the bigger picture if he wants an opportunity at the Lucha Underground Championship. Pentagon is officially added to the Cueto Cup. Pentagon tells Cueto if he doesn’t leave Ultima Lucha Tres with the Aztec Gold, Cueto will be leaving with broken bones. 

First Match: Mala Suerte vs. The Mack in a First Round Match in The Cueto Cup Tournament

The Mack and Mala Suerte goes into the collar and elbow tie up. Suerte applies a wrist lock. Mack reverses the hold. Suerte lands a deep arm-drag. Mack somersaults over Suerte. Mack plants Suerte with a DDT. Suerte sends Mack to the corner. Suerte lands another arm-drag. Mack responds with a leg sweep for a one count. We have ourself a standoff. Suerte is firing himself up in the corner. Sueret with a double chop to the side of Mack’s head. Mack responds with a enziguri for a two count. Mack lands a knife edge chop. Suerte lightly slaps Mack’s chest.

Mack connects with a Spinning European Uppercut. Mack plants Suerte with a Samoan Drop. Mack follows that with a Standing Moonsault for a two count. Suerte tries to create separation by landing a boot to the jaw. Suerte connects with a Hurricanrana for a two count. Mack ducks a clothesline from Suerte. Both men are knocked down by a double running crossbody. Makc lands a running Bicycle Kick in the corner. Mack follows that with a exploder suplex for a two count.

Mack goes for a Stunner, but Suerte blocks it. Suerte connects with the German Suplex. Suerte ascends to the top rope. Suerte hops back to the canvas and lands a running senton for a two count. Mack responds with a SitOut Powerbomb for a two count. Suerte kicks Mack in the gut. Suerte with a rolling crucifix for a two count. Suerte drops Mack with a DDT. Suerte goes back to the top rope. Suerte goes for the Swanton Bomb, but Mack ducks out of the way. Mack drops Suerte with a running shoulder block. Mack connects with the Stunner to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Mack via Pinfall 

– Brian Cage is working out in the backstage area and he’s confronted by Dario Cueto. His friend Lawrence Delgado wants Cage to go to his office to celebrate. Cage refuses, but Cueto hands over the address to Delgado’s office. 

Second Match: Argenis vs. Pentagon Dark in a First Round Match in The Cueto Cup Tournament 

Pentagon connects with a basement dropkick to the chest of Argenis. Pentagon follows that with a corner clothesline. Pentagon with a running punt kick to the hamstring region of Argenis. Pentagon takes out the legs of Argenis. Argenis responds with a Hurricanrana. Pentagon drops Argenis with the Slingblade. Pentagon with a running boot to the face. Argenis and Pentagon trades back and forth thrust kicks. Pentagon slaps Argenis chest. Argenis drops Pentagon with a Moonsault off the ring apron. Argenis rolls Pentagon back into the ring. Pentagon kicks the shoulder of Argenis as he was getting back into the ring.

Pentagon connects with a series of running clotheslines. Argenis drops Pentagon with a Neck Breaker for a two count. Pentagon responds with a Over The Head Belly to Belly Suplex that sends Argenis crashing back first into the turnbuckles for a two count. Pentagon lands a Thrust Kick across the jaw of Argenis. Pentagon goes for a Springboard Crossbody, but Argenis counters with a Cutter for a two count. Argenis goes for the Kimura Lock, but Pentagon counters with the Cero Miedo Driver for a two count. Pentagon again viciously kicks the hamstring of Argenis. Argenis tries to outsmart Pentagon, but Pentagon lands another Thrust Kick. Pentagon plants Argenis with the Package PileDriver to pickup the victory. After the match, Pentagon Sacrifices The Arm of Argenis

Winner: Pentagon Dark via Pinfall 

Third Match: El Texano vs. Famous B w/Brenda in a First Round Match in The Cueto Cup Tournament 

Famous B has a ranch now, all he needs is a thorough bread. He wants to be Texano’s agent, he’ll even let him get the pin right now. The bell rings, Texano goes for the cover, but he changes his mind at the count of two. Texano plants Famous B with a SitOut Powerbomb to pickup the victory. After the match, Brenda slaps the butt of Texano.

Winner: El Texano via Pinfall 

– We see vignettes of Rey Mysterio and Johnny Mundo training for their upcoming collision course.

Fourth Match: Drago w/Kobra Moon vs. Aerostar in a First Round Match in The Cueto Cup Tournament 

Aerostar tries to talk some sense into Drago. Drago drops Aerostar with a Bicycle Kick. Drago transitions into a ground and pound attack. Drago kicks Aerostar in the back of the head. Drago irish whips Aerostar to the corner. Drago connects with a corner clothesline. Drago continues to target the neck region of Aerostar. Aerostar with a drop toe hold that sends Drago face first into the middle turnbuckle. Drago responds with a Basement Dropkick. Drago drags Aerostar to the middle of the ring. Drago ascends to the top rope. Aerostar sends Drago face first to the top turnbuckle pad. Aerostar goes for a Reverse Hurricanrana, but Drago blocks it.

Aerostar connects with the Lucha Libre Arm-Drag. Aerostar tosses Drago out of the ring. Aerostar connects with a 619 to the back of Drago. Aerostar goes for a Springboard Crossbody, but Drago counters with a Cutter in mid-air for a two count. Drago with a thrust kick to the gut of Aerostar. Aerostar responds with a boot to the jaw of Drago. Aerostar drops Drago with the Suicide Dive. Kobra Moon urges Drago to get back into the ring. Kobra attacks Aerostar behind the referee’s back.

Drago plants Aerostar with a DDT on the ring apron. Aerostar ducks a right hand from Drago. Aerostar connects with a Hurricanrana. Drago takes out the legs of Aerostar. Drago rolls Aerostar around the ring. Drago goes for the cover, but Aerostar kicks out at two. Aerostar applies a Modified CloverLeaf Death Lock. Aerostar lands another Lucha Libre Arm-Drag. Drago responds with a Blockbuster for a two count. Drago connects with a rolling crucifix to pickup the victory. After the match, Drago absolutely destroys Aerostar.

Winner: Drago via Pinfall 

– Brian Cage arrives at Lawrence Delgado office. Cage says that he doesn’t work anybody, but Delgado says otherwise. Cage grabs Delgado by his throat. Delgado questions Cage’s manhood. Cage kills Delgado and says that he’s not a man, he’s a machine. 

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Author: Josh Lopez