WWE NXT Results – May 31, 2017

May 31, 2017
Full Sail Arena
Winter Park, Florida

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

Tommaso Ciampa In-Ring Promo: 

Ciampa comes down to the ring in crutches. There’s Psycho Killer, Ciampa Sucks chants. Ciampa would like to take a moment right now to call Johnny Gargano to the ring. Ciampa feels like he should offer an explanation. Gargano is not in the Full Sail Arena tonight. Does the NXT Universe want to replace Gargano? Ciampa wants to talk about being replaced. Over the last two weeks, Ciampa has learn more life lessons than he has in his 32 years of existence. The Thursday before NXT Takeover Chicago, he suffered an injury and questions circulated about whether he would be ready for Takeover. Ciampa didn’t have those questions because he knew that he would fight. That’s what DIY was all about. In 24 hours, those questions started to turn to hypotheticals. The NXT Universe replace him with dream partners for Johnny. It took less than one day to replace him and for him to become an afterthought. Ciampa is not an afterthought. Ciampa put his frustration to the side.

He looked at his best friend and he said that they were going to fight at Takeover. Ciampa took a fall in the ladder match. He felt something in his knee pop. Ciampa has done this for twelve years and he knew that he would be gone for a long time, but he had to keep fighting. He put it all aside for the people and his best friend. It wasn’t enough, but they fought. At the end of the night, when he looked at Gargano in the ring and he saw his best friend and his brother. The NXT Universe was going to replace him and Gargano was going to do the same damn thing. He wouldn’t have hesitated if Ciampa had to go away.

In that moment, Ciampa made his decision and he knew what had to be done. It wasn’t his fault. It was the NXT Universe fault and it was Gargano fault. They had something special with DIY and you ruined it. If he was going to go away for a long time, Johnny Wrestling was going to go away for a long long time. Was this something Ciampa really wanted? It was them going from the ground up to live their dream. They would talk for two years about their moment. Takeover Chicago was supposed to be their moment. It wasn’t their moment. It certainly wasn’t their moment. Takeover Chicago was his moment. Ciampa is a 32 year old man and there is something that he knows. This ring is not replaceable. Tommaso Ciampa is not and never will be replaceable. Johnny Gargano is not replaceable. The NXT Universe is replaceable. He won’t give a sob story about going to fix himself and be bigger and better than before. When Ciampa returns, he will be the most dangerous son of a bitch. He is professional wrestling whether you like it or not.

– We get a video package about WWE UK Superstar, Danny Burch! Bobby Roode is on his way to Full Sail to have a GLORIOUS Championship Celebration, but the NXT Universe is not invited. Roode will return next week

First Match: Danny Burch vs. Pete Dunne 

Dunne and Burch goes into the collar and elbow tie up. Dunne with a takedown to Burch. Dunne works on the joints of Burch. Burch counters with a waist lock. Burch applies a rear chin lock. Burch transitions into a side head lock. Dunne with a waist lock takedown. Burch lands a vicious strike to Dunne. Dunne and Burch engage in a slap off. Burch drops Dunne with the shoulder tackle. Burch goes for the Crossface, but Dunne reaches the bottom rope. Dunne lands a big right hand. Dunne goes for the cover, but Burch kicks out at two.

Coming out of the commercial break, Dunne stomps on the back of Burch. Dunne is digging his knuckles to the back of Burch’s neck. Dunne with a right hand that sends Burch to the corner. Burch regains momentum with the missile dropkick. Burch lands a knife edge chop. Dunne responds with a chop of his own. Burch with an exploder suplex. Burch drops Dunne with a big right hand across the jaw for a two count. Burch headbutts Dunne for a two count.

Dunne with an exploder suplex to Burch. Dunne connects with the corner suplex. Dunne plants Burch with the Axe Plex for a two count. Burch goes for the Crossface, but Dunne counters with a rollup for a two count. Dunne connects with a roundhouse kick. Burch responds with a lethal lariat. Dunne rolls himself to the ring apron. Dunne with a right hand to the jaw of Burch. Dunne goes for the Springboard Shoulder Block, but Burch counters with a big right hand. Burch plants Dunne with the IEDDT for a two count. Dunne German Suplex’s Burch into the turnbuckles. Dunne connects with the Bitter End to pickup the victory.

Winner: Pete Dunne via Pinfall 

The Velveteen Dream Backstage Promo: 

Velveteen says the ambiance is not right. It might be okay for someone like Kayla Braxton, but for him, everything needs to be perfect. He says to fix a few things and then maybe. The Velveteen decides to exit stage left.

Paul Ellering Promo: 

Ellering says the Book of Pain foretold the fall of past champions. The prophecy fulfilled. A legacy littered with carnage. For Akam, survival is the only law. His Rezar, a child of war. They forge a new destiny. The Book of Pain has been shut. The Book of Dominance has opened.

Second Match: Andrade Cien Almas vs. Cezar Bonani 

Almas with a running dropkick immediately after the bell rings. Almas stomps on Bonani chest in the corner. Almas with a running double knee strike to Bonani. Almas lands a vicious chop across the chest of Bonani. Bonani tries to create separation. Bonani drives his knee to the gut of Almas. Almas responds with a back breaker clothesline.

Almas lands another knee to the gut of Bonani. Almas with a snap mare followed by a running boot to the jaw of Bonani. Almas whips Bonani into the turnbuckles. Almas with a corner clothesline. Almas slaps Bonani in the face. Almas goes for a suplex, but Bonani counters with a quick rollup to pickup the victory. After the match, Andrade Cien Almas snaps in the middle of the ring.

Winner: Cezar Bonani via Pinfall 

– Hideo Itami will take on Oney Lorcan on next week’s NXT. In two weeks Asuka will defend her WWE NXT Women’s Championship against Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot in a Triple Threat Elimination Match

Third Match: Roderick Strong & Kassius Ohno vs. Sanity 

Strong and Young starts things off. Strong blocks a right hand from Young. Strong lands a knife edge chop. Young bounces Strong head on the top turnbuckle. Strong leapfrogs over Young. Strong connects with the back breaker. Young backs himself in the corner. Wolfe tags himself in. Strong dropkicks Wolfe. Strong tags in Ohno. Ohno with a flying forearm in the corner. Wolfe tags in Young. Young bounces Ohno head on the top turnbuckle. Young chops Ohno. Ohno with a pump kick to Young. Ohno connects with a clubbing blow to the back of Young. Young sends Ohno to the ring apron. Ohno with an elbow to Wolfe. Dain knocks Ohno off the ring apron. Wolfe rolls Ohno back into the ring. Young with a flying elbow drop to the back of the neck of Ohno for a two count. Young with a series of haymakers to Ohno in the corner. ¥oung is cutting the ring in half.

Young dumps Ohno to the outside. KillianDain attacks Ohno behind the referee’s back. Young applies a rear chin lock. Young with an elbow to the jaw of Ohno for a two count. Young tags in Wolfe. Wolfe is stomping on Ohno chest in the corner. Wolfe with a right hand that sends Ohno to the turnbuckles. Sanity continues to cut the ring in half. Wolfe with a flying european uppercut. Wolfe suplex’s Ohno for a two count. Wolfe applies a Half Nelson Chin Lock. Wolfe drags Ohno to the corner. Ohno with an elbow to Young. Wolfe drops Ohno with a Big Boot for a two count. Wolfe tags in Young. Young with a neck breaker for a two count. Young tells Strong to shut his face. Ohno with the enziguri to Young.

Ohno finally makes the hot tag to Strong. Strong with a series of clotheslines to Wolfe. Strong connects with the Angle Slam. Strong lands a enziguri from the ring apron. Strong plants Young with a back suplex on the ring apron. Strong with a face buster to Wolfe for a two count. Strong with a series of forearm smashes to Wolfe. Young makes the blind tags. Young with a neck breaker for a two count. Wolfe goes for the Bicycle Kick, but Ohno counters with the KO Punch. Young tosses Ohno out of the ring. Dain hops on the ring apron to distract Strong. No Way Jose storms down to the ring to make the save. Strong plants Young with the HeartAche to pickup the victory.

Winner: Roderick Strong & Kassius Ohno via Pinfall 

Author: Josh Lopez